Friday, December 19, 2008

A Dying Breed

The dying breed that I want to talk about is Humble Man/Woman. ..Where are they?? It seems that no matter where I look…read…watch..overhear…seems like the world is tooting their own horn…that’s right, the arrogant, cocky, always bragging…….Human. Guess im just tired of hearing a person boasts about what they are great at doing. What a person’s “bests” are. How their shit poo poo smells better than the next. It’s just annoying as all hell. I think that the line between confident and arrogant tend to be crossed more that it should be. “Habitual line steppers” as Charlie Murphy says. You can be proud of you’re the things without the excessive pats on the back.

So where does this come from? I have the slightest clue. I’ve never been one to brag or boast. Just not in me. I feel that I have been blessed and I have lots of things that I could …I guess, jump on my soapbox and tell the whole world that im the shizzzznit toot my horn about. I don’t know, I guess it could be personality driven. I feel like if a person just live their life, and speak through example, that of which they have will be shown. No need to tell the world you make the best meatloaf on the planet…or you are smart as a whip…for me, I wonder…did I even ask you for this shit information?

This post has been brewing in me for awhile. And I almost thought about not posting it, just cuz I don’t want folks to think that im taking shot at them…like a 50 Cent “ how to rob” blog post, lol. I actually been seeing it a lot at work. So that’s what made me want to post it, then after thinking about, its in the blog world too, lol. But hey, everybody’s different. And different is what keeps things interesting.

My goal for 2009 and beyond...Speak through Example


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Its Brownee

So we made it a year....well, almost. She was born in December but i didnt get her to late January. But hell, i didnt think i'd make it this long. Its been cool...spent alot of money on random carpet cleanings...many of hats tore up..i could go on and on with the things she messed up, lol. But overall, she's a good dog.

For those of you that are new to my blog, see earlier post on her, dont feel like finding the links, lol.

Happy Weekend Folks!


Monday, December 15, 2008


Last week sometime, i was leaving work...

Im driving on the service drive and i notice the car liscence plate...

Now, i had to do a triple take to see it, and grab my phone and take a pic while still driving. 
For those who cant make it out ..
Its an Ohio plate that says  "NOBAMA" 
Now, it could be saying "no bama" or "nobama" like a last name. 
But im going with No Obama. i wasnt so shocked that someone would have that . I mean, i've seen worse on the internet. But he's a brave soul. Creeping around the outskirts of Detroit, hell...any pro Democratic place just seemed odd. 
Happy Monday!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So i've come to the conclusion that im WAYYYYYYYY over the weight that i wanna be.

My most recent weigh in comes at a staggering 252.

Most i've ever weighed.

I was about 190 in highschool.

I was 240 in May.

Work trips to Nebraska did me in.

Well, for starters.....I could tone down this here belly of mines....Its really getting out of control. I think ima have to go on a beer fast of something. Just toning in general would help the cause . To most, I tend to carry my weight well. Im its not that bad..if i was 4 in smaller, not that would be an issue.  But im getting to the point of not like the heavy O. I don't wanna lose alot. I like my size for the most part. I just wanna tone and really rid this damn keg im carrying around . thinking of a master plan . I could say that i will start January 1....but......thinking its gonna be sooner. Anyhow, wish me luck.