Friday, February 26, 2010

Decrease to Increase

Meet Thomas. We'll call him 'Tom' for short.

Tom is an African American, mid-twenties entrepreneur.

His product: Crabcakes.

This ninja was the master chef at making them . He simply perfected these crabcakes.  He came up with a bomb recipe, that couldnt be replicated. He started, just making them at the crib, testing them on family and friends. Everyone who had them thought that he should go in business. So he did, started off small, and things started to work out well for him. Tom wanted to expand and his business, so he sought out a building, so he could cook, and sell his crabcakes in.

Tom was doing well at the crabcake business, but he lacked the funds to expand the business like he wanted to. So Tom had an idea to get some investers for his business.Tom didn't discriminate on who he asked either. He prepared a pretty good business plan. Its really outlined the contributions he wanted, and layed out what exactly he was doing with the crabcake business. He set a high amount for the minumum donations, because he was all about getting that money. As investors funds came in, Tom was able to get that building that he so wanted.

Business is going well, and things are progressively moving the way he wanted to. Tom really feels he's the shit, with good reason. He doing good, business is booming, and got the drive to succeed my any means necessary. Now, it to a point where we wants more to know about his business, so Tom decides to shoot a commercial . This is a BIG move. He does some research, noting the cost involved in a commercial showing in the city, outside of the city, ect. Tom see that a great percentage of the rural area is Korean. Since he feels that Korean men seem to want his crabcakes more, he wants this commercial to cater to them. Tom didn't feel his own people would want his crabcakes .So in the casting for the commercial, he sets out to have the lead actor, specifically be a Korean man. Now, being a black owned business think that he wants to represent his background, things like that...not the case. Commercial is made. He cast a Korean Lead, and even a Korean cook!!!

I titled this post 'Decrease to Increase' because I understand that its sacrifice involved in most everything. I know you have yo give a little, to get a little....give a lot, to get a lot. I get that. But, to not even acknowledge who you are, hide yourself for the sake of being successful, is just awful . the term 'Sell Out' seemed to fit. Being that African Americans have been slighted so much in our history, you'd think that a being an African American MALE...Tom would be proud of his background. Im disappointed in people like that, and unfortunately, I wont support them .



Anonymous said...

You know in Cali, when selling a house, we're advised to take away any evidence of the people who are currently living in the home. This way a new potential homebuyer can more easily see themselves in that house. This means you have to take down all family pics, all your African american art, hide black dolls, and maybe even books by black authors. But, we all know selling a house can be a big deal with a lot on the line. Is it considered selling out then?

Anonymous said...

Ugh, the FIRST part of my comment got cut off.

I said that I agree with you, but in Tom's defense you put a LOT on the line when starting a business. I think he should have gone the multicultural route with and African American chef at least. I know he was thinking about the money, but he was probably also afraid to gear towards his own people for fear that they wouldn't support him and his investment wouldn't be worth it.

Ms. Behaving said...

Clearly, Tom is all about makin' that paper...

I can't say it's the smartest move or, that I respect the way he's going about doing things but hey...I'm sure he's doing what works for him.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

lol.. this whole thing was funny. Especially since I know the back story.

btw... unless Tom was from maryland, his crabcakes are trash lol

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Dave.

I'm going to leave this alone because I said my peace.

Lala said...

I hope that "Tom" reads this. Not that I beleive it would change his views or anything, but he still needs to read this. BTW, I wont be buying any cup---i mean crabcakes either...