Thursday, January 29, 2009

How Dumb...


Monday, January 26, 2009

Some that I've seen

In the last couple weeks, i've been watching movies like crazy. Been super cold...and hey...bills been a coming. Detroit Edison i swear is a monopoly. So with that, heres the movies that i've seen:

The Last Dragon

Now, I've seen parts of this movie, but never the whole thing from beginning to end. And i have to say, you can really see how dated this movie was. Made in 85', you had Leroy Green ( Taimak ) walking around in a karate suit with w huge straw And it wasn't like he was in Chinatown somewhere. And the Shogun of Harlem aka Sho'Nuff...was a true character. I hear that there is suppose to be a remake with Sam Jackson Playing Sho'Nuff....curious to see how that is gonna work out.

Enter the Dragon

Watching The Last Dragon prompted me to wanna see some Bruce Lee. I've watched this movie plenty of times, but its a classic! Funny how stereotypes was still shown back then . Like why did the black guy (Williams) had to be hassled by the cops? lol. But that was a great movie. That and Chinese Connection was 2 of the better Bruce Lee movies in my opinion.

Grand Torino

Now, if this movie wasnt made in Metro Detroit, im not too sure of i would of even watched it. Clint Eastwood is cool...but, he aint all that. But was impressed by with his acting in this movie. he was an evil ass in it too!! Most of the movie was filmed in Highland Park, which isnt too big at all and isnt one of the greatest parts of metro detroit...which made me even more curious to see it.

The Express

This one was about Ernie Davis, the first black Heisman trophy winner. Rob Brown ( Jamal from Finding Forrester) played Davis and Dennis Quaid was his coach. Really interesting to see how sports was so heavily affected with segregation in the 50's and the 60's. Definitely would recommend this movie .

Marley & Me

This movie truly reminded me about my was crazy. Most Owen Wilson movies are pretty cool anyhow. Marley was Labrador was deemed as the worse dog ever in the movie....which makes me wonder about my "active dog" , lol. Maybe its the Lab in my dog that make me relate the two. Overall, I think for dog lovers or not, was a good movie.

Happy Monday folks!!


Friday, January 16, 2009

Bullet,You Dead!!

The Title of this blog was a quote from a great uncle (not great as in wonderful or of high praise,  but my dad's uncle), who passed away on Thursday.  "Bullet",  is a nickname for an uncle of mines..Coming from the shape of his head, lol . The story was, a while back that my great uncle (L) got into with my grandma. So , she called the cavalry and they came over to whoop up on uncle L . Uncle Bullet didn't get in on the beat down from what I heard, But uncle L was upset that Bullet didn't help him out..hence saying the " Bullet, you dead!".
I got off work Thursday to go check on my grandma. Although her and uncle L had their issues, that was her brother and she loved him dearly. I knew uncle L , but wasn't the closest to him . Gets over to my grandma house, and i hear that folks are gathering over uncle L daughter house.  I REALLY wanted to get home, let the dog out and chill a bit. But I decided to stop over my cousins house to see how everybody was doing and such. Plus, sad to say, but would give me a chance to see all the family that I haven't seen in a while. On my dad's side of the family, seems that we only get to see each other during time of grief.  And to no surprise, the dranks was flowing and the aroma of the "other" cigarettes were in the air. I've always wondered why some people have to get jacked up when folks pass away. I guess it suppresses the feelings of what's actually going on.
So in the midst of passing the bottle and catching up with some fam i haven't seen in a while, i was  meeting family that I haven't seen or barely knew. Its an odd feeling meeting someone that's your family and they know you , but you have NO clue who they are. Its not too hard figuring out who I am, they say I look just like my dad.  And its not so funny that everybody wants to comment on me growing wide ...just more motivation to keep up with working out.
Overall, i had a good time with the family. Funeral is next week, so hope all goes well. I don't anticipate any foolishness like folks jumping in the casket, but we'll see. When you start off a year like this, it has to get better.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Letter to Darnell

What’s up D,
Its been so different since you been away. I’ve had a lot of sleepless night since that November a couple years ago. I always been wondering why things happen the way they did. I wish I had the chance to holla at you before you left, then again…I don’t know what I would of said. I remember the last conversation I had with you. I was sitting in my driveway, messing around with my car. We talked about taking a vacation that next year and that you was proud of me for just the good things that I was doing. I never got to tell you, but you were the big brother that I never had. You gave me so many good nuggets of wisdom that I keep to this day. And it’s crazy, cuz I have some long standing friendships, some that stretch over years and years. But we didn’t even know each other that long at all…maybe 3 years I think.
 I remember calling you  after I got off work on a  Monday, wanted to hang a lil and thank you for taking me out to lunch that Friday, but i just got your voice mail. That Tuesday morning, was  heart breaking for me, I could believe that you were gone. I realized that when I called you the day before, you were already gone.  I cried at my station just wondering if this was really happening.  My feelings were hurt. The world stopped for a moment, and I just couldn’t understand who could be so cruel to take a man away from his wife and kids and child to be.
I do have a confession though. Every since I went to the baby shower for the baby to be, I haven’t been able to talk push myself to talk to your wife to see how things are going. Its sounds crazy, but I just didn’t know what to say. I felt that I would just break down when I would have talked to her. But I felt that I’ve grown over the years and I will get in touch with her this year, to see how she and the family is doing. I know she’s a strong woman, so I know she’s taking care of the family.
A portion of what I have become as a man has come from the time that you were in my life. I have definitely learned to value the people in my life, because you never know when they will be gone. Really want to thank you for the things you shared with me and times we had hanging out. 
                                                                                                                                                                                Until next time,

Monday, January 5, 2009

The workout plan...

Last week, before the weekend ended, i started my goal of working out.
I was able to do 2 days last week, and it was a KILLER! I felt good though because i was really pushing myself. i've always been good with lifting weights, but cardio has ALWAYS been my downfall.  
I hate running on the treadmill. I hate it. I think you may get the picture. 
But I've found a friend in the elliptical . Thats my 
So heres the thing, i don't think working out is all. 
Its just one of those things that i know that i have to do, so im trying to get it done. 
What I have found out that I cant workout at all without music. Its so necessary.
And especially on the elliptical..that can be super boring as well, so my mp3 player helps the situation. I did find a trick that helps me when im trying  to get my cardio on. Using my mp3 player, i just try to play good songs that i wont look at the time left. And towards the end, i'll  find songs that i like that takes me till the end of my workout. So far, its working and i'll use that concept till it gets boring..then i'll have to find something else that will keep me going. 
Happy workout folks!