Monday, August 16, 2010


Greetings all!!

I've made a challenge to myself. It was alot of bloggers that did a 30 day blogger challenge. I couldnt do it. Much love to the bloggers that did it, but Im just not that good at sticking to a script as such. I dont blog that much anyhow, plus..I didnt wanna water down my blog by doing half posts...because I know myself..and I'd be posting some bullshit.

My task is to do a 30 day biking challenge. I really love to bike ride. I've had many failed workout attempts. But I'm really trying to stick with this one because I like biking so much. So I'll be riding everyday, for a minimum of 4 miles.

Sooo....i'll just be logging my bike ride..maybe one ot two pictures..and maybe a couple things about my day. Nothing too long, at all. Im excited about the challenge.Today, I rode from my house to downtown Detroit. Thats 18.5 miles (round trip)!! Im very happy about that accomplishment. I've always wanted to ride downtown. Im planning a longer ride (34 miles) in to work up to that one though. Heres a few pics from my ride today.

Cool graffiti (Grand River/Warren)

2 of the most known coney islands in Detroit

And yes!! Obeezy got gas stations!!



MzInspiredMind81 said...

No pics of you and ur bike?!?

Otis said...

Not yet...i got 29 more days for

Ms. Behaving said...

18.5 miles *in one day??? #impressive

I wish I had it in me BUT since I don't, I'll be checking in to read about your progress instead. :)

Tafari said...

Awesome challenge! 18 miles? Shit, I started sweating thinking about it!

Is that the Obeezy gas station on Plymouth & Wyoming?

Tafari said...

Side note, the last time I ate at America, I barfed for 2 hours. Wasn't pretty at all.

Otis said...

Liv- Girl, you got it in you, do it!! Lol

Tafari- that's on Joy near Greenfield..worldwide homeboy lol. And I wasn't impressed by American.. At all.

COCOA J said...

So upset about the gas station... shambles.

Anonymous said...

SMH @ the gas station. lol