Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bloggers Block....

So i havent blogged in a most of you may

I've have lots to talk about...but cant quite gather my words i guess. Been sick the last couple days, so thats been keeping me sleeping after work. But i have a couple of topics i want to blog on soon:

- Brownee (my dog)

- My Dad

- Work

So once i feel a bit better, i'll be back in action...Wish me well.


Friday, February 15, 2008

STOP...NO and DONT...

Those are the 3 words i have been using as of lately since getting my dog Brownee. Its like getting a 2 year old kid. The House training thing is the WORST!! For the most part, i've kinda figured out when she has to use im taking her out constantly to do it outside. The killer is that when i leave for work, she's in the cage all sometimes she tend to relieve herself during that time. After a long ass day at work, im really not trying to clean up some piss....or other.

Overall, its hasn't been a horrible time. I can appreciate the companionship that she has to offer. she's always happy to see me ( or just happy to get that damn cage) so thats a cool thing. Most people that know me have been wondering wtf im doing with a dog. But its working out slowly but surely.

Having her has really changed my lifestyle. I have to come home right after work...NOT used to that . Having to worry about feeding someone, caring and all that . Living in singledom...used to just coming and going when i feel.

I really want this to work out. Im not a quitter. I can figure this dog owner thing out. Brownee will not conquer me.... i hope not, lol.


Friday, February 8, 2008

You blood and all, but...

Dont you hate when you gotta remind a muthaf....s that they owe you some cash??

So about a month or so, I let my sis use my car.

Now a lil background...I really LOVE my sis. Shanae is 4 years younger. We done been thru it all. We're pretty close. For the most part, will do almost anything for my lil sis. I remember when she got preggos with Marcus, i was the only one she was was scared to tell (prob cuz i wanted to rip the baby-daddy head off). Truly love my sis.

But back to the story. So she got my ride. Somehow, she locks the keys in the car while she was at work. Now...don't know WTF she was thinking, or the folks around her was thinking ...

But she breaks the damn window to get in the car!!! and not one of the moving windows, the stationary corner window in the know, that triangle looking one. So she calls me AFTER she breaks the window....order of operation all fucked up!!! Im super pissed. And i have spare keys at the crib, which if she would of called BEFORE breaking the window, i wouldn't even be writing this blog.

I went to finally get the window replaced...cuz hell, its Michigan...and COLD. Now, if i was to break somebody stuff..first thing i wanna to it get it taken care of. Meaning that IM going to pay for it. So last week i gave the receipt for the window..telling she needs to take care of that. i havent got a responce yet. But im thinkin ima have to be more direct in my " nukka, run my cash!!!" lol.


Saturday, February 2, 2008

And her name is Brownee..

When i was younger, we live in the projects. Being there, we wasn't suppose to have dogs or cats. So i always had aquarium pets...lizards, snakes and fish for the most part. To be honest, just seen dogs or cats as a big responsibility. Gotta get food...clean up there mess, ect. Guess i never seen the companion part of them.

SOOOOOOOOOOO.....i decided to venture out, on to uncharted waters, and get a dog!!! Brownee is 8 week old Chocolate Lab/Rottweiler . She's really a layed back pup. So far, just really lounges around the house. The BIGGEST issue i know is the house training. But for the first day, i got her to do the number 1's and 2's outside!!!! I was TOO hyped!!! Hell, i think she saw the happyness in my eyes, lol.

I had my reservations about it, beleive me. But im thinkin that this is gonna work out just fine. She's the leading lady in my life at the moment, lol. I'll keep you folks posted on how things work out.