Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Out this Bia..


I've decided to move my blog to WordPress.

I wanted an app for my blackberry...and...just was up for a change.

My new blog address is  http://renaissancegentleman.wordpress.com/


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

1st Vlog: Random

I dont really like my voice at all...lol. But let me know what yall think. 

*** If for some reason, the video doesnt show..heres the regular link****



Thursday, September 30, 2010

Too Sexy For my...Pea Coat?

I am not a model.

I laughed as i typed that.

But I'm not. I'm too plain..probably too straight..and it just wouldn't work out  unless I was getting tons of money for it. Last night , a photography homeboy of mines wanted to use me as a guinea pig of sorts,  for some shots at night.

I was a little apprehensive. And it wasnt the fact that it was 11pm, in the mean streets of Detroit either, lol. I'm not a poser. I dont know what looks to make. I figured I'd look silly tryn to make serious faces..or even sillier smiling faces.

The shots turned out good. I mean...it is me im talking about..lol. But take a look, lemme know what you think. Big props to Mike for using me for a shoot.


Oh, and you can find him on twitter (@Micheal_Aaron) too.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Changes, tweets & randoms

I been on blog break...and you know how we break....lol

I really been slacking on my blogging. I really like blogging. I just lack the patience sometimes to actually get it done. I have so many great blog ideas. I just really need to get them out of my mind and on the laptop. So im back...for now.

My last blog was my bike riding. I failed on my 30 day streak. Between 2 random trip (Atlanta & Philly) and a foot injury (heel spur, I think)...that kinda ended the bike riding. And now, with the weather changing, ima have to just hit the gym more. And its no real reason I havent been working out. I have a SUPER cheap membership at Bally Total Fitness. So i'll be there...

Im taking a break from twitter. Its a couple of reasons for me doing it:

1. Its just too time consuming. I clearly waste too much time on there. I sit, and stare at my phone, waiting for updates...this shit is out of control!! Its so much I need to be doing, and i just need to manage my time much better.
2. Folks are just so extra. So many emotional people. Most folks feel the need to tweet every opinion they have. Like damn...just because you think it, doesnt mean you have to tweet it. Folks opinions are always better then others...just madness.

Overall, its just not the twitter I liked when i first got on there.  So i'll be very limited on there. I'll probably send my updates from my blog, because I really want yall to continue to read it. And I'll prob send my foursquare updates to twitter.

Eddie Long news has been pretty popular. I cant wait until its over. Whatever the outcome be, I hope all parties can heal and move on. I dont think I could do a whole blog on it, but check out my homeboy Kyle' Blog: 'No Homo'

I want this. This is the Blackberry Playbook...the iPad's competition. I been a Blackberry head for some years now, and wouldnt dare by an Apple product, lol. Im geeked! I cant wait until a side by side comparison of the Playbook and the iPad is done. We shall prevail! lol

I'm a die hard Lions fan. Lose or lose...lol, I root for them. Every season. First game this season...we were ROBBED!! The other 2 games..we just lost..lol. Im hoping we can bounce back from it all. Four wins would make my day at this moment. Just sad....lol .


Friday, August 27, 2010

Bikin' Day10

I'm getting used to this riding stuff. This day was super busy. I had no clue when I was gonna be able to get my ride on.

Did some work on the ride, and had my boys over the crib. But I had to ride out. So I left them at the crib.. And did my ride.

Got back, and I hit the grill. Steaks, Pork chops.. And some sausages. Good times.

Distance: 4 miles


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bikin' Day9

Soooooo.. The picture above.. Is well..

Not me. Lol

The bike ride on this day was, well.. Not 4 miles. At all.

I had a pretty busy day.. And it started getting late. And I still had shit to do. So I did the fastest 2 miles I've ever did. I felt like throwing up.. Legs were throbbing. I take it, it was a good workout. Since I knew I couldn't hit my minimum 4 miles, I just gave it all I had for the short time I had.

I been feeling so good since I started this challenge. Really feeling more fit. And since I started back working out, its just gonna get better.

Distance: 2 miles


Monday, August 23, 2010

Bikin' Day8 (Week TWO)

One week down.

So far, its been a good challenge. I started out with an 18 mile ride. That was a feat in itself. Its been some great cardio for me, but I know I needed more.

So today, decided to go to the gym. Instead of my bike riding outside, I switched it to the stationary bike (pictured above). I did a little over Five miles.. And did some lifting..chest and shoulders. I'm really focus on being better in shape.

On the days I do the gym (or bad weather), I'll be on the stationary.. and the days in not there.. Bike riding outside. Wish me well as I strive for that 4 pack and stay away from moobs.

Distance: 5.5 miles


Bikin' Day7

Getting to sleep at 5am.. Only to be up at 11am.

That was my Saturday night/Sunday morning. But was determined to make it a good day. I got my ride on. Weather was cool.. Which was great for me. No sun, nice breeze and an overcast. Came home, got dressed to head to the African World Festival.

The pic above is one of the Stilt men... Scary, lol.

Met up with some folks and had a good time. Ended it with some wangs from Sweetwater Tavern. Good people, good food, good times.

Distance: 7 miles


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bikin' Day6

This day of riding almost didn't happen.

2 reasons.

1, It rained just about all day. And 2, I REALLY didn't feel like riding. The rain pissed me off because I couldn't go to the Dream Cruise. I been getting hype to see all the nice cars.. All to just get disappointed. Ugh.

So After hanging out till like 5, I decided to take a nap.. And see what happens when I get up. I wake up at 7.. And pull myself to ride since it wasn't raining anymore. Glad I did ride too. Was really peaceful.

Pictured about is my bike. Its a Schwinn 21 speed mountain bike. I really like it too. Had dual suspension (shocks), so it kinda makes the bumpy rides a lil better.

Distance: 4 miles


Friday, August 20, 2010

Bikin' Day5

Today's ride was tough.

Day 5 ride was the first time I rode after a night of heavy drinkin'. I didnt like that. At all. Since i started this challenge, today was the most sluggish ride I did. I mapped out 4.4 miles and went at it. Riding in my neighborhood sucks. Drivers dont look...the sidewalks dont have the ramps...just ugh.

This is the house my mom grew up in. Since I riding in the area, I decided to snap a picture of the house. My mom still wants to move back in that house....dunno how thats gonna happen..lol.

Im PLANNING to ride early tomorrow. The Woodward Dream Cruise . This when all the old school cars come out...and ride down Woodward Ave. Good times.

Distance: 4.4 miles


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bikin' Day4

I still love biking.

I think..... (lol)

Bike riding everyday is a tough task. I'm really learning that . Today. was the day, where I almost kinda sorta thought, to hell with it. But thats counterproductive to my goal. Soooo, I did just 5 miles. Rode up to Rouge Park. I remember when I younger, I used to come up here to the swimming pool.

The pools are is HUGE. Its like Olympic size #nshit. On these hot days like this, swimming pools should take away the stress of the day.


Being that I live near two freeways, its almost impossible that I dont pass one of the 2. Its somewhat uneasy going across them I'd admit. Thats the Southfield Freeway (M-39). Rush hour traffic was beginning...30 minutes from when I took that picture, backed up cars and trucks was probably lining up the freeway.

Tomorrow, Im going out early. I need to get alot of things done, so i wanna get it out the way. AND I need a new place to go to. Im thinkin riding somewhere for breakfast......


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bikin' Day3

I decided not to ride in the am. I was still kinda tired from monday's ride, plus, I had a pretty busy tuesday. My plan, was just to clean up around the house..and get my ride on in the late evening, when it was cooler.

My plans changed when my mom called my to come over to fix her shower head.. Which killed my plans on staying home all day till riding. So, did that... Then my boy called saying he wanted to do some riding early.. So fuck. I'm riding waaaay before I wanted to. He's in the market for a new bike, so we went to 3 different bikes shops.. Doing some browsing.

Total, 8 miles today. I'm doing less riding tomorrow, thinking a quick 5 miles, and some jump roping.

The pic I added is my shadow.. Cool aint it? Or not... Lol


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bikin' Day2

Today's ride was just 4 miles. I left out at around 8 this am. Came back and did some yard work. I was.. and STILL tired from my ride yesterday.

My issue today.. The damn sun!! I rode west.. So coming back east.. The damn sun was in my face. I really need to invest in some sun glasses asap!

Tomorrow ride, probably will be in the evening.. Especially since the weather been nice late.


Monday, August 16, 2010


Greetings all!!

I've made a challenge to myself. It was alot of bloggers that did a 30 day blogger challenge. I couldnt do it. Much love to the bloggers that did it, but Im just not that good at sticking to a script as such. I dont blog that much anyhow, plus..I didnt wanna water down my blog by doing half posts...because I know myself..and I'd be posting some bullshit.

My task is to do a 30 day biking challenge. I really love to bike ride. I've had many failed workout attempts. But I'm really trying to stick with this one because I like biking so much. So I'll be riding everyday, for a minimum of 4 miles.

Sooo....i'll just be logging my bike ride..maybe one ot two pictures..and maybe a couple things about my day. Nothing too long, at all. Im excited about the challenge.Today, I rode from my house to downtown Detroit. Thats 18.5 miles (round trip)!! Im very happy about that accomplishment. I've always wanted to ride downtown. Im planning a longer ride (34 miles) in October...got to work up to that one though. Heres a few pics from my ride today.

Cool graffiti (Grand River/Warren)

2 of the most known coney islands in Detroit

And yes!! Obeezy got gas stations!!


Friday, August 6, 2010


I've realized that i cant function well with out music.

I cook..

I clean..

I shower..

All to music.

Its really hard to workout when I don't have music to listen to. I listen to just about all types too. Haven't found much luck in country though. If I find some that works for me, im on it!

Heres a listing of a few of my favorites, new and old:

OutKast: They have been my favorite group since there first album. Although I've had some disagreements with Big Boi (not gonna talk about that today, lol) I still think they reign supreme as far as 2 man rap groups. I still dont think Big Boi is that great of a solo artist..but oh well, more power to the man.

The Roots: What bad could you say about them?!  A Hip hop group thats band?! Thats just greatness.Black Thought is much under rated, he doesn't get the props he deserves. I NEED to see THe Roots in concert...thats a MUST. Next time they are in the D...ima be there. The Roots 'Come Alive' is my fav album of theirs.

Dwele: It takes more than being from Detroit to make me a fan. This dude has made good music for some years. I got the chance see him in concert some years ago, and I was sold then. I think "Find A Way" and "Holla" are my favorite songs from the dude.

John Coltrane: I remember the first time i heard him. I was mid teens, riding with my uncle boy that was in town in his 4runner. He was a Muslim cat from the D.C. area. Every since that day, I became a huge Coltrane fan. People talk about 2pac and Biggie leaving too soon..and thats all debatable. But Coltrane definitely left this world too soon. But like all great music, it lives far longer that the actual artist. My favorite songs are My Favorite Things and In A Sentimental Mood.

Kings Of Leon: I found about these guys last yeah when I was in Wooster, OH for the summer. They are definitely not the norm of what i listen to, but nevertheless, its good music. The first song I heard was 'Closer'...which is a sorta creepy sounding sound. the first word to of the song goes 'stranded..in this spooky town..". The other songs I like are 'Use Somebody' and '17'.

Other than her being this awesomely beautiful woman, she has a great voice. She only had one album 'How I Do'...and that cd is a banger! I cant beleive that it didnt even go gold (244,000) ...just shows that good music isnt always the popular shit. Favorite songs are 'Ice King' and '700 Mile Situation'.

I have so many favorites, but i need to have and ending to this posting, lol. All of what I posted is STILL in heavy rotation in my music collection. I'd recommend all of the above if you dont already listen to them . Happy listening folks.


Monday, August 2, 2010


Forth of July this year, my family had a barbecue. All the normal things associated with that day. Food, good weather..great times. My aunt had cooked some shrimp on the grill. I ate some...and got this feeling in my chest I've felt before. After some water, and some good hard breathing...things worked out.

 I think im allergic to shrimp...I think.

The reason "I think" is because I don't always get the choking, chest closing feeling. I never get the reaction from fried shrimp though. My theory is that its shrimp thats not cooked well enough. I cant pinpoint it..but sometimes i get bad reactions..sometimes not. The worse reaction happened a couple years ago.....

Me and two of my good friends went to Toronto a couple years ago. It was a really good time. The last night we were there, we went to this cool ass club. There, we meet this girl, who kinda hung with us for the evening. She knew of a good Chinese place for food, so after the club, we all jumped into a cab and headed to this eatery for some grub.

We finally make it to this place. Everything smells grand. I order this shrimp and fried rice meal. Was tasting grand, best food I had in Toronto, minus the sushi i had from a place across from the hotel we stayed at. SO anyhow..we all eating, talking. I take a couple forkfuls of my food and starts to feel like my food isnt going all the way down. I dont panic. Im known for eating too fast..so im just figuring I didnt chew my food well, and thats it. As im staying calm, everyone else engaged in conversation. I grab some water, thinking that it will help...ya know, loosening the food up. As im drinking pouring water in my mouth, its not going down..at all. Actually, the water was coming back up...similar to a stopped up toilet. NOW, I'm starting to panic..and its becoming to be apparent to my folks thats something is wrong. I get up to go to the bathroom. My thoughts at that moment is that ima have to force myself to throw up to fix this issue.

I get to the restroom.

Its pretty small. All the toilets and urinals are being used at the moment. At this point, I got the water that never went down spilling out my mouth. I glance at the sink, and was about to toss up right there. Although I know that was gonna be some nasty shit..I really didn't have a choice at that moment. As im about to toss up in the sink, a dude leave from using the urinal. That wasnt my preferred place to upchuck...but hell, I needed to stop choking before it got worse. I LET LOOSE. Once i started throwing up, seems like I couldn't stop. As this happening, some man is still in the bathroom. He says to me "man, thats nasty".  I look over at him, and i say "FUCK YOU" . I mean damn...do you think i wanna be throwing up in this damn bathroom..let alone in a urinal. So...finally..its slows up. Now, for anyone that had tossed up (which is all yall) you end it with alot of spitting. so im spitting...tryn to get the taste out my mouth. As im spitting..its thick...and this last one drops down to the edge of the urinal, and comes back up, hittin me in my lip. THAT FREAKED ME OUT!! That instantly made me throw up all over again..for another 15 minutes. I still feel bad for the person who had to clean up that mess. Because it was awful.

That was the worse experience with shrimp I've had.....hell, just a bad experience period. I havent had a "reaction" like that since...so hoping it was just a fluke. Anyhow...until the next post.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Old Faces

This past weekend was my old high school (Redford High School, class of 1998) alumni weekend. So i decided to participate in some of the festivities. I actually didn't find out about things till Thursday...it seems like im always out of the loop.

Before I go in to the picnics and parties, I have to give you a little background info. I didnt like high school. Well, I did really like the folks in high school. It was alot of stuck up folks..lot of clicks..gangs...football team bullying on folks..basketball niggas extra big headed. Just madness. I didnt stand out at all in school. I just came, did my work..and dipped out. I had friends..but I was popular by no stretch. Oddly enough, people from school ALWAYS remembering me.

Saturday, it was a alumni rival basketball game. Our school vs Henry Ford HS. Our schools absolutely hated each other. I always think something gonna pop off at these games. I didnt go though. I didnt like them hoopin' niggas like that...plus, I needed a hair cut..so did that instead. It was raining something crazy too. Later on, the rain stopped, and a friend hit me up..saying that the picnic going on, and lets go.

So cool...im going.

I get ready for this picnic. What does get ready mean? We pitch in on some drank! So we get to the picnic...they got a dj, bbq going...real nice. The problem comes when I find out that its not the alumni picnic i thought it was....its the class of 2000 picnic. I graduated 2 years before these clowns. I really didn't know many of them at all. I instantly think about the scene in Poetic Justice when they crashed the picnic. 

So we like, fuck it..lets mingle in. Soon as I was up, I notice a dude I knew..and it all got better. I started seeing some more folks I know, and it all just worked out. We got there at like 8:30...PM.. Damn picnic started at 1 o'clock..lol. It was getting dark and they were wrapping up soon after. We stayed for about an hour, then left. It was a party at a club later, went to that too.

So Sunday is here. I find out that the actual alumni picnic is going on later in the afternoon. Niggas need to get they stories straight!! I decide ima roll to it. So me and my boy Matisse meet up at the store..again, getting dranks ( i wont attend none of this school shyt sober) and head to the school. Now, the picnic was at the high school, on the football field. Whats crazy, is that the school has been closed down for some time. But they have a really nice football field and track (Coca Cola donated some money years ago, so it got done really nice) . I have really low expectations for this picnic. We pull up..and its cars EVERYWHERE. we had to part blocks away. It was soooo many people there. We trying to find where the folks i graduated are at. They had tents for all the decades..going back to the 70's I think. I find the 90's tent and post up there. Its mad folks i remember. Now, I didnt like too many folks, but i was finding so many folks that I was cool with . It became a reunion of just folks I havent seen in ages period. I was seeing people that i went to middle school with..people that I grew up with. all dat! I seen my boy Q, went to kindergarten with him . The shocker was seeing the one guy T . I thought this nigga was dead, like for real. I mean, no one told me he was dead..but its like if you dont hear about folks in say...15 years or so...sadly to say around the way i just assume bad shit. Plus, it wasnt like he was some scholar..so just figured the game got his ass.

So it was a party at another bar afterward..they went well too. All in all...was a GREAT weekend. I didn't get much of anything i needed to do accomplished. But it was worth it. I'll catch up this week on my things to do.

Have a great week folks.


Monday, July 19, 2010

In search of..

A lot. 

This last year or so had been very difficult. It seems like what ever could go wrong, pretty much did happen. Things are sorta picking up for me, but overall...not picking up as fast as I'd like it to be. Its definitely been with mix emotions, putting my heart on the line, and things not really working out.The next couple things I will mention will probably more personal than I have talked about. Never really been open about some things other than friends, but felt the need to talk about them here.

Forgiving myself and moving on

Last May, I was pulled over for a DUI (Driving Under the Influence). That was the most embarrassing event of my life. It really just felt surreal. I couldn't believe it was happening. I had to stay overnight in jail, and post bail in the am. Since my BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) was.16...which is double the legal limit, i had to stay in jail till that level went down. Just really embarrassing. What did this cost me? I lost my car. Probably about 3 grand in costs..which is on the low end of cost when I researched fines and so forth when dealing with DUI's. I had to take a alcohol awareness class. That actually was really informative..taught me alot about the horrible effects of drinking. And....i was on probation for 1 year. Talk about feeling like a criminal. I had a probation officer, that I had to meet once a month with. Since I stayed out of trouble, I was able to end the monthly meetings in May, and is officially no longer on probation as of July 1st. I know I disappointed alot of people, including myself. People who know me know that i was very out of character for me. Im really tryn to move on from that, just making sure that it never happens again.

Losing my vocation, wanting a career

Last September, I lost my Job. I was CAD designer in the aerospace field. I had been employed doing that for 2 years. I kind of fell into that job. I really didnt know much about the field much, but I learned things pretty quick, and was doing well. Im not sure exactly why I lost that job. It was folks that I worked with that did less, and was much more deserving of being let go than me. I've sorta gotten over that. I'd admit, I really didnt take looking for a new job seriously till recently. It seemed like the longest vacation for the longest time. I dont want to do CAD work anymore. I really have come to enjoy I.T. related things, and really feeling that I want to be in that field. So will see how that goes. I've really enjoyed fixing all my friends pc's! Its been cool, but I want to get paid more for it, lol. I learned residential wiring back in high school, and i been doing that kinda work off and on since then. I just want a job that i like going to, thats all.

My soulmate is out here...somewhere 

Im fucking 30!! And i've yet to find that person woman that I want to be with for the rest of my life. The last person who I really felt I could be with for a lifetime, moved to Houston..and have moved on from the possibility of being with me. I've JUST really gotten over that. Its hard when you know someone since like 15 or so. But things happen, and we live move on to other things. I've dated since then, didnt work out. I've come to the conclusion that im not settling for ANYONE. I feel that im a decent fella...why should i take less? I dont wanna be single for ever, but im content with waiting it out..and being with a woman that I can say...i waited this long, and it was well worth it.

I think its much more that I could say, but ima leave it at that. I'd hope that no one passes judgment on me. Im just real enough to admit my faults, and make things better.


Sunday, July 18, 2010


I dont know why I titled the blog that...lol.

Anyhow, I been wanting to blog...but i clearly cant really concentrate on one topic as of recently. So, i'll revert to the good ole random post...until i can make a blog topic thats about one thing.

- The Roots newest CD How I Got Over is a nice ass cd. Its good to hear real hip hop that still exist.

- Why the hell is Dan Gilbert so mad at LeBron? Well, I know why...guess I dont understand his rants. When teams cut and trade players...its never a big deal. 

- Its Raining, HARD,

- It not fun being the nice guy/bigger person. But it should pay off...

- I was doing really good working out...ever started running. But as of recent, I been totally slacking.

- I have this love/hate relationship with twitter. Its totally addicting. And really time consuming.

- Speaking of twitter....man...its some reaching folks on twitter. The most irritating sex and attention tweets.

- Somehow...my tennis racket magically disappeared.

- I've had a Blackberry for some years now. I almost dipped out. The trackpad was the greatest improvement of the BB so far.

- I dont like getting into debates/argument with folks. But im good at it when I do.

- I've seen some bad movies lately...like bad meaning bad. Repo Men was awful. The Book Of Eli was much over rated.

- One of my followers on twitter  RA7EN  posted how she went sky diving. I don't think i could do it.I dont wanna like...DIE before i pull my 'shute.

- John Coltrane's music been on my mind alot. That guy is classic!

- I think im developing an allergy to shrimp. I really hope not. But when i cant breathe...it becomes an issue, lol.

Im actually gonna blog about the first time I had a bad reaction to shrimp. I was in Toronto with 2 of my boys. it was quite the story and it really needs a blog posting  all to its self..lol. Im done with my random shit for the day...holla.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Taking my route

I feel like im revisiting a the previous post 'Huh?' .

But its been some months since that situation, but it seems like i've been in that same situation still, till recently. Its my fault though. I tried the silent route...figuring things would figure themselves out...tryn to avoid confrontation..but thats not the way to do things i guess. Its kinda interesting cuz when things are sorta public, say Twitter....its never really end to it. Even when you agree to just keep things to your selves.

Its always multiple sides to stories...

And some folks are more friends to others...so things probably are believed more when your peeps got something to say, verses someone you really don't know, or know that well. I got a couple folks on twitter..thats really really cool peeps....but i'd never want then to just believe me because we cool..

I've never been the one to dog someone...blame someone else for why things didn't happen. but if it isn't my fault..it just isn't. I've been called emotionally unavailable...and other random shit..but really...we make ourselves available to what we want to.

All in all...it didn't work.

I'm not making myself out to be a victim..hell, its no victims...in my opinion. When things don't workout, you SUPPOSE to move on.  Its a sad case when you put yourself out there...petitioning the world like you been done wrong...folks comforting you.. looking at the other person wrong like they stabbed you in the neck...when thats really not the case.

I don't look for attention on twitter. I don't tell stories for folks to be on my side. Its just not me. But to those who do...so be it. Life goes on.

No..really....life goes on. really.

No for real...it does.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random: Social Network Rant

Lately, Facebook...mostly Twitter...been getting on my nerves. 

So, i just decided to note a couple things that I've noticed in my time on twitter/facebook

Its no shots taken...i mean..only bit dogs bark right? 

Anyhow...here we go: 

- Why when someone is out of line.. Or not to there liking, its always said "sit ya ass down".. Just seem like an over used term to me.. We get it, you don't like them.

- I'm not that big on heels on women...
ok, I'm not that big on HEARING about it.  They aiight, its not a must for me. still cool though.

- Don't get me wrong, I appreciate expression..esp from women.. But I don't have to hear about natural hair ALL the the time. There, I said it.

- Long ass names on
facebook...why? I mean, my twit name is long.. But who cares, but your middle name on FB is 'laughinAtYouHoes'.. :/

- Twitter seems to be the place for strong opinions. Hey, its cool. But you can't make anyone like your opinion. Speak ya peace and be gone.

- If someone sends me a random drink..food item... Or mafia hit one mo gin...

- Ats a lot of Rev runs on
FB. Quoting shit like they made it. At least give credit.

- And even that gets old. What do YOU think... Post that.

- Subliminal...do y'all even know what that mean!? What y'all do on twitter isn't subliminal.. At all. Y'all post obvious thoughts without an addressee. That's not subliminal, at all. So STOP saying it.

- I bitched about them never sending me this
sociascope app.. Now that I got it, really not that impressed. Sigh...

- I think its an easy choice if you don't like what someone post constantly on twitter.. Just
unfollow. I don't see what the big deal is.

- Using explanation marks (!!!) At the end of every tweet isn't cool. You
arnt that excited all the time!!!!!

- Attention seekers...i mean damn...


Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Playas Club..

When i was 19, i used to go over to Canada to of course drink, and to check out the strip clubs. Since i wasn't old enough to do it here legally here, Me and my friends were ALWAYS in Canada. I really wasn't that into the strip club, but my friends were, so i went. 

It was ok. 

I mean, i guess i don't enjoy it like most folks that go the strip clubs. 

Fast forward 10 years plus, and I've been to the strip club about 4 times since last 2 month. 

Why? Well, one was my boys taking me for my birthday. The other times..just hanging with my boys. I really don't spend money when i go, my boy pays. So for a few drinks...some laughs and random tig o bitties..why not. And i STILL  just think its over rated. But i did have some interesting observations from the times i been that wanted to share. 

- I see why dudes like the place. They get all this attention from the dancers. Although its all about the money...i see some silly, low self esteem dude thinking that the dancer really likes him. 

- That place is the biggest waste of money that i know of. When i went for my birthday, my boy spend like 300 bucks ..on dances and drinks. NUTS. 

- Dancers really don't like when you turn then down for a dance. I couldn't even watch basketball with out getting harassed. damn bitcho...i really don't wanna smell like badussy. 

- Its a guy there...his SOLE job is to clean off the poles and stage. That's it. Oh, and gather the dancers 'tips'. 

- Some of the dancers aren't even professional...chick come over trying to get a dance...and texting on her phone. i mean...its STILL your job. 

- I did get dances...this one time...chick was braiding her hair while she danced on me. One French braid. Multitasking at its finest. 

- Never really understood throwing money in the air. 

- All dancers arnt there to pay for college. Some just dance, that's all. 

- They serve food. Mm not sure if i wanna have my chicken dinners ruined by random flying juices. 

So....would i go again?...maybe so. Will i ever understand the fondness of it? nope. 


Thursday, April 29, 2010

excuses, social networks, and other random mess

So i've come to one conclusion....

I can NOT promise that ima be a consistent blogger.

It's not in me.

With that said, WADUPDOE!!

It seems that i spend alot of time on twitter. Its seem to be the short hand version of blogging. I know 140 characters isnt really enough to tell a story...or totally get a point across...but its become addicting. I get up in the am, before brushing my teeth, and im checking my timeline (dont act like im the only one that does it). But as addicted as I am...im really feeling like its not really for me.

Twitter seems to be the place where people want to make ALL their opinions fact. Everything is the BEST EVER..or the worst ever. It no middle grown it seems like. People who got sense clown the folks that dont. Folks thats been 'hated on' talk about the 'haters'. Trending topic are the worse.

And SEX!!!!

Niggas talk about sex damn near all day everyday. As much as they talk about it, you'd think they'd be done got some by now. It used to be at night 'twitter after dark'...which was so so. I'd just go to sleep. But now, these fools be on that shit all day. Just annoying.

Thats how this group is on my blackberry messenger. Bless they hearts....but they talk about sex all the damn time too. I mean, one time, I tried to interject off the subject, and they didnt even see it, lol.

And Facebook...Its just a bunch of folks that wanna make long ass stats... useless..

Its been a lil more than a month since my 30th birthday. I dont feel old. I did find what i though is a grey hair....ugh. Its cool though, because im gonna have it cut all off soon. No date though...cuz i been called out on it multiple times for it. But soon enough, I'll have it cut.

In the next couple months, Im gonna be composing my 5 year plan. I gotta make my 30's the best decade. So will be making some real plans that i can make work for me.

I've come to the conclusion that I am a true geek. Seems like i been fixing computers, troubleshooting networks...ridding viruses for folks...lol. So ima see how this can benefit me...aka, get paid.

Anyhow...until next time (when ever that is, lol)


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So one day I was thinking of the favorites I have. 
Then thought, 'Hey, why not tell yall!!' 
Heres just a couple of them. 




Childhood sport 


Dranky drank


Old school car 

Food to cook

I wanted to make this post longer, but i was tired of looking for pictures, lol .


Thursday, March 4, 2010

T minus....

This month is going fast already.

I know this is my second post related to my birthday...but i cant believe I'm turning 30!!

So far, I don't know what I'm doing on my actual birthday, but that Friday I'm having a joint birthday party with my aunt and a cousin at this bar/club place. should be fun. My aunt is about 7or 8 years older than me...and be acting like she 25. Really gets on my nerves. Her birthday is 3 days after mines, and it seems like every year she is trying to have a party with me. I mean, I know I'm cool an all...  ( lol ) . But this year, she actually had a great idea for a party, so i was down with it. I'm pretty sure after next week...i"ll be celebrating my bday damn near every day till the end of the month.

Anyhow, this was a lame post...but i had to post something..lol.

Real post coming soon.


Friday, February 26, 2010

Decrease to Increase

Meet Thomas. We'll call him 'Tom' for short.

Tom is an African American, mid-twenties entrepreneur.

His product: Crabcakes.

This ninja was the master chef at making them . He simply perfected these crabcakes.  He came up with a bomb recipe, that couldnt be replicated. He started, just making them at the crib, testing them on family and friends. Everyone who had them thought that he should go in business. So he did, started off small, and things started to work out well for him. Tom wanted to expand and his business, so he sought out a building, so he could cook, and sell his crabcakes in.

Tom was doing well at the crabcake business, but he lacked the funds to expand the business like he wanted to. So Tom had an idea to get some investers for his business.Tom didn't discriminate on who he asked either. He prepared a pretty good business plan. Its really outlined the contributions he wanted, and layed out what exactly he was doing with the crabcake business. He set a high amount for the minumum donations, because he was all about getting that money. As investors funds came in, Tom was able to get that building that he so wanted.

Business is going well, and things are progressively moving the way he wanted to. Tom really feels he's the shit, with good reason. He doing good, business is booming, and got the drive to succeed my any means necessary. Now, it to a point where we wants more to know about his business, so Tom decides to shoot a commercial . This is a BIG move. He does some research, noting the cost involved in a commercial showing in the city, outside of the city, ect. Tom see that a great percentage of the rural area is Korean. Since he feels that Korean men seem to want his crabcakes more, he wants this commercial to cater to them. Tom didn't feel his own people would want his crabcakes .So in the casting for the commercial, he sets out to have the lead actor, specifically be a Korean man. Now, being a black owned business man..you think that he wants to represent his background, things like that...not the case. Commercial is made. He cast a Korean Lead, and even a Korean cook!!!

I titled this post 'Decrease to Increase' because I understand that its sacrifice involved in most everything. I know you have yo give a little, to get a little....give a lot, to get a lot. I get that. But, to not even acknowledge who you are, hide yourself for the sake of being successful, is just awful . the term 'Sell Out' seemed to fit. Being that African Americans have been slighted so much in our history, you'd think that a being an African American MALE...Tom would be proud of his background. Im disappointed in people like that, and unfortunately, I wont support them .


Thursday, February 25, 2010


So I had this grand blog planned.

Twitter had sparked the writer in me on what I saw as some bullshit, and i wanted to express myself on that matter, so what better place right?? I was done talking to that person on that issue, and needed a place to vent on that subject.

WELL....that's not gonna happen. At least not on this post. I'll have that one for Friday i promise think.

I have another story of sorts that i been keeping in, but i think i should vent on it as well. Its like gas, better to blow that shit out.....

*John Coltrane 'My Favorite Things' Live on repeat*

I was traveling down a new road...It really had interested me, was really feeling it at the time.
Some reservations...but who doesn't have them when something is new. At some point of this path, I saw things i didn't care for. And I wondered, are these things i can live with? Are these things that are compromises? or things I'm just tryn to settle/deal with. This trip had started to move much faster that i had wanted it to go. I decided that i should end this trip. much before things got difficult. so i thought.
Did i do the right thing? Absolutely. Any longer would have brought potential hatred and strong emotional ties. But its not looked at as me doing something right, in others eyes.Its looked as me being irresponsible in giving false hopes and empty expectations. I'm the bad guy...I'm screwing people over..yeah, its my fault.....ummm yeah...how bout not.

I thought, being an adult, making adult decisions..was the RIGHT thing to do.the phrase 'right thing to do' is very relative so I've learned. I could of handled it so much differently.Been an asshole and all, but i didn't. I'm not heartless.  I have thick skin...sometimes too thick, so I'll be aiigh.

Not even sure how to end this post.

I'll try...... THE END.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Can Singles Give Good Relationship Advice?

Yes and no.

For me, yes....sorta. I've been single most of my adulthood. But, not being in one can really shed some light on what I may be doing wrong, or what others are doing wrong.

Things I do know.

-Relationships take both parties giving 100% effort.

-Compromise is necessary in every relationship.

-Communication is key to sustaining a great relationship

-Love will get you there, but won't keep you there.

Now, I say no as well just cuz..well, shit.. If I had all the answers, I'd be a fool to still be single.

Anyhow, what's your thoughts?


Saturday, February 20, 2010


Cool ass mixtape. It plays the song he sampled, then the original. check it out.



Friday, February 19, 2010

Mobile Blogging (random)

Happy friday!!!

-I'm testing to see how this email blogging really works. If it comes out good, ima probably blog from my phone more than the pc.

-Day 2 without Twitter. I can say, my phone battery life is soooooooo much better.

-I'm looking at a pretty tamed weekend. Hanging out with the R.O.C this evening and just chilling around the house the rest of the weekend.

-Anybody see the shootout with Carmelo and Lebron?? It made basketball look fun again. Denver pulled it out! #tigerwoodsfistpump

-I REALLY need to start back working out. My plan is for Monday. Hitting it hard so I can feel great for my birthday (3/24). Got keep the man boobs away for the dirty 30.

-Anyways, short and sweet for today's post. Ima post some better ones next week, I'll think through them a bit more. Have a great weekend folks.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm not ready..

I'm not ready.

I turn 30 next month. I'm not ready for it. Its on of those things where i thought I'd have so much more accomplished by the time i hit 30. Most my friends and fam my age and younger have kids, some married, things like that. Most have established careers..just things that I thought I'd have. 2009 was a total strain on my life, and i think it set me back a couple years.

The 30's also present a decade where I HAVE to make it the best decade in my life. By best, i mean being productive, establishing my future. If i fail the 30's, I'm pretty sure i can hang it up on life. That may sound harsh, but I'm just being realistic. Its so much i want, and gonna have to get it in these next 10 years.

I know I should have had a wife by now. It isn't that easy, lol. I've been through my small share of relationships, friends with benefits, almost girlfriends...and to date, haven't got it quite right. I've come to the conclusion, that I'm very much sane. I just need to find the same in a woman. Now, this isn't a knock to women as a whole, just my experience. I'll figure that out, in due time.

I'm pretty confident things will work out for me. I have to work through a lot of things, but greatness will happen. I have great great circle of family and friends that wont let me fail. I hope to keep you all updated as things happen.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

For real for real...


I've abandoned my blog long enough.

Im back on here. I miss it.

Im actually giving up Twitter for awhile. Its has become boring, and im just irritated with some of the things that been going on. I havent even been reading blogs like i used to. So......I just decided to take a break from twitter, work on my blog, and catch up on readings on other things.

I mean it this time...i'll be here....

For real for real. lol