Saturday, May 31, 2008

We're not in Detroit anymore....

So my job shipped me to Nebraska. We got a contract doing some areospece stuff (can't really elaborate..but I'm a designer) and on till maybe September. I been so reluctant to go out. Just knowing its not the same as been in the D.

Now, don't get me twisted... I'm in no way sheltered. Been to Mexico, Jamaica, London, Africa.....and a lot of the united states. But here...its just different.

One of my co workers, we real cool. Side bar... Only brotha on this trip. Anyhow... So co worker cool, but he on another shift. So I been really going back to my room after work for the most part. Had a damn good steak in downtown Lincoln the other night.... Really good.

A Friend asked me could I move to a place we are the minority..... And I couldn't do it. No offense, but they don't understand the struggle. And not even just my people....but MY people. I love my family and tru friends to the death. Even in a city with black folks... Still couldn't replace my real friends and family. Never thought being single and traveling would seem so bad. I got a summer of it, so won't cry about it. I'm going home for the weekend,but only till Sunday... Then its back to Nebraska for 2 weeks.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Otis in Real Life....

So I rented the movie "Dan in Real Life". Big Steve Carrell fan... So thought I'd give it a shot.... And was a pretty cool movie. So thought to give it a go, to telling some things about me.

Born: March 24, 1980

Favorites movies: Shawshank Redemption, Coming to America, Animal House, Old School

If I'm not doing anything else I'm: Texting

Hand I write with is my: Left ( but I bowl, play basketball, shoot darts, throw the footballs and baseballs with my right)

Something I'd never thought I'd do: Get a dog

Clinton or Obama: Gonna go with the Bro!

What keeps me from loving again: Hurting again

I thing I've never done for a person my age: Had a car note

The clothes in my closet are mostly the color: Brown...somehow, i keep buying the color brown...wasnt even aware that i get that color so much

2 things that I always wanted to do that I'm pretty sure damn near everybody I know, don't know : Poetry and photography

Farthest place I've been: Ethiopia, Africa

Member of: The Century Club ( 100 shots of beer in a 100 minutes)

Places i want to go:
Hawii and California

Sometimes i see homeless people and wonder: Who did they do wrong for no one to care about them

For my 21st birthday weekend I : Spent it hanging out with my mom at the Greektown Casino and at Coco's House of Comedy

My favorite music artist are: OutKast, John Coltrane, The Roots

If i had the chance to be in any old movie it would be : Boys in the Hood (Ricky was my boy!!)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Seasons of Friendship/Relationships

Years ago, I learned that all people in your life...whatever the relationship was, they are in your life for seasons. For some, much longer...and other times shorter. Sometimes its real amazing how some of those seasons get cut short abruptly. I find my self missing some of those seasons..and others, well....kinda glad of some folks thats not around anymore. I regret folks leaving, wishing things would of been better. I rejoice about others...knowing thats its best that that person isnt around..that there season was like a Detroit winter...just wanting it to be over so that summer could get here. I often wonder am i the season that people want in there life....or am i the season that people want to be over. I pride myself on being a great friend...but at the same time, i know that i can miss the mark and can possibly hurt the friendship/relationship that was there. I know that i can be a great person to be around...but then i wonder if im thinking too highly of myself. I wanna be the friends friend...they person that is looked to as the perfect friend. but i want to have the perfect friend as well....I think i think too much. Or, i want too much. Maybe the things i want mayb are asking too much for folks to be able to give. I just want what i give...dont think thats too hard or too much to ask for. But if you ask me what i want...i probably couldnt put it into words. Ima confused being, lol. That i know. Complicated at times...not on purpose, just kinda happens like that.

This blog probably comes off as major rambling...but its my outlet to get stuff off my chest.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Blackberry Dependance...

I realized how much i was dependent on my cell phone saturday night when i dropped it and it died on me!!I couldnt beleive it...Now, I've dropped it plenty of times. Never thought it would just die on me. I dont know too many folks all. Hell, its sad, but i didnt even know my moms number, lol.

Im a blackberry card carrying member. The first one i had was the 8105t. I didnt get it for the buswiness aspect.....honestly, i just wanted a phone with a qwerty keyboard. Was a nice upgrade from the nokia phone i think i had proir. I think thats when i really became an advid texter. in one month, i racked up 13,000 text messages. i had a few friends that ended up increasing there text message

So i graduated to the blackberry Pearl. Awesome phone. I was on my second pearl. the first one had a trackball issue...just went wacko. I really been wanting to wait to for the Blackberry Bold to come out, but i had a lil bad luck.

So i got the Blackberry Curve. Its a nice phone. full qwerty keyboard...big screen....wifi....nicer camera. The bomb phone. I will say that it was pricey....experienced a lil buyers remorse when i got home from getting the phone. But all in pleased with my purchase .

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Yes!!! im an crazy fan of the Pistons. Win, lose, or draw....always been a fan, no bandwagon fan here!!! . I remember when they won in '89....I was at my Uncle Rollys other uncle Shea was giving the minors was great (the moment, not the drinks).!!!!

I had the opportunity to go to see the Pistons close out the series on Orlando. Now.....the tickets, well..wasnt so great. Like...lookin at the banners eye 2 But it was still a great time, atmosphere was amazing . I was with my mom, bro and some cousins of mines and it was a hype time.

Now...i have a true love of for the sport. Been a big fan of Kobe...GK...Webber was one of my favs...till he like quit, lol. I cant hate on the non Pistons folk....even Dwight Howard..that dude is a monster!! Def gonna be a force to be reckoned with in the future...but until then....he'll be watching the playoffs like i will...from the stands or tv!! Poor Millionaire.....

Speakin of watching the job is sending me to freakin NEBRASKA during the finals ...........................I bring that up cuz i'll be on a 3pm-midnight wont be able to see the finals...BOOOOO BOOOOOO BOOOOO BOOOOOO!!! Do they even watch the NBA there?!!