Friday, January 16, 2009

Bullet,You Dead!!

The Title of this blog was a quote from a great uncle (not great as in wonderful or of high praise,  but my dad's uncle), who passed away on Thursday.  "Bullet",  is a nickname for an uncle of mines..Coming from the shape of his head, lol . The story was, a while back that my great uncle (L) got into with my grandma. So , she called the cavalry and they came over to whoop up on uncle L . Uncle Bullet didn't get in on the beat down from what I heard, But uncle L was upset that Bullet didn't help him out..hence saying the " Bullet, you dead!".
I got off work Thursday to go check on my grandma. Although her and uncle L had their issues, that was her brother and she loved him dearly. I knew uncle L , but wasn't the closest to him . Gets over to my grandma house, and i hear that folks are gathering over uncle L daughter house.  I REALLY wanted to get home, let the dog out and chill a bit. But I decided to stop over my cousins house to see how everybody was doing and such. Plus, sad to say, but would give me a chance to see all the family that I haven't seen in a while. On my dad's side of the family, seems that we only get to see each other during time of grief.  And to no surprise, the dranks was flowing and the aroma of the "other" cigarettes were in the air. I've always wondered why some people have to get jacked up when folks pass away. I guess it suppresses the feelings of what's actually going on.
So in the midst of passing the bottle and catching up with some fam i haven't seen in a while, i was  meeting family that I haven't seen or barely knew. Its an odd feeling meeting someone that's your family and they know you , but you have NO clue who they are. Its not too hard figuring out who I am, they say I look just like my dad.  And its not so funny that everybody wants to comment on me growing wide ...just more motivation to keep up with working out.
Overall, i had a good time with the family. Funeral is next week, so hope all goes well. I don't anticipate any foolishness like folks jumping in the casket, but we'll see. When you start off a year like this, it has to get better.


RealHustla said...

I don't think people are trying to numb the pain with alcohol and funny cigarettes. I think they're just using the situation as an excuse to do in a more public setting what they normally would in private.

Opinionated Diva said...

Awwww...sorry to hear about your uncle. Sounds like he was quite the character! lol

Folks jumping in caskets...smh but lol...Black folks just do NOT know how to behave at funerals. It's always ONE yelling and acting a fool. Hopefully folks will drink a tall glass of "ACT RIGHT" before they arrive.

Otis said...

They should behave..we'll see...still waiting to hear when is the funeral...cp time for real

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

dang folk
did wanna say on a brighter note have a blessed 2009

12kyle said...

sorry to hear about your uncle, bruh. folk WILL show out at a funeral.

on a lighter note...i like the format!!! you told me that you were gonna change it. i need to change mine.