Friday, August 6, 2010


I've realized that i cant function well with out music.

I cook..

I clean..

I shower..

All to music.

Its really hard to workout when I don't have music to listen to. I listen to just about all types too. Haven't found much luck in country though. If I find some that works for me, im on it!

Heres a listing of a few of my favorites, new and old:

OutKast: They have been my favorite group since there first album. Although I've had some disagreements with Big Boi (not gonna talk about that today, lol) I still think they reign supreme as far as 2 man rap groups. I still dont think Big Boi is that great of a solo artist..but oh well, more power to the man.

The Roots: What bad could you say about them?!  A Hip hop group thats band?! Thats just greatness.Black Thought is much under rated, he doesn't get the props he deserves. I NEED to see THe Roots in concert...thats a MUST. Next time they are in the D...ima be there. The Roots 'Come Alive' is my fav album of theirs.

Dwele: It takes more than being from Detroit to make me a fan. This dude has made good music for some years. I got the chance see him in concert some years ago, and I was sold then. I think "Find A Way" and "Holla" are my favorite songs from the dude.

John Coltrane: I remember the first time i heard him. I was mid teens, riding with my uncle boy that was in town in his 4runner. He was a Muslim cat from the D.C. area. Every since that day, I became a huge Coltrane fan. People talk about 2pac and Biggie leaving too soon..and thats all debatable. But Coltrane definitely left this world too soon. But like all great music, it lives far longer that the actual artist. My favorite songs are My Favorite Things and In A Sentimental Mood.

Kings Of Leon: I found about these guys last yeah when I was in Wooster, OH for the summer. They are definitely not the norm of what i listen to, but nevertheless, its good music. The first song I heard was 'Closer'...which is a sorta creepy sounding sound. the first word to of the song goes ' this spooky town..". The other songs I like are 'Use Somebody' and '17'.

Other than her being this awesomely beautiful woman, she has a great voice. She only had one album 'How I Do'...and that cd is a banger! I cant beleive that it didnt even go gold (244,000) ...just shows that good music isnt always the popular shit. Favorite songs are 'Ice King' and '700 Mile Situation'.

I have so many favorites, but i need to have and ending to this posting, lol. All of what I posted is STILL in heavy rotation in my music collection. I'd recommend all of the above if you dont already listen to them . Happy listening folks.



Jurista said...

Lol @ Outkast. Your encounter w/Big Boi is still the funniest.

Total agreement w/you on The Roots. I've seen them twice in concert and they are great performers. The tuba player is the sh!t.

Dwele took a while to grow on me. Once I saw him in concert, I was sold. I think he opened for Floetry at the House of Blues in Chicago. I think. Lol. Got his last 3 albums and I'm happy.

Coltrane's "In a Sentimental Mood" is my fave. Not only is featured in my fave movie, that songs makes me creative.

Lol @ Kings of Leon. I'm sure Wooster was that spooky town. Talk about art imitating life. I'll have to look them up.

I have never heard Res' full album. She's done work with Talib Kweli as Idle Warship and I like that.

Great post.

MzInspiredMind81 said...

I have to agree w/ you. Music is truly the soundtrack to my life. I'm an equal opportunity listener as well, except for Opera. "In a Sentimental Mood" would be the first song on the soundtrack of my life.

Anonymous said...

I breathe music!

LOL @ Big Boi. That is still funny.
Outkast is one of my favorite groups too.

The first song by The Roots that really grabbed my attention was "Broke You Off" yrs ago. Then I went back and listen to their old stuff. I'm hooked.

Maybe I need to listen to Dwele again because he doesn't do it for me.

I've only heard a few songs by Coltrane. I'm sure if I hear them again, I wouldn't know it's him.

Never listen to Kings of Leon.

Never heard of Res. I will check her out.

phoenix said...

Okay now you have to do a separate post about this Big Boi encounter because it seems like a post worthy story (judging by the comments).

The Roots live is a crazy experience. I saw them in June for $10. It was the best hip hop show I have ever seen in my life (especially at $10). Even the people they bring on with them are talented and fit that Roots vibe.

Monique said...

This list is why you are alright with me. *high five*

Anonymous said...

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