Sunday, December 30, 2007

2008 and forever...

So i thought to give the blogger a 1 mo gain before the clock strikes 12.... and end all of 2007 and the good and bad this year leaves us.

One good one folks are good at doing in there resolutions is the weight related ones. I find myself on the bandwagon with that one alot. But I NEED TO THIS TIME AROUND!!!! I went from a stand up job...constantly walking around and so forth to sitting on my tush for 8 plus hours a day...and im so so so feeling the effects. African americans are horrible for having sad eating habits, and i know i fit that category. In saying all of this, my goals in the weight category is finding time to get in better shape and start changing my eating habits. So ask me every now and then hows that going and i'll try my hardest to be truthful as i can, lol .

And OMG!!!!! my 10 year high school reunion is this in 2008. Just dont seem like its been 10 years. I remember during my 9th grade year...sitting in the lunch room trying to look older so that the upperclassmen wouldn't mess with me, lol. But im looking forward to it. Funny, i keep thinking about episode of Martin when he went to his reunion (pretty Ricky Fontaine , lol) ...hoping for a less dramatic time.

Well, as my disclaimer says in the 1st post, I'm a little short on i'm out. You all may get lucky to get another posting before the new year. But if safe....drink responsibly..and have fun!!


Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Lame Duck Speaketh....

Need I have to even say anything...the article speaks for it self.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush vetoed an expansion of the federally funded, state-run health insurance program for poor children for a second time Wednesday, telling Congress the bill "moves our country's health care system in the wrong direction."

In his veto message, President Bush calls on Congress to extend funding for the current program.

In his veto message, Bush said the bill is almost a duplicate of the proposal he spiked in October.

"Because the Congress has chosen to send me an essentially identical bill that has the same problems as the flawed bill I previously vetoed, I must veto this legislation, too," he said in a statement released by the White House.

The bill would have expanded the State Children's Health Insurance Program by nearly $35 billion over five years, the same as the measure Bush vetoed October 3.

The president had proposed adding $5 billion to the program and said the version he vetoed would have encouraged families to leave the private insurance market for the federally funded, state-run program.

Democratic leaders said the new version addressed Republican objections by tightening restrictions on illegal immigrants receiving SCHIP benefits, capping the income levels of families that qualify for the program and preventing adults from receiving benefits.

Though the measure had strong bipartisan support, it fell short of the two-thirds majorities needed to override a presidential veto in the House and Senate.

House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, said Democrats were more interested in scoring political points with the veto than in reaching a compromise with Republicans.

"We could have resolved the differences in his program in 10 minutes, if the majority had wanted to resolve the differences," Boehner said. "This has become a partisan political game."

The program currently covers about 6 million children whose parents earn too much to qualify for Medicaid -- the federal health insurance program for the poor -- but who can't afford private insurance.

Democrats wanted to extend the program to another 4 million, paying for it with a 61-cent-per-pack increase in the federal tax on cigarettes.

"What a sad day that the president would say that rather than insuring [millions of] children, 'I don't want to raise the cigarette tax,' " said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

She called for a January 23 vote on whether to override the veto.

Meanwhile, Bush called on Congress to extend funding for the current program to keep the 6 million now covered on the rolls.

So the next Pres dont have HAVE to be Obama....lets just get someone that cares.


Monday, December 10, 2007

Is this the era of the Lazy kids??

When i was younger...prior to having a job, i was always finding ways to hustle up on some money. My mom didnt make too much (and pops wasnt around) so i was always game to do some work for somebody for some cash. I lived in the projects, so it was a lil hard to rake folks grass or cut it...cuz hell, it was done for them. So me and some friends would venture out to Metro-Smith Homes to find folks who wanted there leaves raked and grass cut. In the winter, same goes for searching for houses to shovel snow. I remember days where we got snowed in from school, i'd go out all day, in the come back with 20-30 bucks...was great!!!

In the last 3 years or so since i've been in my house, I can count on my hand the times i've have had kids come by for work. Are families in the inner city that well off that kids are content?? i think not. I think the video era is back stronger than ever. Tv seems to be the ultimate babysitter now adays. Parenting seem to be a lil softer than say 10-15 years ago. My nephew is a big cartoon fan. I want him to be well for x mas...its BOOKS.....check em out!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The end is near..(of the year that is)

So...its been a month or so since i've posted. I'll start with some updates...First, the job is going great!!! Been working some long ass hours, but its cool though. Its really helping out on the bills. Getting adjusted to a sit down job, fingers cramping...but hurting, lol. Been so convicted to work out more, just cant seem to get the motivation to do so. Hoping that changes soon. Trying to catch up on all my bills so i cant start fresh for the New Year. My nephew Marcus bday is Dec 6th, he's turning 4....A BIG OLE 4!! Other than that...nothing new. Oh yeah...almost forgot. Saw Bush on tv during my break at work today...talking foolishness. He's a horrible puppet, lol.

Anyways...until next time