Monday, July 26, 2010

Old Faces

This past weekend was my old high school (Redford High School, class of 1998) alumni weekend. So i decided to participate in some of the festivities. I actually didn't find out about things till seems like im always out of the loop.

Before I go in to the picnics and parties, I have to give you a little background info. I didnt like high school. Well, I did really like the folks in high school. It was alot of stuck up folks..lot of team bullying on niggas extra big headed. Just madness. I didnt stand out at all in school. I just came, did my work..and dipped out. I had friends..but I was popular by no stretch. Oddly enough, people from school ALWAYS remembering me.

Saturday, it was a alumni rival basketball game. Our school vs Henry Ford HS. Our schools absolutely hated each other. I always think something gonna pop off at these games. I didnt go though. I didnt like them hoopin' niggas like, I needed a hair did that instead. It was raining something crazy too. Later on, the rain stopped, and a friend hit me up..saying that the picnic going on, and lets go.

So going.

I get ready for this picnic. What does get ready mean? We pitch in on some drank! So we get to the picnic...they got a dj, bbq going...real nice. The problem comes when I find out that its not the alumni picnic i thought it was....its the class of 2000 picnic. I graduated 2 years before these clowns. I really didn't know many of them at all. I instantly think about the scene in Poetic Justice when they crashed the picnic. 

So we like, fuck it..lets mingle in. Soon as I was up, I notice a dude I knew..and it all got better. I started seeing some more folks I know, and it all just worked out. We got there at like 8:30...PM.. Damn picnic started at 1 o' It was getting dark and they were wrapping up soon after. We stayed for about an hour, then left. It was a party at a club later, went to that too.

So Sunday is here. I find out that the actual alumni picnic is going on later in the afternoon. Niggas need to get they stories straight!! I decide ima roll to it. So me and my boy Matisse meet up at the store..again, getting dranks ( i wont attend none of this school shyt sober) and head to the school. Now, the picnic was at the high school, on the football field. Whats crazy, is that the school has been closed down for some time. But they have a really nice football field and track (Coca Cola donated some money years ago, so it got done really nice) . I have really low expectations for this picnic. We pull up..and its cars EVERYWHERE. we had to part blocks away. It was soooo many people there. We trying to find where the folks i graduated are at. They had tents for all the decades..going back to the 70's I think. I find the 90's tent and post up there. Its mad folks i remember. Now, I didnt like too many folks, but i was finding so many folks that I was cool with . It became a reunion of just folks I havent seen in ages period. I was seeing people that i went to middle school with..people that I grew up with. all dat! I seen my boy Q, went to kindergarten with him . The shocker was seeing the one guy T . I thought this nigga was dead, like for real. I mean, no one told me he was dead..but its like if you dont hear about folks in say...15 years or so...sadly to say around the way i just assume bad shit. Plus, it wasnt like he was some just figured the game got his ass.

So it was a party at another bar afterward..they went well too. All in all...was a GREAT weekend. I didn't get much of anything i needed to do accomplished. But it was worth it. I'll catch up this week on my things to do.

Have a great week folks.


Monday, July 19, 2010

In search of..

A lot. 

This last year or so had been very difficult. It seems like what ever could go wrong, pretty much did happen. Things are sorta picking up for me, but overall...not picking up as fast as I'd like it to be. Its definitely been with mix emotions, putting my heart on the line, and things not really working out.The next couple things I will mention will probably more personal than I have talked about. Never really been open about some things other than friends, but felt the need to talk about them here.

Forgiving myself and moving on

Last May, I was pulled over for a DUI (Driving Under the Influence). That was the most embarrassing event of my life. It really just felt surreal. I couldn't believe it was happening. I had to stay overnight in jail, and post bail in the am. Since my BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) was.16...which is double the legal limit, i had to stay in jail till that level went down. Just really embarrassing. What did this cost me? I lost my car. Probably about 3 grand in costs..which is on the low end of cost when I researched fines and so forth when dealing with DUI's. I had to take a alcohol awareness class. That actually was really informative..taught me alot about the horrible effects of drinking. And....i was on probation for 1 year. Talk about feeling like a criminal. I had a probation officer, that I had to meet once a month with. Since I stayed out of trouble, I was able to end the monthly meetings in May, and is officially no longer on probation as of July 1st. I know I disappointed alot of people, including myself. People who know me know that i was very out of character for me. Im really tryn to move on from that, just making sure that it never happens again.

Losing my vocation, wanting a career

Last September, I lost my Job. I was CAD designer in the aerospace field. I had been employed doing that for 2 years. I kind of fell into that job. I really didnt know much about the field much, but I learned things pretty quick, and was doing well. Im not sure exactly why I lost that job. It was folks that I worked with that did less, and was much more deserving of being let go than me. I've sorta gotten over that. I'd admit, I really didnt take looking for a new job seriously till recently. It seemed like the longest vacation for the longest time. I dont want to do CAD work anymore. I really have come to enjoy I.T. related things, and really feeling that I want to be in that field. So will see how that goes. I've really enjoyed fixing all my friends pc's! Its been cool, but I want to get paid more for it, lol. I learned residential wiring back in high school, and i been doing that kinda work off and on since then. I just want a job that i like going to, thats all.

My soulmate is out here...somewhere 

Im fucking 30!! And i've yet to find that person woman that I want to be with for the rest of my life. The last person who I really felt I could be with for a lifetime, moved to Houston..and have moved on from the possibility of being with me. I've JUST really gotten over that. Its hard when you know someone since like 15 or so. But things happen, and we live move on to other things. I've dated since then, didnt work out. I've come to the conclusion that im not settling for ANYONE. I feel that im a decent fella...why should i take less? I dont wanna be single for ever, but im content with waiting it out..and being with a woman that I can say...i waited this long, and it was well worth it.

I think its much more that I could say, but ima leave it at that. I'd hope that no one passes judgment on me. Im just real enough to admit my faults, and make things better.


Sunday, July 18, 2010


I dont know why I titled the blog

Anyhow, I been wanting to blog...but i clearly cant really concentrate on one topic as of recently. So, i'll revert to the good ole random post...until i can make a blog topic thats about one thing.

- The Roots newest CD How I Got Over is a nice ass cd. Its good to hear real hip hop that still exist.

- Why the hell is Dan Gilbert so mad at LeBron? Well, I know why...guess I dont understand his rants. When teams cut and trade players...its never a big deal. 

- Its Raining, HARD,

- It not fun being the nice guy/bigger person. But it should pay off...

- I was doing really good working out...ever started running. But as of recent, I been totally slacking.

- I have this love/hate relationship with twitter. Its totally addicting. And really time consuming.

- Speaking of some reaching folks on twitter. The most irritating sex and attention tweets.

- tennis racket magically disappeared.

- I've had a Blackberry for some years now. I almost dipped out. The trackpad was the greatest improvement of the BB so far.

- I dont like getting into debates/argument with folks. But im good at it when I do.

- I've seen some bad movies bad meaning bad. Repo Men was awful. The Book Of Eli was much over rated.

- One of my followers on twitter  RA7EN  posted how she went sky diving. I don't think i could do it.I dont wanna like...DIE before i pull my 'shute.

- John Coltrane's music been on my mind alot. That guy is classic!

- I think im developing an allergy to shrimp. I really hope not. But when i cant becomes an issue, lol.

Im actually gonna blog about the first time I had a bad reaction to shrimp. I was in Toronto with 2 of my boys. it was quite the story and it really needs a blog posting  all to its Im done with my random shit for the day...holla.