Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I had this great blog made...

And blogger is on some Bull...


Sunday, September 28, 2008

They Are Back!!!!

So im not a big tv head...at all.

Hell, i dont even have cable...(yes...there are folks out here that exist)

I may watch alot of movies, but tv shows aren't really my thing..especially series shows.

But The Office is one show i can watch ..religiously.

Season 5 just started and the first episode was hilarious!!

I'd suggest this show for folks who got a free Thursday slot in your tv viewing pleasures.

It competes with Grey's Anatomy ..

Have a good week folks!


Friday, September 26, 2008

Let The Match Begin!!!

I want a nice clean fight!!!

12 rounds!!

No low blows..(come on....you know thats gonna happen)!!

Keep the issues at hand!!!

Touch gloves....Lets GO!!!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Naga...Naga...not gonna work here anymore...


He's gone....

No matter fired or resigned....

He's out of here....


Just hoping the Lions can FINALLY get it together..


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Flashback vid..

For the short time the show was on...The Chris Rock Show was funny as hell.

"How not to get your ass kicked by the police!"was one of the more funnier ones.

Couple of scenes to check out if your in a rush :




Enjoy the weekend folks!!


day off..

So im off today.....work that is.

Gonna try to take care of some things..

Yall have fun in the work world today


Monday, September 15, 2008


Growing up in the city, its a predominately black...African American population. Never seen many whites, or any folks for that matter. But in the work field, especially in the design field, i tend to be the minority. Im a people person, so it don't bother me at all. Never been a prejudice person at all...my best friends are black....LOL.

But there are differences that I've that seen between us and whites folks...like apples and oranges. Heres a couple examples...

- Heard one talking about how his relatives had to put down a horse that had. a HORSE...who has them as pets!!

- Funerals....theres are quick and easy. Ours...well...NO ONE sticks to the 2 min comments rule....never, in the history of Niggadom..

- Child discipline. My mom never put me on time out..

- Euchre. We do spades.

-They do pranks like....put a dirty diaper in your car. I wish a .......

Apples are different from oranges...but still fruit. We all different, don't mean bad..

Just different.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hometown Love

I love my city.

Born and raised.

I always wondered if i could live somewhere else..Atl....Ny....Cali.....

Probably couldnt go.

Dont want to leave my family and friends that I love the most.

My city has had some negative attention as of recently.

Glad the bulk of the mess is over.

But im not fond of the choices they made for leadership.

All change isn't good.

Wish the Lions would do better. Fire Matt Millen (CEO) is what i been saying for years.

With all the coaching changes and players and such, he's the only constant after all these years.

Its a potential blackout this Sunday at Ford Field.

I wish folks would stop going so that they would make changes.

But if they selling out every year with losing records.....why change anything?

Im a big Pistons fan.

Be pissed off when they lose .

Especially in the playoffs.

The 2003 draft was one of the biggest mistakes the Pistons ever made.

Tigers and the Red Wings...have to admit, im a fair weather fan.

I like to see them win.

But its nothing like watching the Pistons or the Loins play.

Or The Wolverines or the Spartans play.

Good Times..

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Top 5...Almost

I was having a conversation with a good friend of mines. He said that a guy posed him with a question....

Says " Whats your top 5 albums of all time? "

Thats not a simple question.....at all. So we stared thinking about it. you cant do it, lol. I mean.. you have to at least separate it in to genres . Rap....R&B...jazz.....just not a simple and plan Top 5 list.

We decided to stay with rap for todays discussion. Our music taste are pretty similar..some of our top 5 was the same...some not.

I say top 5...but i couldn't narrow it down to JUST 5. I was tryin, but i just couldn't eliminate some stuff.

In no order....

Aquemni- OutKast.

That was truly a classic album. I say no order, but this might be my number one all time.

Soul Food- Goodie Mob.

Again.....classic cd. Was so pissed when they did "World Party" though

BlackStar- Blackstar
2 of the dopest lyrics spitters make an album...how cool is that. The track "Respiration'" With Common...have to say one of the better collaborations this hip hop generation has seen

Common- Like water for chocolate.
From track 1...its a pretty solid cd. "Thelonius" with slum village (hometown homeys) hits real hard.

All Eyes On Me- 2Pac
"..Out on bail...fresh outta jail California dreamin'.." Pac had some nice work...this was probably my favorite cd of his.

I have other albums thats gonna mess me up as far as maintaining a top 5....

Illmatic- Nas

Things Fall Apart- The Roots

Reasonable Doubt- Jay-Z

Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik- Outkast

Ready to Die- Notorious B.I.G

Im sure im forgetting some key albums...and i know i will be reminded of that as well, lol .


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Real Talk...

The mayor....yaddaaa yaddaaa.....who give a hoot!! sick and tired of hearing about the mess...the most comments come from folks that dont even live in the city..

Real Talk...

The turn signal isnt your right to change lanes...its a SIGNAL to let the other drivers know you wanna get over..

Real Talk...

Women will be women....dont try to understand...( hope none take offense...if so...oh well )

Real Talk...

Barcardi 8.....some good sh!t......

Real Talk...

Chilled with my step dad ..(mom and him was never married.not even together..but he still got that title) and had a blast. killed a 12 pack and chopped it up a lil....thats my Nigga for real..

Real Talk...

Happy weekend folks

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mad as F*ck.....

Bad enough work was ultra boring...

I had planned on going home....

Showering up....

Cooking my pork chops that i seasoned last night....

And watching the first NFL game of the season.....

In stead.....

My dog decided she wanted to get out the cage....

Relieving herself throughout the house...

Tearing up my NEW Detroit Tigers hat.....

Among other things....

Emptying out my garbage and getting what she wanted out of it......


Just toooo much to name......


Im headed to "Cheers " to watch the game......

Definitely a few drinks.....

Cuz i need it......

Hope work see's me tomorrow......