Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bikin' Day9

Soooooo.. The picture above.. Is well..

Not me. Lol

The bike ride on this day was, well.. Not 4 miles. At all.

I had a pretty busy day.. And it started getting late. And I still had shit to do. So I did the fastest 2 miles I've ever did. I felt like throwing up.. Legs were throbbing. I take it, it was a good workout. Since I knew I couldn't hit my minimum 4 miles, I just gave it all I had for the short time I had.

I been feeling so good since I started this challenge. Really feeling more fit. And since I started back working out, its just gonna get better.

Distance: 2 miles


1 comment:

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

If you were feeling like that afterward, I would say that it was definitely a good workout! Probably equivalent to the 4 miles you wanted to do!

Besides you did two more miles than zero. Gotta count for something, right?