Monday, September 15, 2008


Growing up in the city, its a predominately black...African American population. Never seen many whites, or any folks for that matter. But in the work field, especially in the design field, i tend to be the minority. Im a people person, so it don't bother me at all. Never been a prejudice person at best friends are black....LOL.

But there are differences that I've that seen between us and whites apples and oranges. Heres a couple examples...

- Heard one talking about how his relatives had to put down a horse that had. a HORSE...who has them as pets!!

- Funerals....theres are quick and easy. Ours...well...NO ONE sticks to the 2 min comments rule....never, in the history of Niggadom..

- Child discipline. My mom never put me on time out..

- Euchre. We do spades.

-They do pranks like....put a dirty diaper in your car. I wish a .......

Apples are different from oranges...but still fruit. We all different, don't mean bad..

Just different.



Super Dave Van Buren said...

lmao@ that diaper stuff. I'd fight a dude over that in a second. Especially if it's a hot day. Baby shyt stinks.

Big O said...

yeaaaa man....thats some pun intended lol

Anonymous said...

Bar in Rochester advertising Euchre on Wednesday nights. Places you will not see members of the Chocolate community frequent.

Horses...sound like Michael Jackson-type pets, lol. And we know he ain't wrapped too tight.

And the dirty diaper...Villagers.

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

That diaper shit ain't no joke. That is an act of desecration to a Black man's automobile! That is reason enough to start a damn holy war!

Horses? Nah nah nah. The thing that I noticed that was MOST different between Us (city dewllers) and Them (suburbanites) is that ALL of them sumbitches seemed to have land "Up North". I was beginning to think it was a the one community that white folk could populate that black folk WOULDN'T wanna follow them to! Tell me you done seen that too!

A bar in Rochester is a place where you likely won't see Chocolate folk. Never mind the Euchre...

Jumbo's Lezis said...

As a member of the white community I am amazed on how accurate this post is. There was one error, we (white people) not only have land up north, but down south, out east and in the west. We did have a horse, race horse to be exact. Although we never kept the smelly over sized animal at our house, we did bring a bottle of glue home when "Schnelles Licht" could no longer run.

The diaper thing is an American whitey past time. Actually at age 13 we are all giving a book "101 Diaper Jokes".

Not sure about the child thing, does it mean you don't get disciplined?

Lastly, thank you for acknowledging Rochester is a "whites" only town. I personally lived there for that reason. Matter of fact sitting next to the Big O daily is hard enough and may request to move my seat farther north later today.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Different is good and i am with you with the diaper thing...I wish a nigger

Opinionated Diva said...

our funerals do seem to take forever..."we" always seem to be waiting on SOMEthing or SOMEone.

actually time out would have been a helluva lot easier on me than a straight up azz whoopin

i like being around the different cultures...kinda prefer it

i.can't.complain. said...

ive never been 2 a funeral that didn't hit the 2 hr mark.



12kyle said...

white dudes have an obsession with mooning each other.

not bruthaz...we don't wanna see each others ass.

good post, bruh

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

the electric slide at wedddings
but in the country
black folk and white folks live the same way

Juz Fine said...

Love the differences. I will be back.

dejanae said...

too true

Chay said...

They do pranks like....put a dirty diaper in your car. I wish a .......<---let me finsih that for u ...motherfucka would