Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Facebook Short Story

I hate facebook party invites.

Typically, I try not to just flat out say im not coming, i just dont respond. They event will pass and no harm, no foul, and I didnt event have to respond.

But lately, i been having a random case of OCD, needing to clear the notifications i see when im on facebook. So i get a party invite from a dude that i know through another friend....truly a "facebook friend". We aint even cool like that. I dealt with him because of the mutual friend we have...but hell, i dont even talk to the mutal friend like that anymore.

I decline the invite. 1, we not even cool like that. We have totally different circles, and i'd rather not get caught up in any foolishness he got going.The dude middle name on facebook is "Nodirtygirlz"..thats about as bad as having "delicious" as a nickname. 2, i actually have plans on that day. So even if I did hang with the dude like that, I still had things going on previously.

So, this idoit ass nigga decides to write on my fb wall today. It said:

"daaaaaaayum i see you try to do sm fun Chicago stuff in the "D" and ppl don't support......WACK!! "

Im automatically pissed. Why the fuck you wanna write this crap on my wall?? I really wanted to just go ape shit on the dude. But i kept it cool, but i did respond. I said: 

"Well, if i have plans already...ima do that . Not that i felt the need to explain myself, but since you attemped to put me on blast on my wall.."

 I'd hope for his sake, he wouldnt respond with some bull. Today isnt the say for that..tomorrow isnt looking good either. 


Thursday, December 3, 2009

I can smell 2010...


My name is Otis..

And im a former blogger...

*crowd speaks*


So...I havent done this thing called blogging in such along time.

At some point, i lost the drive that i had to even blog. It wasnt in me anymore. Sure, i had thoughts, and
things i wanted to talk about. But i just didnt feel the need to blog about them. Somethings i felt was too
personal. Others, well..maybe just too lazy to put into words. And then, with Twitter...guess i just been on there all too much.

But i been getting the itch to blog. Twitter doesnt allow me to get all i want out with the character limit. Im not the most wordy person, but i do need a lil longer runway to free my thoughts. plus, its just some folks on there that get on my nerves with there one sided views..just dont understand folks. Hell, i unfollowed someone today.

My life in 2009 been one to ball up and toss in the fire. It had more highlights at a given point, then got shot to hell. I been wondering who the hell did i piss off, for stuff to get this bad.

Anyhow, im hoping to stay with my blogging. Im probably gonna try doing it from my phone, which should be no problem.


Monday, June 22, 2009

But it started Sunday...

I've had enough...

I've gotten tired of folks telling me that :

" You be eating good"  or wanna look at my belly...or wanna say that my face filling out.

So yesterday was the start of my new workout-eating betting plan . I got up in the am and did 7miles on my bike and some jump roping...that WORE me out.

I passed out soon as i got back home...

The thing is, this is all for me. Im not doing this for the masses, but the masses really got me motivated to get on the ball with things.

I feel really motivated, although its just day 2.

Things in my life been stir crazy, i might although i probably wont blog about it at some point. But right now, im just weathering the storm. Its been :


embarrassing (and no, i wasnt soliciting prostitutes either, LOL)


All in all, im built for this. Nothing is easy. Im just looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.



Wednesday, June 17, 2009

MOS DEFinitively

So heres a interview with Mos Def on hows the "best" in rap should do it...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Horse and Carraige...

First, Let me just say that im thrilled to have a job!!!

Now that i have gotten that out the way....

In mid July, my job is sending me for schooling for 2 MONTHS...

Now, this would be pretty grand to be going to school and can come home everynight..Instead,
Im being sent to Woo.ster, OH. Now, until i started working here almost 2 years ago, i had never even
heard of the place.

There is NOTHING there....at all. I heard that the hangout spot was a Buffalo Wild Wings...

Also heard that its a big Amish population there. And that they really have horse pulled carriages ....

Infact, the Wal-Mart has parking for the folks that have there carraiges...

Again, im happy to have a job. I just look forard to summers in the D. Its nothing like summers here. I love it.

I suffered through all the snow...only to have to NOT be here...

Anyhow, back to work.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer of Movies..

I cant recall  a time like this ever where they were soooo many movies in one summer
that i wanted to see. Here goes:

The Hangover  (which i saw this weekend and was REALLY funny!!)
The Final Destination 
G.I. Joe 
The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard
Thats my list for now...what about you??

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tryn again...

So I'm hoping that through emailing posts from my blackberry, I'll post more.

I think blogger knows that twitter and facebook taking his shine away, lol. So making it easier for folks to blog is just right up my alley.

The last 2 months have been a little better than hell, and I'm gonna blog about it soon.

Anyhow, just want to get to Labor day... I know that's the end of summer.. But that's just how I'm feeling.

Details to come


Thursday, May 14, 2009

This is a test

Monday, May 4, 2009

No stranger anymore...and the randoms of life

SO i been gone a lil while, but I'm back...I think, lol.

The J.O.B has been , lets say "interesting" the last few weeks, def will blog about that one at a later time. Im still employed, and i want to keep it that way!!  *counting my blessings*

I been getting these comments lately that bacisally means im fat. One guy i havent seen in a while says " Waddup man...looks like you eat GOOD!!" . Next person was my mom, she says " My baby filling up nice". And the other person, My best friends sis says " aww, i just wanna hug the big ole bear!!" ......All those means that this weight thing has to STOP!! I really just need a plan and get it going. I realized that i didnt have any have any clean gym clothes, so that halted my plans to workout today. Im ok with leaving the gym sweaty and stinky, but i refuse to go there like that.  So gonna shoot for Wednesday. Im glad the weather is getting warmer more consistanty. I'm plannning on getting some bike riding done and playing some tennis. I hate actually working out, its just so boring. But with other activities like the tennis and bikeriding, i'll have other forms of cardio.

I've been been getting stalked for $20 dollars....TWENY DOLLARS!! I played in a basketball fantasy league this past season, and i did win. So i owe my portion, which i accept, hell...i lost. But the folks i played with are from my old job, so gettting up there to give the money isnt the most convient .The money collector ( which i've had issues with in tihe past) messaged me on facebook..on my wall of all places, telling me that he needed the money. So i messaged him back to his inbox, basically cuz i didnt want everybody in my business. I tells him that i'd somehow, ge tthe money to him...and he said cool, i'll cover you, get it to me when you can. great. that was like 2 weeks ago or so. Now, this fool be commented on fb statuses that dont even apply to what he saying, talking about this damn 20 bucks!!! really getting annoyed at this point. I almost wanted to just make him wait just to mess with him, but its not fair to the person who won, and honestly, im just tired of the lil effer bigging me about the money. I mean, damn...why say its cool when its not...will be delivering the money this week.

In Sports news...Mad Boston won, but oh well..

Watched Joe Johnson shoot a 3 pointer from between the 3 point line and half court!! And it wasn't like it was a last second shot, or rushing...this fool just pulled up on Wade..and was a no call on the foul. 

Paid 50 bucks for a fight that lasted 2 rounds....I knew Pacquiao would win...but man..just thought Hatton would give more of a fight.

To end this post...just hoping for a productive week..at work and at home.

happy week folks!!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Big AL

Im not tryn to turn my blog in to a video blog...but its just been some random vids that
i been seeing thats been real cool.

This one is Al Roker on Emenim radio show..or 50 Cent show...one of theres, lol .

Anyhow, check it out

Al Roker Pt3   - The Weatherman Al Roker Goes In On Eminem! from Radio Planet on Vimeo


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hi Haters....

Ok...i know i havent posted in FOREVER.....

But i will have a actual post on updates in my world. 

So until then, check out the SUPER Obama hater...like he a real hater for real....


Saturday, February 14, 2009


"..Sometimes when you win, you really lose, and sometimes when you lose, you really win, and sometimes when you win or lose, you actually tie, and sometimes when you tie, you actually win or lose. Winning or losing is all one organic mechanism, from which one extracts what one needs." - Gloria Clemente, "White Man Can't Jump" (1992)

That quote has stuck with me every since i saw that movie years ago. Life is definitely a emotional roller coaster. You can find out some of the greatest news only to have a great loss. But all experiences should help us grow in life, at least they should help us .


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Semi Wordless Wednesday

What some folks will do for K. West Tickets...


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Monday morning....

3:50am..my alarm clock goes off.
 I am awaking at this awful early time because I have a 6:40am flight to Lincoln, NE. Im back on this rotating schedule for my job until June. Yay….
So after texting my ride to make sure he was up, I starts to get myself ready to head out the house. I take my dog out, and I start to get this strange pain in my stomach and side. I just had a juice, so was wondering was that the cause of this ungodly pain I was having. I know also that my body don’t agree with much of any kind of food or drink at 4 in the am…so kind of attributed it to that. 5 am comes , im sitting on the couch waiting for my ride to get there, and this pain gets worse and worse. Kind of felt like some sort of muscle spasm..Couldn’t really put my finger on it, but it hurt! In the back of my mind, I thought maybe this was a sign to stay home. But im a trooper.! And secondly, with the way the economy is, couldn’t see it looking too good me ditching a work trip.
My ride gets to my house, so off to the airport I go. Im extra uncomfortable the whole ride there. My stomach was on some other stuff, and my boy left his glasses at home, so instead of seeing the signs on the freeway…he’s seeing green with white letters. I made it safely to the airport and proceeded to the e-ticket check in. As I approach the line, I start to feel sick as ever, started sweating and all. I ask the lady at the line where is the nearest bathroom, and she directs me.
“Sir, please take your suitcase with you.”
I had nothing on my mind but getting to the bathroom. (sidebar, as much craziness that’s been happening at airports, I bet I looked super suspicious forgetting my suitcase. I was not up for a cavity search and allegations of bombs in my bag)
Gets my bag, and I head to the bathroom. False alarm. But I really felt like I need to get something out of me. Tried to make myself let it out….wasn’t working. I head back up to check my luggage and get my ticket. So after going through a rather quick screening, I head to my gate. At this point, I really cant walk 20 feet without leaning over, it was THAT bad. I head to the bathroom...again . Finally tossing up something , so I feel slightly better. Im going to my gate now, which its about maybe…30 yards away. I swear, at the 10 yard make (yes, it was yard markers on the floor, lol) I feel awful all again, seems worse. I take a seat near my gate as they let all the first class passengers on. Im really second guessing this trip at this point. Its one thing to be sick, but sick at the airport, tryn to take a trip is the worse. I keep tryn to convince myself that I need to make this trip…it gotta be important, especially when  I got told on Thursday that I need to take a trip on Monday for a week. Its time for me to get on the plane. The lady scans my ticket, and im in the line waiting to actually step foot on the plane. Now…I really feel like crap, and I know if I get on this plane, theres nothing no one can do for me.So reluctantly, I head off the plane , letting the ticket folks know that im not making this flight.
Back to the bathroom I go. I keep thinking that if I throw up, I’d feel better. Well, that wasn’t working. After a few times, a kept wondering if I was gonna be rolling out of the airport on a gurney. I really felt like I was dying. I proceeds to lay down in the bathroom floor in my stall (now, im in the handicap bathroom…so its a lot of room, lol) rocking side to side . I couldn’t even stay still. I had to be really hurting to be laying on a damn public bathroom floor. I finally feel im a lil better …just better enough to get to where the seating is where you wait for your plane to lay on the floor there. Im totally suffering. Really thinking that ima need to have the EMS come pick me up.
At this point, I’ve missed my flight, which was a connecting one. So I know that ima have to reschedule this damn flight. I really wanted to go home for the day, and just trying again tomorrow. Off to the ticket counter again to figure this out….but not before heading to the bathroom again… L . After the pit stop, I get to the counter, and explain my situation to the ticket lady . I tell her that I need to reschedule my flight for tomorrow that I missed today. She tells me since im not getting a flight today, that I need to go down to some black phones that are really far away to call someone…what the hell. I take this super long walk down to these special black phones for them to tell me that its $150 to reschedule my flight for tomorrow. Thanks, but no thanks. Lord knows I want to stay home today, but I couldn’t justify the 150 bucks to flight our tomorrow. I head BACK down to the ticket counter to get the next flight out . 50 bucks is better than 150 that they wanted for the next day flight.
Still not feeling in no shape at all to fly, I decide to man up, and make this trip. Its around 8:35am, so its super busy now in the airport. New flight time, which means that I have to go through this security screening AGAIN , and its so many folks here now. Im  having 2nd, 3rd, 4th thoughts about this trip. Really trying to be the company man, but this blows. Before boarding this flight, i stopped to get some pepto so I can coat my stomach. Took that, and I finally board my flight. Not feeling better, but hoping that this pepto helps out. As they are coming around for refreshments, I think to get a ginger ale. That goes down so so. Im still uncomfortable in the seat, so im constantly moving ..glad it was a seat between me and the next guy. I had to use the restroom on the plane, but was a false alarm.  Finally I doze off (Thank God) and wake up as we are landing.
I land in Minneapolis. In the mess of things, I didn’t get a change to get my ticket to my connecting flight, so had to find that out . And just my luck…Im at F14…and where is my connecting flight..A2!!! As far as East is from West….and it boards in 10 minutes. Now, I haven’t been able to walk much , let alone run or walk fast .  Luckily, the flight was slight delayed, because I was not running for this flight. We all board, and this flight is not going well for me. I started to sweat again…feeling like something needs to come up. I tried to wait till the seatbelt light was off, but I couldn’t wait. I head to the only bathroom on the plane, and yup..its occupied. The dude finally comes out, and I dash in the super small bathroom. The pepto and the ginger ale from the last flight came up. I was in there FOREVER. I get back to my seat a half hour later, and try to maintain myself till this flight is over.
 I lands in Lincoln around 1pm, and just happy to be off a damn plane. I already decided I wasn’t working today, just wanted to rest of and rid what ever this is that I have. I check in my hotel, and hoping to get some sleep there…which didn’t happen. I stayed sick for a couple more hours. And there is where I had the worse upchuck of the day..but I think that helped out the most . I pondered what was wrong. After talking to a few folks, I attributed it to food poisoning. And I narrowed it down to what I ate too, just craziness. I started to feel much better Monday evening and been cool every since. I come home this weekend and will be there for a couple weeks till I head out back here. Hoping I don’t have anymore sick stories for you all.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Back In....

Yup….. I’m back on this  bullshat wonderful schedule. So on and off,  I’ll be out here back and forth till June!!! Arrived here on Monday, and that was a story and a half. Missed my first flight because of apparent  food  poisoning. I’ll be blogging about that real soon. Anyhow..dont wanna spread anymore depression, lol …I’ll holla.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

How Dumb...


Monday, January 26, 2009

Some that I've seen

In the last couple weeks, i've been watching movies like crazy. Been super cold...and hey...bills been a coming. Detroit Edison i swear is a monopoly. So with that, heres the movies that i've seen:

The Last Dragon

Now, I've seen parts of this movie, but never the whole thing from beginning to end. And i have to say, you can really see how dated this movie was. Made in 85', you had Leroy Green ( Taimak ) walking around in a karate suit with w huge straw hat....um...yea. And it wasn't like he was in Chinatown somewhere. And the Shogun of Harlem aka Sho'Nuff...was a true character. I hear that there is suppose to be a remake with Sam Jackson Playing Sho'Nuff....curious to see how that is gonna work out.

Enter the Dragon

Watching The Last Dragon prompted me to wanna see some Bruce Lee. I've watched this movie plenty of times, but its a classic! Funny how stereotypes was still shown back then . Like why did the black guy (Williams) had to be hassled by the cops? lol. But that was a great movie. That and Chinese Connection was 2 of the better Bruce Lee movies in my opinion.

Grand Torino

Now, if this movie wasnt made in Metro Detroit, im not too sure of i would of even watched it. Clint Eastwood is cool...but, he aint all that. But was impressed by with his acting in this movie. he was an evil ass in it too!! Most of the movie was filmed in Highland Park, which isnt too big at all and isnt one of the greatest parts of metro detroit...which made me even more curious to see it.

The Express

This one was about Ernie Davis, the first black Heisman trophy winner. Rob Brown ( Jamal from Finding Forrester) played Davis and Dennis Quaid was his coach. Really interesting to see how sports was so heavily affected with segregation in the 50's and the 60's. Definitely would recommend this movie .

Marley & Me

This movie truly reminded me about my dog...it was crazy. Most Owen Wilson movies are pretty cool anyhow. Marley was Labrador was deemed as the worse dog ever in the movie....which makes me wonder about my "active dog" , lol. Maybe its the Lab in my dog that make me relate the two. Overall, I think for dog lovers or not, was a good movie.

Happy Monday folks!!


Friday, January 16, 2009

Bullet,You Dead!!

The Title of this blog was a quote from a great uncle (not great as in wonderful or of high praise,  but my dad's uncle), who passed away on Thursday.  "Bullet",  is a nickname for an uncle of mines..Coming from the shape of his head, lol . The story was, a while back that my great uncle (L) got into with my grandma. So , she called the cavalry and they came over to whoop up on uncle L . Uncle Bullet didn't get in on the beat down from what I heard, But uncle L was upset that Bullet didn't help him out..hence saying the " Bullet, you dead!".
I got off work Thursday to go check on my grandma. Although her and uncle L had their issues, that was her brother and she loved him dearly. I knew uncle L , but wasn't the closest to him . Gets over to my grandma house, and i hear that folks are gathering over uncle L daughter house.  I REALLY wanted to get home, let the dog out and chill a bit. But I decided to stop over my cousins house to see how everybody was doing and such. Plus, sad to say, but would give me a chance to see all the family that I haven't seen in a while. On my dad's side of the family, seems that we only get to see each other during time of grief.  And to no surprise, the dranks was flowing and the aroma of the "other" cigarettes were in the air. I've always wondered why some people have to get jacked up when folks pass away. I guess it suppresses the feelings of what's actually going on.
So in the midst of passing the bottle and catching up with some fam i haven't seen in a while, i was  meeting family that I haven't seen or barely knew. Its an odd feeling meeting someone that's your family and they know you , but you have NO clue who they are. Its not too hard figuring out who I am, they say I look just like my dad.  And its not so funny that everybody wants to comment on me growing wide ...just more motivation to keep up with working out.
Overall, i had a good time with the family. Funeral is next week, so hope all goes well. I don't anticipate any foolishness like folks jumping in the casket, but we'll see. When you start off a year like this, it has to get better.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Letter to Darnell

What’s up D,
Its been so different since you been away. I’ve had a lot of sleepless night since that November a couple years ago. I always been wondering why things happen the way they did. I wish I had the chance to holla at you before you left, then again…I don’t know what I would of said. I remember the last conversation I had with you. I was sitting in my driveway, messing around with my car. We talked about taking a vacation that next year and that you was proud of me for just the good things that I was doing. I never got to tell you, but you were the big brother that I never had. You gave me so many good nuggets of wisdom that I keep to this day. And it’s crazy, cuz I have some long standing friendships, some that stretch over years and years. But we didn’t even know each other that long at all…maybe 3 years I think.
 I remember calling you  after I got off work on a  Monday, wanted to hang a lil and thank you for taking me out to lunch that Friday, but i just got your voice mail. That Tuesday morning, was  heart breaking for me, I could believe that you were gone. I realized that when I called you the day before, you were already gone.  I cried at my station just wondering if this was really happening.  My feelings were hurt. The world stopped for a moment, and I just couldn’t understand who could be so cruel to take a man away from his wife and kids and child to be.
I do have a confession though. Every since I went to the baby shower for the baby to be, I haven’t been able to talk push myself to talk to your wife to see how things are going. Its sounds crazy, but I just didn’t know what to say. I felt that I would just break down when I would have talked to her. But I felt that I’ve grown over the years and I will get in touch with her this year, to see how she and the family is doing. I know she’s a strong woman, so I know she’s taking care of the family.
A portion of what I have become as a man has come from the time that you were in my life. I have definitely learned to value the people in my life, because you never know when they will be gone. Really want to thank you for the things you shared with me and times we had hanging out. 
                                                                                                                                                                                Until next time,

Monday, January 5, 2009

The workout plan...

Last week, before the weekend ended, i started my goal of working out.
I was able to do 2 days last week, and it was a KILLER! I felt good though because i was really pushing myself. i've always been good with lifting weights, but cardio has ALWAYS been my downfall.  
I hate running on the treadmill. I hate it. I think you may get the picture. 
But I've found a friend in the elliptical . Thats my buddy..lol. 
So heres the thing, i don't think working out is fun...at all. 
Its just one of those things that i know that i have to do, so im trying to get it done. 
What I have found out that I cant workout at all without music. Its so necessary.
And especially on the elliptical..that can be super boring as well, so my mp3 player helps the situation. I did find a trick that helps me when im trying  to get my cardio on. Using my mp3 player, i just try to play good songs that i wont look at the time left. And towards the end, i'll  find songs that i like that takes me till the end of my workout. So far, its working and i'll use that concept till it gets boring..then i'll have to find something else that will keep me going. 
Happy workout folks!