Wednesday, October 20, 2010

1st Vlog: Random

I dont really like my voice at But let me know what yall think. 

*** If for some reason, the video doesnt show..heres the regular link****



Anonymous said...

i like the vlog, it was kinda long but interesting topics so if i didnt look at the bottom 1st i might not have noticed, lol!! oh, next time take the hat off, turn it to the back, or just get better lighting... we cant see your face pooky!! I say keep it going ;)


Tafari said...

I wanted to see the Lovely Bones but I hate the name of it & that stops me from seeing it.

Also interested in seeing Red. I think it will be hilarious.

How in the fuck do you want to see Deb dead? I love to hate her & her fucking who ever.

And you know my theory on Big D. Nothing else can explain it.

So..... Did you read any books bro?

Anonymous said...


You should film in brighter light next time.

Lovely Bones went right over my head. If I tell you why I didn't get it I'd be spoiling it for you.

So, are KC and Jojo still on drugs?

You can sing high huh? lol.

Aarbear said...

I agree with you on the lions. They are definitely making great progress and showing improvements since the past couple of years. The media always wants to focus on our dismal record because of their past; but as you said, there are worst AND winless teams in the NFL this season. Why not focus on them too, lol.

I say vlogs are great. I'm lazy and don't like to read most of the time, lol. Keep 'em coming

Monique said...

I think you should do more vlogs. It's good to finally put a face and voice to the man behind the writing.

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

I liked the vlog. Only thing, I stopped listening around 5 mins. I have a short attention span. lol

Ieisha said...

Why don't you like your voice? You sound like you, lol.

Yes, ladies read your blog but some of us like and know football.

I read the book for 'The Lovely Bones' and I'm curious to see how it relates to it. Red.....yeah....about

Since I don't watch Dexter, I'll comment on your tie. I was waiting for you to say "Grrrrrreat" or "Yabba Dabba Doo" LMAO

You lost half a cool point for watching K-Ci & JoJo, lol. Kidding. "Ain't nobody coming for yall" *Dead*

Totally agree with on the 'Top 10' thing. Waaaay too subjective to commercialize it for BET.

Love, love, love Boardwalk Empire. It's gonna get ruthless over time. I know it.

I hate the follower count...whatever. I need to have occasional convos from time to time. Just me.

Who is Eddie Long? Should I care? Lol.

Ooooo the Playbook....I want it SO bad. Told you about the attorney I saw with it. I say a late graduation gift for myself!!

Extras: 8 minutes wasn't too long. Could be me though. Seen some folks commenting about you being in better, could be that I know what you look like so no biggie. Gotten enough face time with you, lol.

Pretty sweet though.

12kyle said...

Great job, fam!

Its funny that you say that you don't like your voice b/c I say the same about mine. I hate listening to myself.

Good work. Keep em coming

Blackberry playbook? You gotta fill me in on that. I'm wit it!

Smarty P. Jones said...

Nice vlog. Just look up at the camera more. Talk to us. :)

On Dexter, to know Deb is to love Deb. I'm catching up on Season 4 right now so that I can get into Season 5. It's a good show.