Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Yes!!! im an crazy fan of the Pistons. Win, lose, or draw....always been a fan, no bandwagon fan here!!! . I remember when they won in '89....I was at my Uncle Rollys other uncle Shea was giving the minors was great (the moment, not the drinks).!!!!

I had the opportunity to go to see the Pistons close out the series on Orlando. Now.....the tickets, well..wasnt so great. Like...lookin at the banners eye 2 But it was still a great time, atmosphere was amazing . I was with my mom, bro and some cousins of mines and it was a hype time.

Now...i have a true love of for the sport. Been a big fan of Kobe...GK...Webber was one of my favs...till he like quit, lol. I cant hate on the non Pistons folk....even Dwight Howard..that dude is a monster!! Def gonna be a force to be reckoned with in the future...but until then....he'll be watching the playoffs like i will...from the stands or tv!! Poor Millionaire.....

Speakin of watching the job is sending me to freakin NEBRASKA during the finals ...........................I bring that up cuz i'll be on a 3pm-midnight wont be able to see the finals...BOOOOO BOOOOOO BOOOOO BOOOOOO!!! Do they even watch the NBA there?!!


Opinionated Diva said...

lmao @ does Nebraska watch the NBA!

I can't imagine being sent to Nebraska. I know you're going for work, but damn...Nebraska? me no likey dat at all! lol

My dad...god it feels weird to say SPERM DONOR is a big Pistons fan...I'm sure last night's game made his day too.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the blog world! Lol....I'll quit riding you on that one.

You know I hate on the Pistons all day, every day....but I guess they will be playing in the Eastern conference finals at least. As for the NBA finals, I can't quite say that one just yet. We'll see. A side of me wants the Cavs to beat them again or the Celtics to sweep 'em. Doubt either will happen but sho' would be nice.

NE or bust baby! I am not laughing at your situation cuz you know I wanted to hang with you this summer. Keep me posted on the going away party!