Friday, February 26, 2010

Decrease to Increase

Meet Thomas. We'll call him 'Tom' for short.

Tom is an African American, mid-twenties entrepreneur.

His product: Crabcakes.

This ninja was the master chef at making them . He simply perfected these crabcakes.  He came up with a bomb recipe, that couldnt be replicated. He started, just making them at the crib, testing them on family and friends. Everyone who had them thought that he should go in business. So he did, started off small, and things started to work out well for him. Tom wanted to expand and his business, so he sought out a building, so he could cook, and sell his crabcakes in.

Tom was doing well at the crabcake business, but he lacked the funds to expand the business like he wanted to. So Tom had an idea to get some investers for his business.Tom didn't discriminate on who he asked either. He prepared a pretty good business plan. Its really outlined the contributions he wanted, and layed out what exactly he was doing with the crabcake business. He set a high amount for the minumum donations, because he was all about getting that money. As investors funds came in, Tom was able to get that building that he so wanted.

Business is going well, and things are progressively moving the way he wanted to. Tom really feels he's the shit, with good reason. He doing good, business is booming, and got the drive to succeed my any means necessary. Now, it to a point where we wants more to know about his business, so Tom decides to shoot a commercial . This is a BIG move. He does some research, noting the cost involved in a commercial showing in the city, outside of the city, ect. Tom see that a great percentage of the rural area is Korean. Since he feels that Korean men seem to want his crabcakes more, he wants this commercial to cater to them. Tom didn't feel his own people would want his crabcakes .So in the casting for the commercial, he sets out to have the lead actor, specifically be a Korean man. Now, being a black owned business think that he wants to represent his background, things like that...not the case. Commercial is made. He cast a Korean Lead, and even a Korean cook!!!

I titled this post 'Decrease to Increase' because I understand that its sacrifice involved in most everything. I know you have yo give a little, to get a little....give a lot, to get a lot. I get that. But, to not even acknowledge who you are, hide yourself for the sake of being successful, is just awful . the term 'Sell Out' seemed to fit. Being that African Americans have been slighted so much in our history, you'd think that a being an African American MALE...Tom would be proud of his background. Im disappointed in people like that, and unfortunately, I wont support them .


Thursday, February 25, 2010


So I had this grand blog planned.

Twitter had sparked the writer in me on what I saw as some bullshit, and i wanted to express myself on that matter, so what better place right?? I was done talking to that person on that issue, and needed a place to vent on that subject.

WELL....that's not gonna happen. At least not on this post. I'll have that one for Friday i promise think.

I have another story of sorts that i been keeping in, but i think i should vent on it as well. Its like gas, better to blow that shit out.....

*John Coltrane 'My Favorite Things' Live on repeat*

I was traveling down a new road...It really had interested me, was really feeling it at the time.
Some reservations...but who doesn't have them when something is new. At some point of this path, I saw things i didn't care for. And I wondered, are these things i can live with? Are these things that are compromises? or things I'm just tryn to settle/deal with. This trip had started to move much faster that i had wanted it to go. I decided that i should end this trip. much before things got difficult. so i thought.
Did i do the right thing? Absolutely. Any longer would have brought potential hatred and strong emotional ties. But its not looked at as me doing something right, in others eyes.Its looked as me being irresponsible in giving false hopes and empty expectations. I'm the bad guy...I'm screwing people over..yeah, its my fault.....ummm bout not.

I thought, being an adult, making adult decisions..was the RIGHT thing to do.the phrase 'right thing to do' is very relative so I've learned. I could of handled it so much differently.Been an asshole and all, but i didn't. I'm not heartless.  I have thick skin...sometimes too thick, so I'll be aiigh.

Not even sure how to end this post.

I'll try...... THE END.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Can Singles Give Good Relationship Advice?

Yes and no.

For me, yes....sorta. I've been single most of my adulthood. But, not being in one can really shed some light on what I may be doing wrong, or what others are doing wrong.

Things I do know.

-Relationships take both parties giving 100% effort.

-Compromise is necessary in every relationship.

-Communication is key to sustaining a great relationship

-Love will get you there, but won't keep you there.

Now, I say no as well just cuz..well, shit.. If I had all the answers, I'd be a fool to still be single.

Anyhow, what's your thoughts?


Saturday, February 20, 2010


Cool ass mixtape. It plays the song he sampled, then the original. check it out.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Mobile Blogging (random)

Happy friday!!!

-I'm testing to see how this email blogging really works. If it comes out good, ima probably blog from my phone more than the pc.

-Day 2 without Twitter. I can say, my phone battery life is soooooooo much better.

-I'm looking at a pretty tamed weekend. Hanging out with the R.O.C this evening and just chilling around the house the rest of the weekend.

-Anybody see the shootout with Carmelo and Lebron?? It made basketball look fun again. Denver pulled it out! #tigerwoodsfistpump

-I REALLY need to start back working out. My plan is for Monday. Hitting it hard so I can feel great for my birthday (3/24). Got keep the man boobs away for the dirty 30.

-Anyways, short and sweet for today's post. Ima post some better ones next week, I'll think through them a bit more. Have a great weekend folks.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm not ready..

I'm not ready.

I turn 30 next month. I'm not ready for it. Its on of those things where i thought I'd have so much more accomplished by the time i hit 30. Most my friends and fam my age and younger have kids, some married, things like that. Most have established careers..just things that I thought I'd have. 2009 was a total strain on my life, and i think it set me back a couple years.

The 30's also present a decade where I HAVE to make it the best decade in my life. By best, i mean being productive, establishing my future. If i fail the 30's, I'm pretty sure i can hang it up on life. That may sound harsh, but I'm just being realistic. Its so much i want, and gonna have to get it in these next 10 years.

I know I should have had a wife by now. It isn't that easy, lol. I've been through my small share of relationships, friends with benefits, almost girlfriends...and to date, haven't got it quite right. I've come to the conclusion, that I'm very much sane. I just need to find the same in a woman. Now, this isn't a knock to women as a whole, just my experience. I'll figure that out, in due time.

I'm pretty confident things will work out for me. I have to work through a lot of things, but greatness will happen. I have great great circle of family and friends that wont let me fail. I hope to keep you all updated as things happen.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

For real for real...


I've abandoned my blog long enough.

Im back on here. I miss it.

Im actually giving up Twitter for awhile. Its has become boring, and im just irritated with some of the things that been going on. I havent even been reading blogs like i used to. So......I just decided to take a break from twitter, work on my blog, and catch up on readings on other things.

I mean it this time...i'll be here....

For real for real. lol