Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Otis in Real Life....

So I rented the movie "Dan in Real Life". Big Steve Carrell fan... So thought I'd give it a shot.... And was a pretty cool movie. So thought to give it a go, to telling some things about me.

Born: March 24, 1980

Favorites movies: Shawshank Redemption, Coming to America, Animal House, Old School

If I'm not doing anything else I'm: Texting

Hand I write with is my: Left ( but I bowl, play basketball, shoot darts, throw the footballs and baseballs with my right)

Something I'd never thought I'd do: Get a dog

Clinton or Obama: Gonna go with the Bro!

What keeps me from loving again: Hurting again

I thing I've never done for a person my age: Had a car note

The clothes in my closet are mostly the color: Brown...somehow, i keep buying the color brown...wasnt even aware that i get that color so much

2 things that I always wanted to do that I'm pretty sure damn near everybody I know, don't know : Poetry and photography

Farthest place I've been: Ethiopia, Africa

Member of: The Century Club ( 100 shots of beer in a 100 minutes)

Places i want to go:
Hawii and California

Sometimes i see homeless people and wonder: Who did they do wrong for no one to care about them

For my 21st birthday weekend I : Spent it hanging out with my mom at the Greektown Casino and at Coco's House of Comedy

My favorite music artist are: OutKast, John Coltrane, The Roots

If i had the chance to be in any old movie it would be : Boys in the Hood (Ricky was my boy!!)


Opinionated Diva said...

God you make me feel so old! LOL!

Shawshank redemption & Coming to America are definitely my faves too!

Going with Rocky too!

Embrace some navy's, greys and blacks if you're more into the conservative look, but be dangerous why don't you and get a PINK shirt! lol...REAL men can wear any color!

Ethiopa??!!! Jealous! How was it? Pictures please!

Ohhhhhhhh...Otis???? You're too young to be called Otis. I'm going to have to think of a nickname for you.

Big O said...

I have NO idea where my Africa pics are...have to find them.

Let me know the name you come up with lol

Opinionated Diva said...

I just thought of something...you and this obsession with Brown. Isn't the dog's name Brownie? lol

Big O said...

And honestly...its totally coincidental lol

Anonymous said...

My fave of your posts!!

LMAO @ Diva for sayin' you're too young to be called Otis. Now you know why I have you saved as S.L.O.W.

I'd like to give a try at photography as well. Def surprised by the poetry. You're not a huge fan of words, lol.

Hey Diva, I suggested names for the dog and he wasn't havin' it. He got a thang for brown. Man, that def opened my eyes to some things. Hmmm, I'm brown.......lol

One Man’s Opinion said...

I know that you didn't want an answer to the homeless question but still. The reason why homeless are homeless is not because nobody cares about them but because they choose to be homeless. A lot of them have either mental health or drug issues that they are dealing with. As you can imagine, in my profession I deal alot with the homeless. I go through my days. Sometimes I feel sorry for them and somethings they annoy me. Especially the young, able bodied people out there begging for a hand out. C'mon dude. Get a job.

Anonymous said...

"Dan In Real Life" was a cool movie...funny even.

Muze said...

oh this is cool... might have to steal it. lol.

shawshank i just saw recently all the way through. AWESOME movie. and you know coming to america is like, every black person's favorite movie. lol.

i text more than i do anything, i think. lol.

dogs are fun. i love mine.

such a guy. lol. you have to take a chance to hurt for the chance to love.

never had a car note, never want one. don't know if i can avoid it much longer though. *sad face*

i used to have a bunch of gray for some reason. now i have all kinds of colors.

poetry and photography are two of my absolute favorite things to do. have you ever done either? you should write a poem and post it. lol.

coco's used to be a lot of fun. hate all that smoke in the casino though.

three superb artists. i wrote a poem called 'just me and john', dedicated to john coltrane. he is awesome. it's on my blog somewhere. lol.

..don't get mad if i steal this. lol.

kay* said...

i never thought i'd get a dog either! now i have howard :o)

ethiopia is on my list of places i must visit (i've been told i look like a native, i don't see it..)-may go at the end of the summer but i also have two other countries on my list for summer vacation so we'll see...

i took up photography two summers ago - i love it but don't pracitse half as much as i'd like

nice post :o)


Wow...you never had a car note.....MUST.BE.NICE..

Big O said...

LOL....i want a new car soooo bad though....real soon though