Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bikin' Day3

I decided not to ride in the am. I was still kinda tired from monday's ride, plus, I had a pretty busy tuesday. My plan, was just to clean up around the house..and get my ride on in the late evening, when it was cooler.

My plans changed when my mom called my to come over to fix her shower head.. Which killed my plans on staying home all day till riding. So, did that... Then my boy called saying he wanted to do some riding early.. So fuck. I'm riding waaaay before I wanted to. He's in the market for a new bike, so we went to 3 different bikes shops.. Doing some browsing.

Total, 8 miles today. I'm doing less riding tomorrow, thinking a quick 5 miles, and some jump roping.

The pic I added is my shadow.. Cool aint it? Or not... Lol



Tafari said...

Yeah, your photo composition is cool but Im not gonna jock you. LOL

Otis said...