Sunday, July 18, 2010


I dont know why I titled the blog

Anyhow, I been wanting to blog...but i clearly cant really concentrate on one topic as of recently. So, i'll revert to the good ole random post...until i can make a blog topic thats about one thing.

- The Roots newest CD How I Got Over is a nice ass cd. Its good to hear real hip hop that still exist.

- Why the hell is Dan Gilbert so mad at LeBron? Well, I know why...guess I dont understand his rants. When teams cut and trade players...its never a big deal. 

- Its Raining, HARD,

- It not fun being the nice guy/bigger person. But it should pay off...

- I was doing really good working out...ever started running. But as of recent, I been totally slacking.

- I have this love/hate relationship with twitter. Its totally addicting. And really time consuming.

- Speaking of some reaching folks on twitter. The most irritating sex and attention tweets.

- tennis racket magically disappeared.

- I've had a Blackberry for some years now. I almost dipped out. The trackpad was the greatest improvement of the BB so far.

- I dont like getting into debates/argument with folks. But im good at it when I do.

- I've seen some bad movies bad meaning bad. Repo Men was awful. The Book Of Eli was much over rated.

- One of my followers on twitter  RA7EN  posted how she went sky diving. I don't think i could do it.I dont wanna like...DIE before i pull my 'shute.

- John Coltrane's music been on my mind alot. That guy is classic!

- I think im developing an allergy to shrimp. I really hope not. But when i cant becomes an issue, lol.

Im actually gonna blog about the first time I had a bad reaction to shrimp. I was in Toronto with 2 of my boys. it was quite the story and it really needs a blog posting  all to its Im done with my random shit for the day...holla.



Jazzy said...

Dan Gilbert is pissed about all the money he is losing...he's too selfish to see that he has already made a KILLING on LeBron.

me too...on twitter love/hate.

Book of Eli...i saw this in the movies. Everybody on twitter was talking about how great that movie was...and how if I didn't like it, it must be because I didn't get the message. nah...i got the message. it was hard not to, since the movie beat you over the head with it. i still think it was a sucky movie.

Anonymous said...

I will be skydiving next month!!!! I'm excited!

Anonymous said...

You should watch Eddie Murphy's Doctor Doolittle. There's a character in there who's allergic to shell fish but is in denial, lol.

I had a little panic attack just thinking about skydiving.

Confessions of a Candegirl said...

I love list and this is the most RanDUMB list I have read in a while. LOL....

Raven said...

Hey...I'm Raven...and I jumped out of a plane and didn't die. Book of Eli was ok. And twitter folks do THEE MOST...while working with the bare minimum...and achieving the least favorable results. Thanks for the blog #shoutout homie. Come fly with me sometime.

Tafari said...

I wanted to fuck Repo men was fucking HORRIBLE! I started to spit at the movie screen!