Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random: Social Network Rant

Lately, Facebook...mostly Twitter...been getting on my nerves. 

So, i just decided to note a couple things that I've noticed in my time on twitter/facebook

Its no shots taken...i mean..only bit dogs bark right? we go: 

- Why when someone is out of line.. Or not to there liking, its always said "sit ya ass down".. Just seem like an over used term to me.. We get it, you don't like them.

- I'm not that big on heels on women...
ok, I'm not that big on HEARING about it.  They aiight, its not a must for me. still cool though.

- Don't get me wrong, I appreciate expression..esp from women.. But I don't have to hear about natural hair ALL the the time. There, I said it.

- Long ass names on
facebook...why? I mean, my twit name is long.. But who cares, but your middle name on FB is 'laughinAtYouHoes'.. :/

- Twitter seems to be the place for strong opinions. Hey, its cool. But you can't make anyone like your opinion. Speak ya peace and be gone.

- If someone sends me a random item... Or mafia hit one mo gin...

- Ats a lot of Rev runs on
FB. Quoting shit like they made it. At least give credit.

- And even that gets old. What do YOU think... Post that.

- y'all even know what that mean!? What y'all do on twitter isn't subliminal.. At all. Y'all post obvious thoughts without an addressee. That's not subliminal, at all. So STOP saying it.

- I bitched about them never sending me this
sociascope app.. Now that I got it, really not that impressed. Sigh...

- I think its an easy choice if you don't like what someone post constantly on twitter.. Just
unfollow. I don't see what the big deal is.

- Using explanation marks (!!!) At the end of every tweet isn't cool. You
arnt that excited all the time!!!!!

- Attention seekers...i mean damn...



Monique said...

Can you please get out of my head? We are on the same page. Can you also add: - people who's soul purpose is to start stuff, - people who jump in the middle or arguments and end up getting their feelings hurt, -people who complain Twiter is lame but live on there, -people who think they are Dr.Phil and try to enlighten folks. Chile please!

Anonymous said...


Long FB's name are so unnecessary.

Jazzy said...

Lol...let's talk abt people who RT damn near everything.

The I'm so depressed tweets....really bother me too.

I secretly blocked everyone who regularly RT's revrun's babble. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you just need to unfollow some ppl.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

lol, why do i feel like ya'll are talking about 1 person?

Anywho I agree with this, people take twitter/facebook way too serious. It's only entertainment.

NikkiNicole said...

Lol I know how you feel. I had to unfollow a couple of people and I know I've been unfollowed. My issue is if you're going to talk shit about me after you unfollow me make sure you block me because you never know who I'm following and I will see what you tweet... sigh. And facebook... is it really necessary for you to post every paycheck after you cashed it or every pair of 'Gucci' shoes, 'Coogi' fit or purse you own to prove you have success? True success doesn't need validation in my book. Well that's my 2 cents...

COCOA J said...

Yeah... I agree with the above... #shambles... whoops... I mean shambles

-Jo "ButsomtimesTheycallmeCocoaandthenthere'sJBeunatoo" N.

Ms. Behaving said...

This is exactly how I'm feeling about twitter right now!!!!!!!!!!

My bad on the exclamation points...#imjustsayintho