Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thursday thirteen : 13 Teachers That I Remember

1.Mrs Liss, Kindergarten- She was the nicest teacher i think i ever had. I think that's when i found out that i didn't like raisins ..We ate them all too much for snacks.

2.Mrs. Gay, 8th grade Fine Arts- Outside looking in...she looked like the sweetest teacher, but boy did she have a temper, especially if you didn't sing a song right, lol . But as bad as we were, when we had to sing Stevie Wonder's "ribbon in the Sky", everybody was on one accord for that .

3.Mr. K, Elementary  music- For the life of me, cant remember his actual last name..But it was hard to pronounce it, he just went with Mr. K. I played the clarinet. It was cool, just wished i had kept with it. I played the Tuba in high school...but that was one of the things i shouldn't of done, lol.

4.Mr. Phillips, Middle school, Computer tech - When you think of the geeky computer teacher, that's him. Kinda reminds me of a refined Bill Gates. Most i remember out of that class was playing "Where in the world is Carman Sandeigo " .

5.Mrs.Joswick, 2nd grade- 2 things i really remember about her....1.Newport cigarettes and 2.Coffee. She was super everyone but me, go figure, lol

6.Mr.Lowe, High School sub- Now , this dude was interesting. Think of ..Rev. Brown from Coming to America..just more drug addicting looking....thats him!! He caught the bus to students used to clown him for that ( Detroit is a drivers town...if it was NY, different story) . They say he used to play professional football...but i cant confirm that .

7.Mrs.Williams , Honors English, 11th grade- In thinking about her, she actually reminds me of our First lady Michelle Obama. I didnt like the class because i was in it with a bunch up folks that thought they were extra smart cuz it was advanced English.

8.Mr.Whitt, Elementary Sub- He was one of the first cool Black teachers i had. Very cool since we almost had the same last rare as mines is(when your a kid..its the simple things that works for us, lol.) But did have this one setback....we he got super talkative, he had that white build-up in the corners of his mouth...yuck!!

9.Mr.Elcowitz , Economics , 12th grade- Lil short guy..nothing too major i remember about him , but i aced that class!!

10.Mr.Garbinski, Elementary Art- Was one of the classes i enjoyed going to. Funny, i think he JUST retired within the last 3 years or so ago.

11.Mrs.Hogg, 12th grade English- Maybe it was her name...but she did kinda have a pig-like nose. She was just weird. She always were a ...guess you could call it a fishing vest. Pockets everywhere. Whatever you needed, she had...from postage stamps, bus tickets...ect. Very strange .

12.Ms.Hyman, Gym/fitness, Middle school- If Rambo was a woman....and Black....thats what Ms. Hyman is. She actually was a cool teacher, but most folks couldnt get past the fact that she didnt smile often...or the fact that she could scale a rope to the tip of the gym ceiling faster than any guy or girl.

13.Miss Ballard, High School sub- Talk about a fine woman..Miss Ballard, Miss Ballard, Miss Ballard..(waddup 12Kyle!!). One day in particular, she was doing the attendance call. She got to my name, she paused. " Hey Otis, did you have a cousin came Corey?" My last name isnt too common, so it was a older cousin she had dated at one time....The bloodline got good taste!!!




Anonymous said...

Cool post.

See you saved the best for last, lol. Family got good taste...lmao.

Didn't know you played the clarinet or the tuba.

And the plot thickens, lol.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

Everyone had 1 fine ass teacher you day dreamed about mine was ms Mitchel in elementry school. I can't even remember 13 of my teachers... lol

Opinionated Diva said...

@ Dave...I never had any fine azz teachers... EVER!!!!

@ Oh...I'm making you a raisin casserole with a secret ingredient (something else you say you don't like that I can't remember right now) - you'll LOVE it! lol

lmao @ the hogg teach...with the pig nose and fishing vest - she definitely woulda got clowned!

Anonymous said...

hmmm, you are really into school. I dont think I can remember all of my teachers...only the ones that were funny or let me get away with sh!t. First time here..loving the page

Ill be back, come see me!

Sexxy Luv said...

i enjoyed this post, i doubt if i can remember 13

my favorite teacher of all time was Ms. Green she was my English teacher in high school, she set me on the right track to do well in high school and i did. I miss her...oh, she and i have the same birthdays too! :)

that teacher with that white build up would have made me sick! I hate when i see that on peoples mouth and every time they talk it moves! YUK!!!!

Big O said...

Miss Ballard was soooo

OD....really would like a dish i ACTUALLY

Big O said...

Oh and yes....I really wanted to play the drums and piano.

Patsy said...

Fun list. As an elementary teacher I wonder if any of my students remember me and what comment they would make. :)

Diana M said...

Great List idea. Glad you shared with us. My favorite teacher by far was my highschool English Teacher Mr.(coach) Hoy. He was 6'8". He got me through a tough year that started just 3 weeks after my Dad died from Cancer..It was a bad word in the 70's.

Nicholas said...

Great list! I may steal this idea.

Ms. Behaving said...

You've got a pretty good memory...

For some strange reason, I can only seem to remember 3 of my teachers.

Loving the idea for T-13 though!