Thursday, May 20, 2010

Taking my route

I feel like im revisiting a the previous post 'Huh?' .

But its been some months since that situation, but it seems like i've been in that same situation still, till recently. Its my fault though. I tried the silent route...figuring things would figure themselves out...tryn to avoid confrontation..but thats not the way to do things i guess. Its kinda interesting cuz when things are sorta public, say Twitter....its never really end to it. Even when you agree to just keep things to your selves.

Its always multiple sides to stories...

And some folks are more friends to things probably are believed more when your peeps got something to say, verses someone you really don't know, or know that well. I got a couple folks on twitter..thats really really cool peeps....but i'd never want then to just believe me because we cool..

I've never been the one to dog someone...blame someone else for why things didn't happen. but if it isn't my just isn't. I've been called emotionally unavailable...and other random shit..but really...we make ourselves available to what we want to.

All in didn't work.

I'm not making myself out to be a victim..hell, its no my opinion. When things don't workout, you SUPPOSE to move on.  Its a sad case when you put yourself out there...petitioning the world like you been done wrong...folks comforting you.. looking at the other person wrong like they stabbed you in the neck...when thats really not the case.

I don't look for attention on twitter. I don't tell stories for folks to be on my side. Its just not me. But to those who be it. Life goes on. goes on. really.

No for does.



Anonymous said...

O, you out there breaking hearts? Stop it!

Otis said...

Huh? What you talkn bout Willis? Lol

Ieisha said...

Absolutely love the post. And you're right. Life goes on. Soon you'll be replaced by some guy named Tom or Trevor or Jerome or James or....well, you get the idea.

Closure is required to be able to get to that next chapter. Let's hope everyone involved finds some.

Jazzy said...

truest statement: "it's always multiple sides to stories" - his, hers and the truth.

this post is super old so i wont really comment. i came for the Dirty Jobs post. get on it...thnxOKbye!

Juz Dee said...

First time here, but not the last. I love the sincerity in this post. it's never fun putting yourself out there when it doesn't work and you're right--

Life goes on...

...No really it does.

Anonymous said...

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