Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dont you hate it when...

- People stop at the green turn arrow......( either turn or get out the way!!)

- You have to sit in work meetings that have nothing at all to do with you

- When you go out of town for work and have no phone signal...(maybe thats just me)

- Some people call you, and you know that they want something from you ( switch it up for stupid reasons as well so that i dont always think you want something)

- The damn dog just keeps barking in the morning...(just give me 15 more minutes!!!)

- Your socks get wet??? (i can not stand that !!!)

- Your a/c in your car doesn't work.... ( well, mines never worked, lol. )

-Its a fly that keeps hitting your tv,but soon as you cut on the light....the fucker vanishes into thin air...

- People send forwards thru text... (swear that should be illegal)

- You were younger, and your mom would call you from outside to change the channel ...(dont act like i was the only one..)



i.can't.complain. said...

cosign w/needing 15 extra minutes of sleep

i had 2 sit thru a meeting today that i just knew i was gonna nod off during

thankfully i didn't

wet socks suck

and no a/c is not the business


Anonymous said...

I laughed all the way through the post.

Wet socks suck...about as much as wet jeans. Ugh.

Amen on the car A/C. Hot weather does not agree with me.

ROTFLMAO @ the fly...but that is what exactly happens.

People who fwd text msgs should be lined up outside and shot. Bad enough you send me that mess through my email. No matter what, your true love is not going to appear at midnight if you send that mess to 15 people. Or better yet, Sprint will NOT credit your bill $60 if you fwd that dumb ass message to 10 people.

And you're all alone on the personal remote. Never had the pleasure.

Opinionated Diva said...

LOL...not only would my mom call you to change the channel, but you had to stay there and find something she'd be interested in watching, which could take forever! lol

*no phone signal? for a crackberry addict like you, that must have been tough! did you start going into withdrawal?

*lmao @ you and the fly! it's your imagination!

*texting you a forward just to mess with you...right now! lol

Big O said...

-1-, again this morning..damn dog be on some other mess....all before my alarm goes off....nuts

Ieisha, soon enough, i'll have a new ride

OD, the fly is real......did your ever get a new tv so that could

Opinionated Diva said...

Stop trying to be a smart azz! I have a TV in the bedroom (minus the fly - LOL)...but NOOOOO I didn't get a new TV for the living room yet.

I was trying to hire a man servant to take care of that...hasn't exactly worked out for me though...

Big O said...

OD, you had the gay thing as a requirement...took a lot of dudes off the list , lmao

Muze said...

oooh i get road rage at people stopping or slowing down for any green light or arrow.

OMG @ sitting in boring arse meetings that have absolutely nothing to do with me. whew i hate that. and his voice is just incredibly annoying. lol.

eww @ wet socks. must take off immediately.

flys and forwards through text both suck.

i always forward the mean funny ones though. only to people i know who hate text forwards. haha.

Big O said...

Muze, hope your work people dont blog,lol

One Man’s Opinion said...

Wow, I hate all those things, big o...seriously, you didn't miss a lick.

RunGirl. said...

Wet socks are the absolute worst!!! And I HATE txt forwards. There should soo be a law against it... waisting my txts and my time. Holidays are the worst time for that foolishness