Saturday, May 31, 2008

We're not in Detroit anymore....

So my job shipped me to Nebraska. We got a contract doing some areospece stuff (can't really elaborate..but I'm a designer) and on till maybe September. I been so reluctant to go out. Just knowing its not the same as been in the D.

Now, don't get me twisted... I'm in no way sheltered. Been to Mexico, Jamaica, London, Africa.....and a lot of the united states. But here...its just different.

One of my co workers, we real cool. Side bar... Only brotha on this trip. Anyhow... So co worker cool, but he on another shift. So I been really going back to my room after work for the most part. Had a damn good steak in downtown Lincoln the other night.... Really good.

A Friend asked me could I move to a place we are the minority..... And I couldn't do it. No offense, but they don't understand the struggle. And not even just my people....but MY people. I love my family and tru friends to the death. Even in a city with black folks... Still couldn't replace my real friends and family. Never thought being single and traveling would seem so bad. I got a summer of it, so won't cry about it. I'm going home for the weekend,but only till Sunday... Then its back to Nebraska for 2 weeks.



Ryan said...

That's a good learning experience plus looks dang good on a resume. But on another note, we'll miss you here in the D. Soak up everything you can in Nebraska. Be sure to try and make some nice business contacts too. You never know when they might come in handy. Try to think ahead and use your current employer for your personal gain!

Anonymous said...

Def agree with Ryan on this one. The silver lining of the situation is that they trust you enough to send you to their office where you are the representative and they don't think you're gonna f*ck up it.

Gotta count for something in the grand scheme of things.

As for moving away, I guess some people are designed to be born & raised & die in a certain locale.

I know I have my mom's gypsy genes cuz it's so hard for me to sit still. After law school though, I'm setting up shop somewhere cuz I want a house!

Can't wait to hear more stories about your trip to Noblackska!


Muze said...

awww. yes the D is like no other.

still, i want to move... bad. lol.

sounds like you have an awesome job. you must be mucho talented!

one of my best friends at spelman was from lincoln nebraska, and she is hott. ...and black. lol. so, maybe there IS something to do for a single black man in nebraska.

i mean, at least she'll stand out. haha.

nice blog. i come via 1980. saw you were from the D and had to come check you out.