Friday, February 19, 2010

Mobile Blogging (random)

Happy friday!!!

-I'm testing to see how this email blogging really works. If it comes out good, ima probably blog from my phone more than the pc.

-Day 2 without Twitter. I can say, my phone battery life is soooooooo much better.

-I'm looking at a pretty tamed weekend. Hanging out with the R.O.C this evening and just chilling around the house the rest of the weekend.

-Anybody see the shootout with Carmelo and Lebron?? It made basketball look fun again. Denver pulled it out! #tigerwoodsfistpump

-I REALLY need to start back working out. My plan is for Monday. Hitting it hard so I can feel great for my birthday (3/24). Got keep the man boobs away for the dirty 30.

-Anyways, short and sweet for today's post. Ima post some better ones next week, I'll think through them a bit more. Have a great weekend folks.



MzInspiredMind81 said...

Your not missing much on Twitter. A lot of ranting and the like. I know your excited about the dirty thirty. I can't wait till mine. I need to figure out how to start blogging from my BB, would be so much more convenient .

lala said...

Twitter is twitter..same shit different day..enjoy your time away! And working out will make you feel great..good luck!

Jazz Kat said...

email blogging is cool...necessary when i want to blog during business hours and can't because of the blog block.

i guess the snow messed up the work out plan huh? #sayNO2moobs