Thursday, May 14, 2009

This is a test

Monday, May 4, 2009

No stranger anymore...and the randoms of life

SO i been gone a lil while, but I'm back...I think, lol.

The J.O.B has been , lets say "interesting" the last few weeks, def will blog about that one at a later time. Im still employed, and i want to keep it that way!!  *counting my blessings*

I been getting these comments lately that bacisally means im fat. One guy i havent seen in a while says " Waddup man...looks like you eat GOOD!!" . Next person was my mom, she says " My baby filling up nice". And the other person, My best friends sis says " aww, i just wanna hug the big ole bear!!" ......All those means that this weight thing has to STOP!! I really just need a plan and get it going. I realized that i didnt have any have any clean gym clothes, so that halted my plans to workout today. Im ok with leaving the gym sweaty and stinky, but i refuse to go there like that.  So gonna shoot for Wednesday. Im glad the weather is getting warmer more consistanty. I'm plannning on getting some bike riding done and playing some tennis. I hate actually working out, its just so boring. But with other activities like the tennis and bikeriding, i'll have other forms of cardio.

I've been been getting stalked for $20 dollars....TWENY DOLLARS!! I played in a basketball fantasy league this past season, and i did win. So i owe my portion, which i accept, hell...i lost. But the folks i played with are from my old job, so gettting up there to give the money isnt the most convient .The money collector ( which i've had issues with in tihe past) messaged me on facebook..on my wall of all places, telling me that he needed the money. So i messaged him back to his inbox, basically cuz i didnt want everybody in my business. I tells him that i'd somehow, ge tthe money to him...and he said cool, i'll cover you, get it to me when you can. great. that was like 2 weeks ago or so. Now, this fool be commented on fb statuses that dont even apply to what he saying, talking about this damn 20 bucks!!! really getting annoyed at this point. I almost wanted to just make him wait just to mess with him, but its not fair to the person who won, and honestly, im just tired of the lil effer bigging me about the money. I mean, damn...why say its cool when its not...will be delivering the money this week.

In Sports news...Mad Boston won, but oh well..

Watched Joe Johnson shoot a 3 pointer from between the 3 point line and half court!! And it wasn't like it was a last second shot, or rushing...this fool just pulled up on Wade..and was a no call on the foul. 

Paid 50 bucks for a fight that lasted 2 rounds....I knew Pacquiao would win...but man..just thought Hatton would give more of a fight.

To end this post...just hoping for a productive work and at home.

happy week folks!!