Monday, July 26, 2010

Old Faces

This past weekend was my old high school (Redford High School, class of 1998) alumni weekend. So i decided to participate in some of the festivities. I actually didn't find out about things till seems like im always out of the loop.

Before I go in to the picnics and parties, I have to give you a little background info. I didnt like high school. Well, I did really like the folks in high school. It was alot of stuck up folks..lot of team bullying on niggas extra big headed. Just madness. I didnt stand out at all in school. I just came, did my work..and dipped out. I had friends..but I was popular by no stretch. Oddly enough, people from school ALWAYS remembering me.

Saturday, it was a alumni rival basketball game. Our school vs Henry Ford HS. Our schools absolutely hated each other. I always think something gonna pop off at these games. I didnt go though. I didnt like them hoopin' niggas like, I needed a hair did that instead. It was raining something crazy too. Later on, the rain stopped, and a friend hit me up..saying that the picnic going on, and lets go.

So going.

I get ready for this picnic. What does get ready mean? We pitch in on some drank! So we get to the picnic...they got a dj, bbq going...real nice. The problem comes when I find out that its not the alumni picnic i thought it was....its the class of 2000 picnic. I graduated 2 years before these clowns. I really didn't know many of them at all. I instantly think about the scene in Poetic Justice when they crashed the picnic. 

So we like, fuck it..lets mingle in. Soon as I was up, I notice a dude I knew..and it all got better. I started seeing some more folks I know, and it all just worked out. We got there at like 8:30...PM.. Damn picnic started at 1 o' It was getting dark and they were wrapping up soon after. We stayed for about an hour, then left. It was a party at a club later, went to that too.

So Sunday is here. I find out that the actual alumni picnic is going on later in the afternoon. Niggas need to get they stories straight!! I decide ima roll to it. So me and my boy Matisse meet up at the store..again, getting dranks ( i wont attend none of this school shyt sober) and head to the school. Now, the picnic was at the high school, on the football field. Whats crazy, is that the school has been closed down for some time. But they have a really nice football field and track (Coca Cola donated some money years ago, so it got done really nice) . I have really low expectations for this picnic. We pull up..and its cars EVERYWHERE. we had to part blocks away. It was soooo many people there. We trying to find where the folks i graduated are at. They had tents for all the decades..going back to the 70's I think. I find the 90's tent and post up there. Its mad folks i remember. Now, I didnt like too many folks, but i was finding so many folks that I was cool with . It became a reunion of just folks I havent seen in ages period. I was seeing people that i went to middle school with..people that I grew up with. all dat! I seen my boy Q, went to kindergarten with him . The shocker was seeing the one guy T . I thought this nigga was dead, like for real. I mean, no one told me he was dead..but its like if you dont hear about folks in say...15 years or so...sadly to say around the way i just assume bad shit. Plus, it wasnt like he was some just figured the game got his ass.

So it was a party at another bar afterward..they went well too. All in all...was a GREAT weekend. I didn't get much of anything i needed to do accomplished. But it was worth it. I'll catch up this week on my things to do.

Have a great week folks.



Tafari said...

Hilarious! Thats jacked that you thought ole boy was dead. Damn!

And who can forget a young nigga named Otis???? #oldpeoplenames

Otis said...

lol! whats crazy about my name is it was another Otis that graduated my year too. Saw him as well at the picnic.

Jurista said...

"Remember me? Lil Lucky!"

Tee hee.

Talk about a jam-packed weekend. Yeah, you had fun. Hilarious that you went to a BBQ at 8:30 on one night and another the next day at a CLOSED high school. I love Black people!

Otis said...

yeah, they did it up at the picnic at the school. It wass really nice.

Anonymous said...

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