Thursday, April 29, 2010

excuses, social networks, and other random mess

So i've come to one conclusion....

I can NOT promise that ima be a consistent blogger.

It's not in me.

With that said, WADUPDOE!!

It seems that i spend alot of time on twitter. Its seem to be the short hand version of blogging. I know 140 characters isnt really enough to tell a story...or totally get a point across...but its become addicting. I get up in the am, before brushing my teeth, and im checking my timeline (dont act like im the only one that does it). But as addicted as I really feeling like its not really for me.

Twitter seems to be the place where people want to make ALL their opinions fact. Everything is the BEST EVER..or the worst ever. It no middle grown it seems like. People who got sense clown the folks that dont. Folks thats been 'hated on' talk about the 'haters'. Trending topic are the worse.

And SEX!!!!

Niggas talk about sex damn near all day everyday. As much as they talk about it, you'd think they'd be done got some by now. It used to be at night 'twitter after dark'...which was so so. I'd just go to sleep. But now, these fools be on that shit all day. Just annoying.

Thats how this group is on my blackberry messenger. Bless they hearts....but they talk about sex all the damn time too. I mean, one time, I tried to interject off the subject, and they didnt even see it, lol.

And Facebook...Its just a bunch of folks that wanna make long ass stats... useless..

Its been a lil more than a month since my 30th birthday. I dont feel old. I did find what i though is a grey hair....ugh. Its cool though, because im gonna have it cut all off soon. No date though...cuz i been called out on it multiple times for it. But soon enough, I'll have it cut.

In the next couple months, Im gonna be composing my 5 year plan. I gotta make my 30's the best decade. So will be making some real plans that i can make work for me.

I've come to the conclusion that I am a true geek. Seems like i been fixing computers, troubleshooting networks...ridding viruses for So ima see how this can benefit me...aka, get paid.

Anyhow...until next time (when ever that is, lol)