Monday, August 2, 2010


Forth of July this year, my family had a barbecue. All the normal things associated with that day. Food, good weather..great times. My aunt had cooked some shrimp on the grill. I ate some...and got this feeling in my chest I've felt before. After some water, and some good hard breathing...things worked out.

 I think im allergic to shrimp...I think.

The reason "I think" is because I don't always get the choking, chest closing feeling. I never get the reaction from fried shrimp though. My theory is that its shrimp thats not cooked well enough. I cant pinpoint it..but sometimes i get bad reactions..sometimes not. The worse reaction happened a couple years ago.....

Me and two of my good friends went to Toronto a couple years ago. It was a really good time. The last night we were there, we went to this cool ass club. There, we meet this girl, who kinda hung with us for the evening. She knew of a good Chinese place for food, so after the club, we all jumped into a cab and headed to this eatery for some grub.

We finally make it to this place. Everything smells grand. I order this shrimp and fried rice meal. Was tasting grand, best food I had in Toronto, minus the sushi i had from a place across from the hotel we stayed at. SO anyhow..we all eating, talking. I take a couple forkfuls of my food and starts to feel like my food isnt going all the way down. I dont panic. Im known for eating too im just figuring I didnt chew my food well, and thats it. As im staying calm, everyone else engaged in conversation. I grab some water, thinking that it will help...ya know, loosening the food up. As im drinking pouring water in my mouth, its not going all. Actually, the water was coming back up...similar to a stopped up toilet. NOW, I'm starting to panic..and its becoming to be apparent to my folks thats something is wrong. I get up to go to the bathroom. My thoughts at that moment is that ima have to force myself to throw up to fix this issue.

I get to the restroom.

Its pretty small. All the toilets and urinals are being used at the moment. At this point, I got the water that never went down spilling out my mouth. I glance at the sink, and was about to toss up right there. Although I know that was gonna be some nasty shit..I really didn't have a choice at that moment. As im about to toss up in the sink, a dude leave from using the urinal. That wasnt my preferred place to upchuck...but hell, I needed to stop choking before it got worse. I LET LOOSE. Once i started throwing up, seems like I couldn't stop. As this happening, some man is still in the bathroom. He says to me "man, thats nasty".  I look over at him, and i say "FUCK YOU" . I mean you think i wanna be throwing up in this damn bathroom..let alone in a urinal. So...finally..its slows up. Now, for anyone that had tossed up (which is all yall) you end it with alot of spitting. so im spitting...tryn to get the taste out my mouth. As im spitting..its thick...and this last one drops down to the edge of the urinal, and comes back up, hittin me in my lip. THAT FREAKED ME OUT!! That instantly made me throw up all over again..for another 15 minutes. I still feel bad for the person who had to clean up that mess. Because it was awful.

That was the worse experience with shrimp I've had.....hell, just a bad experience period. I havent had a "reaction" like that hoping it was just a fluke. Anyhow...until the next post.



Jazzy said...

messy messy messy! not as messy as my red wine episode, but at least I had that in the privacy of my own bedroom and bathroom lol!

lmao @ dude saying "man that's nasty". Not "dude you gonna be ok?" or something helpful.

and lmao even harder at you saying "fuck you" in the midst of hurling lololol!

the moral of this story? stick to fried skrimps only!

MzInspiredMind81 said...

Um...that's pretty effin gross. Bless your heart. Where's the 'puke' emoticon when you need it.

Tafari said...

iDied at the lip splash back! Thats just FUCKED UP.