Thursday, February 25, 2010


So I had this grand blog planned.

Twitter had sparked the writer in me on what I saw as some bullshit, and i wanted to express myself on that matter, so what better place right?? I was done talking to that person on that issue, and needed a place to vent on that subject.

WELL....that's not gonna happen. At least not on this post. I'll have that one for Friday i promise think.

I have another story of sorts that i been keeping in, but i think i should vent on it as well. Its like gas, better to blow that shit out.....

*John Coltrane 'My Favorite Things' Live on repeat*

I was traveling down a new road...It really had interested me, was really feeling it at the time.
Some reservations...but who doesn't have them when something is new. At some point of this path, I saw things i didn't care for. And I wondered, are these things i can live with? Are these things that are compromises? or things I'm just tryn to settle/deal with. This trip had started to move much faster that i had wanted it to go. I decided that i should end this trip. much before things got difficult. so i thought.
Did i do the right thing? Absolutely. Any longer would have brought potential hatred and strong emotional ties. But its not looked at as me doing something right, in others eyes.Its looked as me being irresponsible in giving false hopes and empty expectations. I'm the bad guy...I'm screwing people over..yeah, its my fault.....ummm bout not.

I thought, being an adult, making adult decisions..was the RIGHT thing to do.the phrase 'right thing to do' is very relative so I've learned. I could of handled it so much differently.Been an asshole and all, but i didn't. I'm not heartless.  I have thick skin...sometimes too thick, so I'll be aiigh.

Not even sure how to end this post.

I'll try...... THE END.



Anonymous said...

Relativity & subjectivity will get us every time.

The good news is that you feel good about your actions and you're at peace with them.

The other news (cuz it's not necessarily bad) is that you have no control over how the other side or the rest of the world takes things.

All you can do is do you.

Jazzy said...

dammit! i was really looking forward to the other post. Tomorrow is Friday (in case you hadn't figured that out), so I'm expecting to see the REAL post before 11:59pm ok? thnx bye!

on another is never OK to show a close up of shaq...that is all!

Ms. Behaving said...

Once again, it's all about doin what works for you.

Not everybody is gonna like it...
Not everybody is gonna respect/agree with it...

But hey...such is life right???

Ms. Behaving said...

LOL @ Jazzy's comment about it NOT being okay to show a close up shot of Shaq.