Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Places I’ve visited..

So.....i stole this post from Someone ... lol

1. Atl, Ga...I have family down there, so been down there a lot of times. Its wonderful down there during the x-mas holiday..weathers great! Hell, WAY better than the Michigan winter.

2. Boston, Mass. ...Was there for on a work related trip. Got a chance to visit Harvard and had some of the Bestiest Clam chowder!

3. Egypt, Africa...Well, i cant totally count this one, lol. I say that because it was on the way to another place and i never got off the plane...just sat there and refueled for 2 hours.

4. Ethiopia , Africa..WONDER PLACE!!! We see all the stereotypes at home on, flies on them...mess like that. True enough its there...but hell its everywhere. But thats just a small part of what i saw. Beautiful women...educated people. We Americans got this notion that all Africans are super purple black, lol. But thats a different part of Africa (Sudan). These folks were fair skinned..even light skinned.

5.Lincoln, Nebraska..My second home...i work out there for my job time to time...nothing there....

6. London, England...Wasn't pressed at all. Weather was bad...nothing to

7. Mendahall, Mississippi..Have you ever heard about those towns where it starts right after the railroad??? this is that!!! lol . But it has the nicest people you could imagine there.

8. Mexico..HOT AS HELL

9. Montego Bay, Jamaica...Great place! I do remember going to the McDonald's or Burger King...and i think that the ice cream was goat cheese, lol. But Dunns River Falls was great...getting to climb up the water falls...WONDERFUL.

10. Nashville, Tennessee ..Went down there a couple time. But this one and my boy went to visit his sister who went to Tennessee State at the time....Yalls college folk knows hows to party!!

11. New York..I was there in July before the 9/11 attacks. Didn't do too much, did get to the top of the Empire State Building though. i wanna go back....

12. Toronto, Canada... Went with 2 of my good friends (Its the R.O.C!!) WE HAD A BALL!!!!! except when we went to this Chinese place...and i almost choked to death on a shrimp....was f'd

13. Walt Disney World... Went right after i graduated from high school ( Redford c/o 98' ) . It was pretty fun. Saw M.I.C.K.E.Y and



Opinionated Diva said...

@ Egypt...that so does not count man!

@ Ethiopa...jealous! I'd love LOVE LUV to go there!

@ Nebraska...*snickering* lol

@ Montego...luved the Dunns River Falls too. Finally getting to the top is such an accomplishment!

@ New York...come on back!

@ graduating in're such a youngin! lol

Glad I harassed you...nice list!

Big O said...

hey...most folks aint got close to the im keepin Egypt!!!!

Anonymous said...

So true on most people not getting to Africa. It's on my bucket list though. Especially when I'm ballin' outta control, lol.

I may steal this from you!

Big O said...

hell..i stole it, lol

Anonymous said...

Don't knock MS for being like that..most of those little towns are like that. YOu can drive through them and never realize you were there

Big O said...

ohhh, its not a knock at all. I love the people there. Been to Jackson as well, and its all love..good southern hospitality.

Opinionated Diva said...

if you didn't see the pyramids or the Nile river, then it still doesn't count - ha!

Big O said... must of saw the Nile on your trip there....oh, thats right, you didn't make it!

Opinionated Diva said...

*side eye*

Super Dave Van Buren said...

*feeling like I'm missing out on all this traveling stuff*

that's a decent list but you didn't mention DC or CA anywhere on it.

Big O said...

ahh yes... D.C.

I went there for the affirmative action rally some years ago.All kinds of black folk!!

Never been to CA...want to go though

kay* said...

@Egypt - I visited for 2 weeks last year, it is amazing! and i saw the pyramids, and went down the nile among other things :o)@Ethiopia - amazing! i've wanted to go there for a while - was actually looking more into it yesterday for my sepetmber getaway location... @Toronto - YAY! for my city :O)

i may have to 'copy' this from ya...

Sexxy Luv said...

Have you found your baby?...LOL

You have seen somethings that i can only imagine, those plane rides get to long for me!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i lived in ethiopia - only 3 mths

and nigeria 16 mths, 5 summers in a row in s. africa (durban, greenpoint, mpumalanga, 2 6mth stints in sengal, and the other countries just visits to many to name adfrica is the only place i want to go

One Man’s Opinion said...

Ethiopa, yeah, jealous too.

Egypt counts. I did a stop over and Canada and I count that crap.

Don't hate on London, I have peeps there, mister.

I might steal this idea for myself.

Muze said...

wow i'm jealous. you've done some traveling, haven't you mister? wow.

out of all your places, i've been to atl (went to school there. yay spelman!!) and new york (so dirty but so artsy) and toronto (went to caribana. had a ball)

so you pretty much suck for having way more life experiences that i have and being only two years older than me.