Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So i've come to the conclusion that im WAYYYYYYYY over the weight that i wanna be.

My most recent weigh in comes at a staggering 252.

Most i've ever weighed.

I was about 190 in highschool.

I was 240 in May.

Work trips to Nebraska did me in.

Well, for starters.....I could tone down this here belly of mines....Its really getting out of control. I think ima have to go on a beer fast of something. Just toning in general would help the cause . To most, I tend to carry my weight well. Im 6ft..so its not that bad..if i was 4 in smaller, not that would be an issue.  But im getting to the point of not like the heavy O. I don't wanna lose alot. I like my size for the most part. I just wanna tone and really rid this damn keg im carrying around .

So......im thinking of a master plan . I could say that i will start January 1....but......thinking its gonna be sooner. Anyhow, wish me luck.



Super Dave Van Buren said...

good luck homie. As long as you don't look like this dude you should be ok


Darius T. Williams said...

Good luck...I just posted about this same damn thing. I weighed in at 342 pounds on Sunday. I've been at the gym each night and I'm cooking healthy ish - I gotta come down man, gotta come down - lol.


Anonymous said...

The fellas have chimed in! Good support you got there.

I won't be sarcastic here.

Wish you well.

Do you have a gym membership still? If so, cardio is the key.

And no need to be like the masses and start on 1/1...be like Nike...Just Do It!

12kyle said...

i tip the scales at 160. lol. i'm 5-7 so the weight is muscle and it's proportionate.

you can do it O. i would say that you definitely have to let the beer go. i did. it was killin me when i got on the court to shoot ball or when i lifted weights.

make a plan...work your plan

Just O said...

Well 12kyle...wont be getting to 160 anytime soon, lol

but thanks all the the insight

Opinionated Diva said...

Good luck...you are definitely not alone. I was doing so well before (going to the gym, eating healthy, etc.), but now??? eh...dunno what happened.

Yeah...you might have to become a little more of a stranger at Cheers. You can do it!

Eb the Celeb said...

Oh I dont even want to talk about weight... I was suppose to lose 10 pounds at the beginning of this year and have gained 5... so now I have 15 to lose... I'm gonna get right in 2009... I gotta get right... can be losing my fabulousness already... I have no kids so I cant blame it on baby weight...lol

Aarbear said...

well uhhh i started at 280 on january 1, ended up around 250 on march 31... however, the old habits came back, and as of today... well, yea, im a little over 280.. im going to try to get back on track and im sure you can do.. like Ieisha said, cardio is definitely key, and you will feel results in a few weeks or less