Monday, August 23, 2010

Bikin' Day8 (Week TWO)

One week down.

So far, its been a good challenge. I started out with an 18 mile ride. That was a feat in itself. Its been some great cardio for me, but I know I needed more.

So today, decided to go to the gym. Instead of my bike riding outside, I switched it to the stationary bike (pictured above). I did a little over Five miles.. And did some lifting..chest and shoulders. I'm really focus on being better in shape.

On the days I do the gym (or bad weather), I'll be on the stationary.. and the days in not there.. Bike riding outside. Wish me well as I strive for that 4 pack and stay away from moobs.

Distance: 5.5 miles



12kyle said...

props to you, bruh. i can do about 10 mins on the bike and that's it

Anonymous said...

LOL @ moobs. Yes stay away from those.

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Good for you! I rediscovered my love for cycling last summer. I remember back in the day when I was all young and full of vigor. I would ride 11 miles to work, at a bike shop.

Now that I am back on, the mind still 20. The body? Well strangely enough, it still tries to act 20 too. Probably would work out better if I had gears still. But hey, 14 miles today wasn't that bad...