Thursday, September 18, 2008

day off..

So im off that is.

Gonna try to take care of some things..

Yall have fun in the work world today



Juz Fine said...

Well...I am already home and I don't work Fridays. Hope you enjoy your time off.

Anonymous said...

Are you playing sick as well?

Off today but you gotta work Saturday. That sucks.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

bastard. Have a cold one for me because I know "Take care of some things" is code for drinking... lol

Big O said...

i was having "car" issues....and beer does sound good lol

Pajnstl said...

you know its not nice to brag about beng off work? Not saing you ARE bragging, but it can taken that way :)

hope you enjoyed your day away from work.

and thx for dropping by my lil space. Dont be a stranger :)

One Man’s Opinion said...
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