Friday, December 19, 2008

A Dying Breed

The dying breed that I want to talk about is Humble Man/Woman. ..Where are they?? It seems that no matter where I look…read…watch..overhear…seems like the world is tooting their own horn…that’s right, the arrogant, cocky, always bragging…….Human. Guess im just tired of hearing a person boasts about what they are great at doing. What a person’s “bests” are. How their shit poo poo smells better than the next. It’s just annoying as all hell. I think that the line between confident and arrogant tend to be crossed more that it should be. “Habitual line steppers” as Charlie Murphy says. You can be proud of you’re the things without the excessive pats on the back.

So where does this come from? I have the slightest clue. I’ve never been one to brag or boast. Just not in me. I feel that I have been blessed and I have lots of things that I could …I guess, jump on my soapbox and tell the whole world that im the shizzzznit toot my horn about. I don’t know, I guess it could be personality driven. I feel like if a person just live their life, and speak through example, that of which they have will be shown. No need to tell the world you make the best meatloaf on the planet…or you are smart as a whip…for me, I wonder…did I even ask you for this shit information?

This post has been brewing in me for awhile. And I almost thought about not posting it, just cuz I don’t want folks to think that im taking shot at them…like a 50 Cent “ how to rob” blog post, lol. I actually been seeing it a lot at work. So that’s what made me want to post it, then after thinking about, its in the blog world too, lol. But hey, everybody’s different. And different is what keeps things interesting.

My goal for 2009 and beyond...Speak through Example


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Its Brownee

So we made it a year....well, almost. She was born in December but i didnt get her to late January. But hell, i didnt think i'd make it this long. Its been cool...spent alot of money on random carpet cleanings...many of hats tore up..i could go on and on with the things she messed up, lol. But overall, she's a good dog.

For those of you that are new to my blog, see earlier post on her, dont feel like finding the links, lol.

Happy Weekend Folks!


Monday, December 15, 2008


Last week sometime, i was leaving work...

Im driving on the service drive and i notice the car liscence plate...

Now, i had to do a triple take to see it, and grab my phone and take a pic while still driving. 
For those who cant make it out ..
Its an Ohio plate that says  "NOBAMA" 
Now, it could be saying "no bama" or "nobama" like a last name. 
But im going with No Obama. i wasnt so shocked that someone would have that . I mean, i've seen worse on the internet. But he's a brave soul. Creeping around the outskirts of Detroit, hell...any pro Democratic place just seemed odd. 
Happy Monday!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So i've come to the conclusion that im WAYYYYYYYY over the weight that i wanna be.

My most recent weigh in comes at a staggering 252.

Most i've ever weighed.

I was about 190 in highschool.

I was 240 in May.

Work trips to Nebraska did me in.

Well, for starters.....I could tone down this here belly of mines....Its really getting out of control. I think ima have to go on a beer fast of something. Just toning in general would help the cause . To most, I tend to carry my weight well. Im its not that bad..if i was 4 in smaller, not that would be an issue.  But im getting to the point of not like the heavy O. I don't wanna lose alot. I like my size for the most part. I just wanna tone and really rid this damn keg im carrying around . thinking of a master plan . I could say that i will start January 1....but......thinking its gonna be sooner. Anyhow, wish me luck.


Sunday, November 30, 2008

Monday Blues

Its starting to snow....i mean, i know it comes every year in Michigan...just never ready for it

Been playing Madden online and getting smashed....damn gamer geeks

It cant be just me, but Plies and Kirk Franklin looks like really close relatives....

My sister just got a dog for my nephew.... has no idea what she about to go through..

The powers that be finally admits we are in a recession...what took so long..

Watched "Tropic Thunder" recently...was really funny.

I think i should taken today off....really lacking motivation.

Im im out!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mr. Cant Get Right

I cant get right...
Recently, i cant do a damn thing right..
And when i want to come off as annoying .
When i think right is the way to go...the right way was wrong.
Even when i have the greatest intentions,
I take the joy out of things.
Cant express the feeling of knowing that's how you feel. 

Does it make a difference what i feel, not looking like it.
Did i mention greatest intentions..umm yeah, that shit dont matter.
Cuz when the perception is made, how you wanted it to come off aint worth a hell.
I have fucking feelings too!! i cant show mines cuz we normally dont  have that option.
Men want to stay hard core, but thats for the birds sometimes.
And really, the way things are going, my feelings would just fall in the category,
In the cant get right category.

Im stressed too ya know.
Shits not exactly peaches and cream for me.
But hey...I try to make the most out of it no matter the case.
I don't know, this is new to me .
Everybody don't come into every situation totally experienced.
If i dont know something, im not ashamed. Cuz i know i can find out.
But the way i feeling, i dont wanna ask shit..maybe later, but not now.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Semi Wordless Wednesday

So i thought this was interesting..
Cant say i would have done it, but hey...who am i 
The artist was my barber. 
Kinda cool eh? 

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Life Must Go On..

So election night was ok for me. Yeah, Obama But i was dead tired. I actually was sleep when he got over the 270 electoral votes, was a long day. I could never take away the significants of an African American being president . In thinking about it, it took way more than the black vote for him to become president. Although it was a great turn out for the black vote, we didnt totally get him here . If took alot of non black voters as well to know we needed a change, and McCain wasnt the solution. Doesn't hurt that Bush was horrible too.And also, i wasnt the emotional broken down African American that i saw and heard about. I didnt cry or sob or anything like that. I mean , i was happy. I still know the significants and all...just no tears..sorry.

 Been wondering also, what do i expect of this President. I dont know...just a better economic country again. The Clinton times were great. Found myself singing "..just got paid....friday night.." often, lol.Fast forward to today,  and the bills still cometh . I remember hearing a interview of Drew Carey. Cant remember it word for word, but he was asked about the best thing he enjoys about being successful, and Drew said not having to worry about bills. I totally would be less stressed out if i did have to worry about bills. that would be the life. But since i do, i wont daydream about that much. I have an uncle who used to ALWAYS talk about what he'd do with all the millions he'd have once he hit the lotto . Dont get me wrong, its cool to dream. But i heard it all the time. Like, man..whats up with the present. Lets keep that moving. 

Just this past October, i made it a year on the new job...guess its not new anymore. I remember the first months, wondering would i even make my 90 days. Was a long road...but my year has came and went, and im pleased. With the michican economy as it is..its great to be working. Heard that at my old place of work, they got fools reapplying for there jobs...then, IF they get it back...they have to take a pay cut to damn near entry level pay. So you telling me that i have to do the same job...but less pay.....really interesting. I swear, being under employed is damn close to unemployed. 

The Weekend is here, and YAY for that. I did a post about the Acer Aspire One laptop that i wanted, but i decided to go with the Asus Eee Pc. Its a real cool small laptop. Will be a chill weekend for the most part, and looking foward to it. 

Have a good weekend to all..


Monday, November 3, 2008

Still a Kid a times....

This my newest toy.....
The PS3....
Did i need it...
But wants shooooo feel good!!! 
he he....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

On the WISH LIST!!

I've been wanting to get a new laptop...

Been seeing some stuff out there thats pretty cool. At this point, i just really surf the web...random downloading..things like that.

Also, im not a fan of Vista, so i been tryin to find a laptop that didnt come with it...which seems to damn
near on every laptop with the exception of Macs..and not a fan of them either.

So i came across the Acer Aspire One.

Its small....and i like it!!

This pic here shows the size in relation to a hand so you can see how small it is. I like it because of the moblility you have with it. I can toss it in my bookbag and be on my way.

The one i want had 1gb ram, 160gb hard drive and a 6 cell battery....which all of them stats are found in alot of regular size laptops. Being the size it is, it doesnt have a cd drive....but so!!! i have a mp3 player, so i just plug it in to download stuff.

And its faily affordable. For the one i want, its $399.00.

I think that will be my X-Mas to myself....hehehe!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Between work deadlines and....just life, i been crazy busy.

Been wanting to blog more, just havent had time to put some good thoughts together.

Anyhow...I'm checkin my blog supscriptions and been reading when i can .

Hope to be blogging soon.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Its All About The Benjamins....

So i was skipping through the world wide web, and stumbled across this video. What had started talking about the NFL and its fines , turned into what I've always felt, which is that professional sports exploiting the players and such. They could give a rats about the players, long as the league makes there money. 

Here's is a vid of a former player, stickin up for the players...right on homey!!

btw...its my 50th post! 


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Semi Wordless Wednesdays..

So its not that cold in the D..well, not yet anyhow ...
I went to Lil Ceasers (pizza joint) 2 times in the past week. ..
First time was this past saturday, and then last night...
I had on a hood sweater, nothing major...
Its FALL..not winter..
Both times i went, i seen 2 different chicks with winter clothes on ...

Now, im not even sure what the material this coat is that she got on....
Only can speculate...random white and brown mouse.....who knows

 These boots are made for....Winter!!!
I just couldnt beleive she had on them big ass boots..
So i realize that she had on a big coat, but i had missed that opportunity cuz she left...
But she came back in because something was wrong with her order..
With that big ass coat...
I swear it wasn't THAT really wasnt...
Happy Wednesday!!


Monday, October 6, 2008

Wired Up

Its finally over.....well for me that is...
Will admit.....i came on the scene super late on this series. 
 Not having cable will do that for you , lol ...
I have to say, it was the best series I've ever seen.
Im glad to see folks from The Wire makin moves post series..
Was flipping channels and saw Marlo Stansfield on "Heros"..
Wont dare tell any of the show...
Although i dont think its too many more folks that havent seen


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Take that..take that....

Im normally not a fan of Diddy and his videos..

Especially that damn one about gas being too high to fly his personal jet...

Nugga please....

Anyhow, i saw this one and thought it was kinda funny...

Check it out..

Psssssssssssss.....Rock the Vote  !!!!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

From Illmatic to...

Im a big fan of Nas..

Been loving his music since  his first album..

Got the chance to see him in concert...and it was ALL GOOD!!

I lost my voice rapping to damn near every song...

Scarface opened..and Foxy Brown was  a special guest...

She ain't so special anymore....

Anyhow...heres some pics...

Have a good weekend folks



Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thursday thirteen : 13 Teachers That I Remember

1.Mrs Liss, Kindergarten- She was the nicest teacher i think i ever had. I think that's when i found out that i didn't like raisins ..We ate them all too much for snacks.

2.Mrs. Gay, 8th grade Fine Arts- Outside looking in...she looked like the sweetest teacher, but boy did she have a temper, especially if you didn't sing a song right, lol . But as bad as we were, when we had to sing Stevie Wonder's "ribbon in the Sky", everybody was on one accord for that .

3.Mr. K, Elementary  music- For the life of me, cant remember his actual last name..But it was hard to pronounce it, he just went with Mr. K. I played the clarinet. It was cool, just wished i had kept with it. I played the Tuba in high school...but that was one of the things i shouldn't of done, lol.

4.Mr. Phillips, Middle school, Computer tech - When you think of the geeky computer teacher, that's him. Kinda reminds me of a refined Bill Gates. Most i remember out of that class was playing "Where in the world is Carman Sandeigo " .

5.Mrs.Joswick, 2nd grade- 2 things i really remember about her....1.Newport cigarettes and 2.Coffee. She was super everyone but me, go figure, lol

6.Mr.Lowe, High School sub- Now , this dude was interesting. Think of ..Rev. Brown from Coming to America..just more drug addicting looking....thats him!! He caught the bus to students used to clown him for that ( Detroit is a drivers town...if it was NY, different story) . They say he used to play professional football...but i cant confirm that .

7.Mrs.Williams , Honors English, 11th grade- In thinking about her, she actually reminds me of our First lady Michelle Obama. I didnt like the class because i was in it with a bunch up folks that thought they were extra smart cuz it was advanced English.

8.Mr.Whitt, Elementary Sub- He was one of the first cool Black teachers i had. Very cool since we almost had the same last rare as mines is(when your a kid..its the simple things that works for us, lol.) But did have this one setback....we he got super talkative, he had that white build-up in the corners of his mouth...yuck!!

9.Mr.Elcowitz , Economics , 12th grade- Lil short guy..nothing too major i remember about him , but i aced that class!!

10.Mr.Garbinski, Elementary Art- Was one of the classes i enjoyed going to. Funny, i think he JUST retired within the last 3 years or so ago.

11.Mrs.Hogg, 12th grade English- Maybe it was her name...but she did kinda have a pig-like nose. She was just weird. She always were a ...guess you could call it a fishing vest. Pockets everywhere. Whatever you needed, she had...from postage stamps, bus tickets...ect. Very strange .

12.Ms.Hyman, Gym/fitness, Middle school- If Rambo was a woman....and Black....thats what Ms. Hyman is. She actually was a cool teacher, but most folks couldnt get past the fact that she didnt smile often...or the fact that she could scale a rope to the tip of the gym ceiling faster than any guy or girl.

13.Miss Ballard, High School sub- Talk about a fine woman..Miss Ballard, Miss Ballard, Miss Ballard..(waddup 12Kyle!!). One day in particular, she was doing the attendance call. She got to my name, she paused. " Hey Otis, did you have a cousin came Corey?" My last name isnt too common, so it was a older cousin she had dated at one time....The bloodline got good taste!!!



Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I had this great blog made...

And blogger is on some Bull...


Sunday, September 28, 2008

They Are Back!!!!

So im not a big tv all.

Hell, i dont even have cable...(yes...there are folks out here that exist)

I may watch alot of movies, but tv shows aren't really my thing..especially series shows.

But The Office is one show i can watch ..religiously.

Season 5 just started and the first episode was hilarious!!

I'd suggest this show for folks who got a free Thursday slot in your tv viewing pleasures.

It competes with Grey's Anatomy ..

Have a good week folks!


Friday, September 26, 2008

Let The Match Begin!!!

I want a nice clean fight!!!

12 rounds!!

No low blows..(come know thats gonna happen)!!

Keep the issues at hand!!!

Touch gloves....Lets GO!!!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Naga...Naga...not gonna work here anymore...


He's gone....

No matter fired or resigned....

He's out of here....


Just hoping the Lions can FINALLY get it together..


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Flashback vid..

For the short time the show was on...The Chris Rock Show was funny as hell.

"How not to get your ass kicked by the police!"was one of the more funnier ones.

Couple of scenes to check out if your in a rush :




Enjoy the weekend folks!!


day off..

So im off that is.

Gonna try to take care of some things..

Yall have fun in the work world today


Monday, September 15, 2008


Growing up in the city, its a predominately black...African American population. Never seen many whites, or any folks for that matter. But in the work field, especially in the design field, i tend to be the minority. Im a people person, so it don't bother me at all. Never been a prejudice person at best friends are black....LOL.

But there are differences that I've that seen between us and whites apples and oranges. Heres a couple examples...

- Heard one talking about how his relatives had to put down a horse that had. a HORSE...who has them as pets!!

- Funerals....theres are quick and easy. Ours...well...NO ONE sticks to the 2 min comments rule....never, in the history of Niggadom..

- Child discipline. My mom never put me on time out..

- Euchre. We do spades.

-They do pranks like....put a dirty diaper in your car. I wish a .......

Apples are different from oranges...but still fruit. We all different, don't mean bad..

Just different.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hometown Love

I love my city.

Born and raised.

I always wondered if i could live somewhere else..Atl....Ny....Cali.....

Probably couldnt go.

Dont want to leave my family and friends that I love the most.

My city has had some negative attention as of recently.

Glad the bulk of the mess is over.

But im not fond of the choices they made for leadership.

All change isn't good.

Wish the Lions would do better. Fire Matt Millen (CEO) is what i been saying for years.

With all the coaching changes and players and such, he's the only constant after all these years.

Its a potential blackout this Sunday at Ford Field.

I wish folks would stop going so that they would make changes.

But if they selling out every year with losing records.....why change anything?

Im a big Pistons fan.

Be pissed off when they lose .

Especially in the playoffs.

The 2003 draft was one of the biggest mistakes the Pistons ever made.

Tigers and the Red Wings...have to admit, im a fair weather fan.

I like to see them win.

But its nothing like watching the Pistons or the Loins play.

Or The Wolverines or the Spartans play.

Good Times..

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Top 5...Almost

I was having a conversation with a good friend of mines. He said that a guy posed him with a question....

Says " Whats your top 5 albums of all time? "

Thats not a simple all. So we stared thinking about it. you cant do it, lol. I mean.. you have to at least separate it in to genres . Rap....R&B...jazz.....just not a simple and plan Top 5 list.

We decided to stay with rap for todays discussion. Our music taste are pretty similar..some of our top 5 was the same...some not.

I say top 5...but i couldn't narrow it down to JUST 5. I was tryin, but i just couldn't eliminate some stuff.

In no order....

Aquemni- OutKast.

That was truly a classic album. I say no order, but this might be my number one all time.

Soul Food- Goodie Mob.

Again.....classic cd. Was so pissed when they did "World Party" though

BlackStar- Blackstar
2 of the dopest lyrics spitters make an cool is that. The track "Respiration'" With Common...have to say one of the better collaborations this hip hop generation has seen

Common- Like water for chocolate.
From track 1...its a pretty solid cd. "Thelonius" with slum village (hometown homeys) hits real hard.

All Eyes On Me- 2Pac
"..Out on bail...fresh outta jail California dreamin'.." Pac had some nice work...this was probably my favorite cd of his.

I have other albums thats gonna mess me up as far as maintaining a top 5....

Illmatic- Nas

Things Fall Apart- The Roots

Reasonable Doubt- Jay-Z

Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik- Outkast

Ready to Die- Notorious B.I.G

Im sure im forgetting some key albums...and i know i will be reminded of that as well, lol .


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Real Talk...

The mayor....yaddaaa yaddaaa.....who give a hoot!! sick and tired of hearing about the mess...the most comments come from folks that dont even live in the city..

Real Talk...

The turn signal isnt your right to change lanes...its a SIGNAL to let the other drivers know you wanna get over..

Real Talk...

Women will be women....dont try to understand...( hope none take offense...if so...oh well )

Real Talk...

Barcardi 8.....some good sh!t......

Real Talk...

Chilled with my step dad ..(mom and him was never married.not even together..but he still got that title) and had a blast. killed a 12 pack and chopped it up a lil....thats my Nigga for real..

Real Talk...

Happy weekend folks

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mad as F*ck.....

Bad enough work was ultra boring...

I had planned on going home....

Showering up....

Cooking my pork chops that i seasoned last night....

And watching the first NFL game of the season.....

In stead.....

My dog decided she wanted to get out the cage....

Relieving herself throughout the house...

Tearing up my NEW Detroit Tigers hat.....

Among other things....

Emptying out my garbage and getting what she wanted out of it......


Just toooo much to name......


Im headed to "Cheers " to watch the game......

Definitely a few drinks.....

Cuz i need it......

Hope work see's me tomorrow......


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lucky me...

...on the 2 cent slots....

hee hee


Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I was gonna blog on things i hate..part 2....this is part 1, but my mind was all over the, didnt exactly feel like being a hater. Its 10:10pm..and although i shouldnt..ima have a beer anyways.

ahhhh........its sooooo good..once it hits the

Brownee is getting so big..and still a handful. She is 8 months now.Whenever she greets me at the door...its a problem, because she suppose to be in her cage!!! The great prison break !!

I'm a blog lurker. I can admit it....i read alot of blogs. And for some, i dont even comment. I just like reading them. Sometimes i dont think i have anything worth i just read and move on.

And whats up with bloggers retiring and takin sabbaticals and such...its just kinda funny to me..thats all. Dont mean any harm to those bloggers that may take offense.

Excuse me while i get my second beer........

So i wish i could blog more. But my thoughts scatter too much..its hard doing the blogs i do now. They would all for the most part be random thoughts. Gonna try to channel my thoughts more to have structured blogs lol

"... When the Remi's in the system, ain't no tellin
Will I fuck em will I diss em, that's what these hoes yellin
I'm a pimp by blood, not relation
Y'all still chase on, I'll replace on, punks
Drunk of Dom, silk and gators
Spittin words makin birds till they flock see you later
Whether, drunk or high, skunk or thai
Nigga play against some playa shit, slugs gon fly
Ain't no lie, pimped out, the SSI
Nigga don't ask why, just respect it
She bought me the necklace, the bracelet
The Benz-o, she laced it
Crib-o, got it, interior decorated
Now my popularity grew, in each state
Now I got two in each state
Used to drink brew and eat steak
Now I pop bottles with models,
large estates on larger states"

And that was TOTALLY random..just popped in my head, lol .

Well, earlier i was wanting to hear the song "Victory". I was thinkin that was on a BIG cd...but was on Puffys "No Way Out"cd.

I couldnt bring up BIG without bringing up Tupac.....

Think im getting sleepy....

Monday, August 18, 2008

Back Home In The D....

So Im finally back home from my back and forth trips to Nebraska.

I truly love my city.

Dont ask me about the mayor....cuz i dont care.

Getting to see my fam.... my dog...all just wonderful things.

Got a huge to do list...and it keeps growing.

Will try to blog more.

I'll try.

Monday, August 11, 2008


I've had T-Mobile for a long time....LIke since 02'. In Michigan...Detroit to be more specific, I get great service. I've been traveling to Nebraska for a couple months on business, and cant get good service to save a negro life!!! I finally got fed up and called them. I had to find there 800 number cuz i wasnt about to pay for that call from the hotel ....

T-mobile rep: Hello!!!! this is (random white chick) , how are you???

O: im aiigh.....could be better.

T: How may i help you

O: Well, im out of town in Nebraska on a business trip, and i get really crappy service.

T: Oh my...well, lets get to the bottom of it. Are you calling me from your mobile phone??

O: (WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hell woman, if i could call you from the fucking cell phone, why would i be calling you in the first place at early o'clock???!!!!!!) No im not, i dont have adequate service to call from my mobile phone .

T: Im very sorry to hear that. Lets see what we can do about that ...

*****asking random technical questions i dont feel like typing******

O: And its difficult to check my voicemail because of the lack of service.

T: Well, you know you can call your mobile phone from your hotel phone to access your voice mails??

O: (This chick on them good drugs...she expect me to call and PAY on these high ass hotel phone to check my voicemails ) I pay a monthly service fee to you all, dont feel the need to pay again to check my voicemail on your service .

T: I totally understand and we are very sorry about your service.

It was an uneventful call to them. I leave on Friday for good (hopefully) so i will just deal with it and look forward to getting home. If i didnt sign a service agreement just a few months ago...i'd really be shopping around for a new carrier. Although i know i wont get a better plan..i feel like saying i'd shop around for new service, lol.

How many Mutha F***as could i say in a conversation about my service here..(RIP BERNIE) ...tooo many to count. But oh well...

COME ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Why couldn't my dad be more like John Q...
Willing to give his heart for my heart...
Instead, constantly tugging and breaking my heart

Why did my mom lose her job..
Got so frustrated to walk off,Instead of letting the bastard fire her...
Wonderwoman currently on hiatus

Why was i the first male,
Out the projects to graduate from high school since 88'..
Never thought i was accomplishing nothing that great..
Or was it that every other man that fucked up within that ,
And was just doing something normal.

Why did a childhood friend get hit by a car a die when i was younger..
Was the same street my mom caught me crossing with him the day before..
Keep wondering why was i spared and his life taken.

Why did my sister have my nephew at such a young age..
I remember when she told me, i could not believe it..
she told me last because she thought I'd be mad at her..
Its amazing how mistakes can make such great kids.

I can keep asking all the questions ..and never get the answers.
But those things happened for a reason,
And i cant change them. So i move forward..
I will focus on what i can change,
Put my energy in those things..
And make them happen.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Murphy's Law

Murphy's law is an adage in Western culture that broadly states "if anything can go wrong, it will."

So I'm back in Nebraska... For 2 weeks. Its my last trip out, so thank God.

But it wouldn't be a day with out Murphy's Law peeking his punk ass head in my life. I get to the airport... And I NEVER get curb side check in. It just don't seem right. So as I'm walking to the door a nwa worker gets my attention. She asks me did I want to check in at the curb side. Telling me the lines are super long and such.. So I follow her. Now, won't even mention the whole thing about her mentioning a tip... Before she did anything... I do the check in. Really fast, and I throw her a couple bucks. Hell, I should of balled it up and tossed it in the street.. Hate folks that want a tip for doing THERE job... They call that your wages.

So I get to Nebraska. Before landing , the pilot announces that its 100 degrees in Lincoln. WTF?!?!

Fully anticipating this wonderful heat... I go down to the luggage carosale to get my bags. Get my small suitcase, and waiting on the big one. The conveyor stops... And I see the worker literally THROWING luggage... I mean, forcefully on the floor. I couldn't believe it... Well, I can believe it. But damn, I actually seen him throw em.

My large suit case never came im super pissed. I go to the customer service counter to see whats up with my stuff. As i get there, i see all the other folks that bags were thrown.
Everybodys complaining to them..hell WE ALL SEEN THE DUDE TOSS THE BAGS!!!!! There response...." heres a complaint ticket, fill it out if you with" . No....No...NOOOOOOOOOO!!! Call his punk ass out here, so we can ask him what was the deal in throwing the bags. CRAZNESS!!!

About my bag.....ummmm yeaaaaaa. I ask the lady about it . She politely tells me that its still in Detroit. I kinda wanted to have that bag with But i dont trip, cuz its no use...cant change the situation. So i go to Wal-Mart, cuz most of my underware and socks..and toothbrush....and deodorant......just all the stuff i really need is in that bag, so i pick of those items just in case i dont get my bag soon.

So when i was half sleep at about 1130pm...i get a call from the front desk that my back had arrived at my hotel...thank GOD!!

But i will NEVER.....NEVER do curb side check in EVER EVER again...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Places I’ve visited..

So.....i stole this post from Someone ... lol

1. Atl, Ga...I have family down there, so been down there a lot of times. Its wonderful down there during the x-mas holiday..weathers great! Hell, WAY better than the Michigan winter.

2. Boston, Mass. ...Was there for on a work related trip. Got a chance to visit Harvard and had some of the Bestiest Clam chowder!

3. Egypt, Africa...Well, i cant totally count this one, lol. I say that because it was on the way to another place and i never got off the plane...just sat there and refueled for 2 hours.

4. Ethiopia , Africa..WONDER PLACE!!! We see all the stereotypes at home on, flies on them...mess like that. True enough its there...but hell its everywhere. But thats just a small part of what i saw. Beautiful women...educated people. We Americans got this notion that all Africans are super purple black, lol. But thats a different part of Africa (Sudan). These folks were fair skinned..even light skinned.

5.Lincoln, Nebraska..My second home...i work out there for my job time to time...nothing there....

6. London, England...Wasn't pressed at all. Weather was bad...nothing to

7. Mendahall, Mississippi..Have you ever heard about those towns where it starts right after the railroad??? this is that!!! lol . But it has the nicest people you could imagine there.

8. Mexico..HOT AS HELL

9. Montego Bay, Jamaica...Great place! I do remember going to the McDonald's or Burger King...and i think that the ice cream was goat cheese, lol. But Dunns River Falls was great...getting to climb up the water falls...WONDERFUL.

10. Nashville, Tennessee ..Went down there a couple time. But this one and my boy went to visit his sister who went to Tennessee State at the time....Yalls college folk knows hows to party!!

11. New York..I was there in July before the 9/11 attacks. Didn't do too much, did get to the top of the Empire State Building though. i wanna go back....

12. Toronto, Canada... Went with 2 of my good friends (Its the R.O.C!!) WE HAD A BALL!!!!! except when we went to this Chinese place...and i almost choked to death on a shrimp....was f'd

13. Walt Disney World... Went right after i graduated from high school ( Redford c/o 98' ) . It was pretty fun. Saw M.I.C.K.E.Y and


Friday, July 18, 2008

Its Friday!!!

So im heading to Chicago with some old co-workers for the weekend...hoping to have a blast!!!

This is a totally random post..just some things on my mind

- Busta Rhymes still doing it... he got " BASS " (listen)

- Don't wanna go back to Nebraska.... :(

- Try this...Absolute Disaster: shot... 1 part absolute, 1 part jagermeister, 1 part sambuca

- Not a gay each its own..just dont fake the funk

- Al Reynolds said he not gay..( shhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttt )

- My lil bro is turning 19 this weekend....feelin a bit old

- Try this ....Mexican Drive-by : a shot....1 part patron, 1 part crown royal, 1 part goldschlager

- Old people should be barred from using the self check out at the market...stood behind a person trying to find the bar code on bananas...........

- I watched the episode yesterday of Martin (watch) where he interrogates his friends about his missing cd player...soooo funny everytime i see it !!! lmao

Have a Great weekend folks !!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dont you hate it when...

- People stop at the green turn arrow......( either turn or get out the way!!)

- You have to sit in work meetings that have nothing at all to do with you

- When you go out of town for work and have no phone signal...(maybe thats just me)

- Some people call you, and you know that they want something from you ( switch it up for stupid reasons as well so that i dont always think you want something)

- The damn dog just keeps barking in the morning...(just give me 15 more minutes!!!)

- Your socks get wet??? (i can not stand that !!!)

- Your a/c in your car doesn't work.... ( well, mines never worked, lol. )

-Its a fly that keeps hitting your tv,but soon as you cut on the light....the fucker vanishes into thin air...

- People send forwards thru text... (swear that should be illegal)

- You were younger, and your mom would call you from outside to change the channel ...(dont act like i was the only one..)


Thursday, July 3, 2008

The State of The ....

For some years now...we've seen the quality of the music we listen to slowly water down. I listen to alot of music ( rap, jazz, house, gospel, R & B , neo soul get the picture) , and rap has been a big part of the music i listen to. Nas ( My favorite rapper) started this big buzz when he said that Hip Hip was Dead. Now, I was for him on that (yup, im bias) . Then you had Southern rappers saying HipHop was in the South. So he definitely ruffled some feathers with that . But if folks dont think they wrong...why would they change??

Then I started thinking... if Hip hop was dead...what the hell is Nas still doing around here?? Why is The Roots still playing shows?? Common is still making hits....Talib still doing his thang. But its not just the "conscience " rappers that still make me rock out. 2pac still gets me going...Snoop still has his moments. Big fan of T.I (even before he was popular)...Freeway 's " even though what we do is wrong" is still one of my favorite songs ...and alot of others .

I was Listening to Mos Def's " Black on Both Sides" Cd....cuz lately, new music been wack. and i think He sums it up on the first track of the album .

"....Listen.. people be askin me all the time,

"Yo Mos, what's gettin ready to happen with Hip-Hop?"

(Where do you think Hip-Hop is goin?)

I tell em, "You know what's gonna happen with Hip-Hop?

Whatever's happening with us"

If we smoked out, Hip-Hop is gonna be smoked out,

If we doin alright, Hip-Hop is gonna be doin alright.

People talk about Hip-Hop like it's some giant livin in the hillside

comin down to visit the townspeople

We are Hip-Hop

Me, you, everybody, we are Hip-Hop.

So Hip-Hop is goin where we goin

So the next time you ask yourself where Hip-Hop is goin

ask yourself.. where am I goin? How am I doin?

Til you get a clear idea

So.. if Hip-Hop is about the people

and Hip-Hop won't get better until the people get better

then how do people get better? (Hmmmm...)

Well, from my understanding people get better

when they start to understand that, they are valuable

And they not valuable because they got a whole lot of money

or cause somebody, think they sexy

but they valuable cause they been created by God

And God, makes you valuable

And whether or not, you recognize that value is one thing..."


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tagged...well, not really

So i stole this from a random surf of a blogger...seemed cool, so i'll give it a try...but im not tagging anyone, just posting just because.

MEME Rules:

1. Put Your itunes (Sandisk for me) / music player on Shuffle

2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.


4. After you’ve answered all of the questions, tag 5 other people and then let them know they’ve been tagged to do the meme themselves ( Nah, just doing it cuz i want to )

Dont get it- Lil Wayne ( why he goes off on Rev. Al at the end of this song is beyond me, lol. )

Get it for Life- Fat Joe ( guess i'll be getting it..ha ha)

Slump- Outkast ( im wit whatever like weestraw..)

Take off your Cool- Andre 3000 feat. Norah Jones ( Baby..take off....ya coooooooool!!)

This Luv- Donnell Jones

It's Mines - Mobb Deep feat. Nas

ATLiens- Outkast

Me against the world- 2pac

NY weather report- Talib Kweli

WHAT IS 2+2?
The Remedy- Game

The world is yours- Nas

Trouble wont last (interlude) - Carl Thomas ( thats nice!)

We Shinin'- Rick Ross ( swear its on

Have a party- Mobb Deep feat 50 Cent and Nate Dogg

Apologize- OneRepublic ( now thats funny)

Streets is Cold- Marks & om?Mas Mas Keith

No clothes on- trey songz ( again...its on random.....)

One- 16

She's not you- Raheem DeVaughan

American Dreamin'- Jay-Z

Blue Magic- Jay-Z

Out of reach- Davor O (...but i didnt...)


Saturday, June 28, 2008


..Misunderstandings can kill a night...

..Dwele new cd is nice...

..Cant let her go....cant...

..Red Bull and Hennessey....its that deal..

..The movie " Mad Money" was pretty good...

.."...looking back, it was easy" Easy- Groove Armada feat. Sunshine Anderson...

..I got a problem...i love shoes...

..Like for real...4 pair in 2 weeks...

..Go Obama...

.."..Im from Joy rd, exit 9..come up off the freeway.." K-Deezy - In my hood ...

..So im not really from Joy Rd (Smith homes, Brightmoor) .... but i've lived over here for 3plus years...but i like the song...and exit 9 is my exit, lol...

..Moms middle school reunion picnic is tomorrow....yup, you read it right, middle school reunion

pssss...i stole this title from '1980'


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Random Bordem Post......

-Congrats to KG for getting his first Ring...But where did all the Celtics fans come from?????

-Speaking on the Celtics, i was in Detroit Metro Airport a week or so ago coming from Nebraska. Saw a sports store that had Detroit Tigers shirts, and right next to it, Boston Celtics i know the line is so long for the green bandwagon, but man..this was even before they won the title. How about the Red Wings??? They JUST won a title.

- I was at Target the other day...saw a girl with an Apple Bottoms shirt on...just struck me odd...

- I cant even be mad at Don Imus. I mean, if we were mad at every person who said dumb shit... after listening to his except from his radio show..he tried to say that he was implying that Pacman Jones was being picked with or whatever because he was black. Naw Dog, you were confirming that he was black cuz of of the bad description Wolf gave ( i mean, the description was true, lol). If you are to be mad at someone , blame WABC and Citadel Broadcasting Corp. vice president Phil Boyce...a.k.a Imus boss. Boyce pretty much condones least thats how i see it

- Is Blogging that deep?

- The Martin episode when Bro man takes his cd player is one of the funniest episodes of that show...( others where Chilligans island...Gina head in the headboard...fighting Tommy Hearns, just to name a few)

- Why is DMX still getting arrested?

- Speaking on music, lil Wayne has some nice production on his new album....even got a song with Babyface called "comfortable"

-Any thoughts on Will Smith playing Obama in a bio flick??

Saturday, May 31, 2008

We're not in Detroit anymore....

So my job shipped me to Nebraska. We got a contract doing some areospece stuff (can't really elaborate..but I'm a designer) and on till maybe September. I been so reluctant to go out. Just knowing its not the same as been in the D.

Now, don't get me twisted... I'm in no way sheltered. Been to Mexico, Jamaica, London, Africa.....and a lot of the united states. But here...its just different.

One of my co workers, we real cool. Side bar... Only brotha on this trip. Anyhow... So co worker cool, but he on another shift. So I been really going back to my room after work for the most part. Had a damn good steak in downtown Lincoln the other night.... Really good.

A Friend asked me could I move to a place we are the minority..... And I couldn't do it. No offense, but they don't understand the struggle. And not even just my people....but MY people. I love my family and tru friends to the death. Even in a city with black folks... Still couldn't replace my real friends and family. Never thought being single and traveling would seem so bad. I got a summer of it, so won't cry about it. I'm going home for the weekend,but only till Sunday... Then its back to Nebraska for 2 weeks.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Otis in Real Life....

So I rented the movie "Dan in Real Life". Big Steve Carrell fan... So thought I'd give it a shot.... And was a pretty cool movie. So thought to give it a go, to telling some things about me.

Born: March 24, 1980

Favorites movies: Shawshank Redemption, Coming to America, Animal House, Old School

If I'm not doing anything else I'm: Texting

Hand I write with is my: Left ( but I bowl, play basketball, shoot darts, throw the footballs and baseballs with my right)

Something I'd never thought I'd do: Get a dog

Clinton or Obama: Gonna go with the Bro!

What keeps me from loving again: Hurting again

I thing I've never done for a person my age: Had a car note

The clothes in my closet are mostly the color: Brown...somehow, i keep buying the color brown...wasnt even aware that i get that color so much

2 things that I always wanted to do that I'm pretty sure damn near everybody I know, don't know : Poetry and photography

Farthest place I've been: Ethiopia, Africa

Member of: The Century Club ( 100 shots of beer in a 100 minutes)

Places i want to go:
Hawii and California

Sometimes i see homeless people and wonder: Who did they do wrong for no one to care about them

For my 21st birthday weekend I : Spent it hanging out with my mom at the Greektown Casino and at Coco's House of Comedy

My favorite music artist are: OutKast, John Coltrane, The Roots

If i had the chance to be in any old movie it would be : Boys in the Hood (Ricky was my boy!!)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Seasons of Friendship/Relationships

Years ago, I learned that all people in your life...whatever the relationship was, they are in your life for seasons. For some, much longer...and other times shorter. Sometimes its real amazing how some of those seasons get cut short abruptly. I find my self missing some of those seasons..and others, well....kinda glad of some folks thats not around anymore. I regret folks leaving, wishing things would of been better. I rejoice about others...knowing thats its best that that person isnt around..that there season was like a Detroit winter...just wanting it to be over so that summer could get here. I often wonder am i the season that people want in there life....or am i the season that people want to be over. I pride myself on being a great friend...but at the same time, i know that i can miss the mark and can possibly hurt the friendship/relationship that was there. I know that i can be a great person to be around...but then i wonder if im thinking too highly of myself. I wanna be the friends friend...they person that is looked to as the perfect friend. but i want to have the perfect friend as well....I think i think too much. Or, i want too much. Maybe the things i want mayb are asking too much for folks to be able to give. I just want what i give...dont think thats too hard or too much to ask for. But if you ask me what i want...i probably couldnt put it into words. Ima confused being, lol. That i know. Complicated at times...not on purpose, just kinda happens like that.

This blog probably comes off as major rambling...but its my outlet to get stuff off my chest.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Blackberry Dependance...

I realized how much i was dependent on my cell phone saturday night when i dropped it and it died on me!!I couldnt beleive it...Now, I've dropped it plenty of times. Never thought it would just die on me. I dont know too many folks all. Hell, its sad, but i didnt even know my moms number, lol.

Im a blackberry card carrying member. The first one i had was the 8105t. I didnt get it for the buswiness aspect.....honestly, i just wanted a phone with a qwerty keyboard. Was a nice upgrade from the nokia phone i think i had proir. I think thats when i really became an advid texter. in one month, i racked up 13,000 text messages. i had a few friends that ended up increasing there text message

So i graduated to the blackberry Pearl. Awesome phone. I was on my second pearl. the first one had a trackball issue...just went wacko. I really been wanting to wait to for the Blackberry Bold to come out, but i had a lil bad luck.

So i got the Blackberry Curve. Its a nice phone. full qwerty keyboard...big screen....wifi....nicer camera. The bomb phone. I will say that it was pricey....experienced a lil buyers remorse when i got home from getting the phone. But all in pleased with my purchase .

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Yes!!! im an crazy fan of the Pistons. Win, lose, or draw....always been a fan, no bandwagon fan here!!! . I remember when they won in '89....I was at my Uncle Rollys other uncle Shea was giving the minors was great (the moment, not the drinks).!!!!

I had the opportunity to go to see the Pistons close out the series on Orlando. Now.....the tickets, well..wasnt so great. Like...lookin at the banners eye 2 But it was still a great time, atmosphere was amazing . I was with my mom, bro and some cousins of mines and it was a hype time.

Now...i have a true love of for the sport. Been a big fan of Kobe...GK...Webber was one of my favs...till he like quit, lol. I cant hate on the non Pistons folk....even Dwight Howard..that dude is a monster!! Def gonna be a force to be reckoned with in the future...but until then....he'll be watching the playoffs like i will...from the stands or tv!! Poor Millionaire.....

Speakin of watching the job is sending me to freakin NEBRASKA during the finals ...........................I bring that up cuz i'll be on a 3pm-midnight wont be able to see the finals...BOOOOO BOOOOOO BOOOOO BOOOOOO!!! Do they even watch the NBA there?!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Been a while...

SO....Its been a good while since i posted.

Honestly , just been going to a whole lot in my life as of lately. Family, friends, work and the name it. Sometimes it seem like the weight of things can bring you down to your knees..on a already uphill battle.

Work has been SUPER slow...scary in this Michigan economy. No actual assignments, just doing trainings to better my skills.

My dad is off "vacation" now and im struggling to figure out if i really want him in my life, with all the baggage he comes with. Was not a prominent figure in my child hood, so just thinking things through about him.

Moms is looking for better employment, so hoping that works it self out really soon. Hard knowing she is in need. I'd give a organ for that woman...just hoping all is well and workd out soon.

The, well the dog. doing all the things puppys do....whatever the heck that is. She got her first shot recently and went well. next shot in a couple weeks.

I learned a while ago that sometimes people are there for seasons in your life. Some longer, and others shorter. Just learning to deal with both and hope things play out well.

With that said...just alot going on. Staying positive that things will work out for the better.