Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Facebook Short Story

I hate facebook party invites.

Typically, I try not to just flat out say im not coming, i just dont respond. They event will pass and no harm, no foul, and I didnt event have to respond.

But lately, i been having a random case of OCD, needing to clear the notifications i see when im on facebook. So i get a party invite from a dude that i know through another friend....truly a "facebook friend". We aint even cool like that. I dealt with him because of the mutual friend we have...but hell, i dont even talk to the mutal friend like that anymore.

I decline the invite. 1, we not even cool like that. We have totally different circles, and i'd rather not get caught up in any foolishness he got going.The dude middle name on facebook is "Nodirtygirlz"..thats about as bad as having "delicious" as a nickname. 2, i actually have plans on that day. So even if I did hang with the dude like that, I still had things going on previously.

So, this idoit ass nigga decides to write on my fb wall today. It said:

"daaaaaaayum i see you try to do sm fun Chicago stuff in the "D" and ppl don't support......WACK!! "

Im automatically pissed. Why the fuck you wanna write this crap on my wall?? I really wanted to just go ape shit on the dude. But i kept it cool, but i did respond. I said: 

"Well, if i have plans already...ima do that . Not that i felt the need to explain myself, but since you attemped to put me on blast on my wall.."

 I'd hope for his sake, he wouldnt respond with some bull. Today isnt the say for that..tomorrow isnt looking good either. 


Thursday, December 3, 2009

I can smell 2010...


My name is Otis..

And im a former blogger...

*crowd speaks*


So...I havent done this thing called blogging in such along time.

At some point, i lost the drive that i had to even blog. It wasnt in me anymore. Sure, i had thoughts, and
things i wanted to talk about. But i just didnt feel the need to blog about them. Somethings i felt was too
personal. Others, well..maybe just too lazy to put into words. And then, with Twitter...guess i just been on there all too much.

But i been getting the itch to blog. Twitter doesnt allow me to get all i want out with the character limit. Im not the most wordy person, but i do need a lil longer runway to free my thoughts. plus, its just some folks on there that get on my nerves with there one sided views..just dont understand folks. Hell, i unfollowed someone today.

My life in 2009 been one to ball up and toss in the fire. It had more highlights at a given point, then got shot to hell. I been wondering who the hell did i piss off, for stuff to get this bad.

Anyhow, im hoping to stay with my blogging. Im probably gonna try doing it from my phone, which should be no problem.