Thursday, May 20, 2010

Taking my route

I feel like im revisiting a the previous post 'Huh?' .

But its been some months since that situation, but it seems like i've been in that same situation still, till recently. Its my fault though. I tried the silent route...figuring things would figure themselves out...tryn to avoid confrontation..but thats not the way to do things i guess. Its kinda interesting cuz when things are sorta public, say Twitter....its never really end to it. Even when you agree to just keep things to your selves.

Its always multiple sides to stories...

And some folks are more friends to things probably are believed more when your peeps got something to say, verses someone you really don't know, or know that well. I got a couple folks on twitter..thats really really cool peeps....but i'd never want then to just believe me because we cool..

I've never been the one to dog someone...blame someone else for why things didn't happen. but if it isn't my just isn't. I've been called emotionally unavailable...and other random shit..but really...we make ourselves available to what we want to.

All in didn't work.

I'm not making myself out to be a victim..hell, its no my opinion. When things don't workout, you SUPPOSE to move on.  Its a sad case when you put yourself out there...petitioning the world like you been done wrong...folks comforting you.. looking at the other person wrong like they stabbed you in the neck...when thats really not the case.

I don't look for attention on twitter. I don't tell stories for folks to be on my side. Its just not me. But to those who be it. Life goes on. goes on. really.

No for does.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random: Social Network Rant

Lately, Facebook...mostly Twitter...been getting on my nerves. 

So, i just decided to note a couple things that I've noticed in my time on twitter/facebook

Its no shots taken...i mean..only bit dogs bark right? we go: 

- Why when someone is out of line.. Or not to there liking, its always said "sit ya ass down".. Just seem like an over used term to me.. We get it, you don't like them.

- I'm not that big on heels on women...
ok, I'm not that big on HEARING about it.  They aiight, its not a must for me. still cool though.

- Don't get me wrong, I appreciate expression..esp from women.. But I don't have to hear about natural hair ALL the the time. There, I said it.

- Long ass names on
facebook...why? I mean, my twit name is long.. But who cares, but your middle name on FB is 'laughinAtYouHoes'.. :/

- Twitter seems to be the place for strong opinions. Hey, its cool. But you can't make anyone like your opinion. Speak ya peace and be gone.

- If someone sends me a random item... Or mafia hit one mo gin...

- Ats a lot of Rev runs on
FB. Quoting shit like they made it. At least give credit.

- And even that gets old. What do YOU think... Post that.

- y'all even know what that mean!? What y'all do on twitter isn't subliminal.. At all. Y'all post obvious thoughts without an addressee. That's not subliminal, at all. So STOP saying it.

- I bitched about them never sending me this
sociascope app.. Now that I got it, really not that impressed. Sigh...

- I think its an easy choice if you don't like what someone post constantly on twitter.. Just
unfollow. I don't see what the big deal is.

- Using explanation marks (!!!) At the end of every tweet isn't cool. You
arnt that excited all the time!!!!!

- Attention seekers...i mean damn...


Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Playas Club..

When i was 19, i used to go over to Canada to of course drink, and to check out the strip clubs. Since i wasn't old enough to do it here legally here, Me and my friends were ALWAYS in Canada. I really wasn't that into the strip club, but my friends were, so i went. 

It was ok. 

I mean, i guess i don't enjoy it like most folks that go the strip clubs. 

Fast forward 10 years plus, and I've been to the strip club about 4 times since last 2 month. 

Why? Well, one was my boys taking me for my birthday. The other times..just hanging with my boys. I really don't spend money when i go, my boy pays. So for a few drinks...some laughs and random tig o bitties..why not. And i STILL  just think its over rated. But i did have some interesting observations from the times i been that wanted to share. 

- I see why dudes like the place. They get all this attention from the dancers. Although its all about the money...i see some silly, low self esteem dude thinking that the dancer really likes him. 

- That place is the biggest waste of money that i know of. When i went for my birthday, my boy spend like 300 bucks ..on dances and drinks. NUTS. 

- Dancers really don't like when you turn then down for a dance. I couldn't even watch basketball with out getting harassed. damn bitcho...i really don't wanna smell like badussy. 

- Its a guy there...his SOLE job is to clean off the poles and stage. That's it. Oh, and gather the dancers 'tips'. 

- Some of the dancers aren't even professional...chick come over trying to get a dance...and texting on her phone. i mean...its STILL your job. 

- I did get dances...this one time...chick was braiding her hair while she danced on me. One French braid. Multitasking at its finest. 

- Never really understood throwing money in the air. 

- All dancers arnt there to pay for college. Some just dance, that's all. 

- They serve food. Mm not sure if i wanna have my chicken dinners ruined by random flying juices. 

So....would i go again?...maybe so. Will i ever understand the fondness of it? nope.