Thursday, September 30, 2010

Too Sexy For my...Pea Coat?

I am not a model.

I laughed as i typed that.

But I'm not. I'm too plain..probably too straight..and it just wouldn't work out  unless I was getting tons of money for it. Last night , a photography homeboy of mines wanted to use me as a guinea pig of sorts,  for some shots at night.

I was a little apprehensive. And it wasnt the fact that it was 11pm, in the mean streets of Detroit either, lol. I'm not a poser. I dont know what looks to make. I figured I'd look silly tryn to make serious faces..or even sillier smiling faces.

The shots turned out good. I is me im talking But take a look, lemme know what you think. Big props to Mike for using me for a shoot.

Oh, and you can find him on twitter (@Micheal_Aaron) too.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Changes, tweets & randoms

I been on blog break...and you know how we

I really been slacking on my blogging. I really like blogging. I just lack the patience sometimes to actually get it done. I have so many great blog ideas. I just really need to get them out of my mind and on the laptop. So im back...for now.

My last blog was my bike riding. I failed on my 30 day streak. Between 2 random trip (Atlanta & Philly) and a foot injury (heel spur, I think)...that kinda ended the bike riding. And now, with the weather changing, ima have to just hit the gym more. And its no real reason I havent been working out. I have a SUPER cheap membership at Bally Total Fitness. So i'll be there...

Im taking a break from twitter. Its a couple of reasons for me doing it:

1. Its just too time consuming. I clearly waste too much time on there. I sit, and stare at my phone, waiting for updates...this shit is out of control!! Its so much I need to be doing, and i just need to manage my time much better.
2. Folks are just so extra. So many emotional people. Most folks feel the need to tweet every opinion they have. Like damn...just because you think it, doesnt mean you have to tweet it. Folks opinions are always better then others...just madness.

Overall, its just not the twitter I liked when i first got on there.  So i'll be very limited on there. I'll probably send my updates from my blog, because I really want yall to continue to read it. And I'll prob send my foursquare updates to twitter.

Eddie Long news has been pretty popular. I cant wait until its over. Whatever the outcome be, I hope all parties can heal and move on. I dont think I could do a whole blog on it, but check out my homeboy Kyle' Blog: 'No Homo'

I want this. This is the Blackberry Playbook...the iPad's competition. I been a Blackberry head for some years now, and wouldnt dare by an Apple product, lol. Im geeked! I cant wait until a side by side comparison of the Playbook and the iPad is done. We shall prevail! lol

I'm a die hard Lions fan. Lose or, I root for them. Every season. First game this season...we were ROBBED!! The other 2 games..we just Im hoping we can bounce back from it all. Four wins would make my day at this moment. Just .